Map Strategy: Mines

Mines has been around in World of Tanks for a very long time and although it has undergone several changes the core strategy has remained the same.  Mines is a small map and most of the fighting is concentrated on the central hill(mine) since it provides a great tactical point to not only attack but to defend.  Since Mines is so small there are limited tactics to use on it in random battles since the fighting takes place quickly and in a few specific spots on the map.

This World of Tanks Mines strategy guide will go over the basic routes, positions, and tactics you will see in most random World of Tanks battles on Mines.  Team 1 (Yellow) is found in the south while team 2 (Blue) is found in the north.  This Mines strategy is colorblind friendly and replaces the green/reds often found in World of Tanks with yellow/blues.  Additionally conflict areas are highlighted in orange where in most matches both teams meet and brawls ensue.

World of Tanks Mines Strategy


Team One

Team one is represented by yellow on this map and starts in the southern base.  Team one has a slight advantage when it comes to defending the lighthouse side of the map while also having an easier time attacking on the town side due to the design of the map.  Both teams have an equal footing when it comes to the hill and it mainly comes down to the amount of tanks that end up there early on.

Base Defense

Looking around the base you will see that there are a few places for slower tanks to set up to provide support without needing to move to far from the base.  As mentioned earlier team one has a slight advantage when it comes defending the lighthouse side and the K4/K5 location is a key spot for team one.  In K4 you can either fire(sometimes unseen) into the 1-3 lines) or you can set up to hit the hill if you are on the right side of K4/K5.  The locations in J6/J7 are not ideal since they only provide support if your team has already lost most of the map and thus are useless early on in the game.  If you are in a semi mobile SPG you can make it into K5 early on to have excellent shots across most of the map and especially the central hill areas early on.


The lighthouse side of the Mines gives you two options which both require a certain type of tank to pull off.  Attacking down the 1 line route takes a mobile tank that should have decent armor on at least it’s frontal turret and attacking from G4 up through the 3 line should be done in a tank with heavier armor.  It’s important that team one has at least one tank in either G4 or H1/H2 to spot incoming tanks for your tanks further back since if the enemy takes the 1-3 line it is difficult to hold onto the rest of the map.

Another thing to keep in mind is that moving through the 1 line you can be hit from the hill and enemy base.  Moving through the 3 line your primary enemy is the enemy tanks in the 1 line.  This means that one does not work without the other since the 3 line cannot move without the 1 line, and the 1 line cannot move without having some help from the 3 line putting pressure on the enemy base.


Attacking the hill at the start of the match can either end in a quick defeat for your team or give you an early heads start to a victory.  Light tanks and fast medium tanks can make it into E6 without taking to much fire aside from the enemy fast tanks.  Not hesitating and getting to E6 and into cover is key since if you stop you will either die or be barred from getting on the hill.  Slower tanks are still needed to secure the hill since following up behind and setting up at the entrance locations will stop any additional enemies.  Having good gun depression and turret armor helps since you will be one of the primary targets if you set up in the E5/F4/F5 area.

If your team gains the hill then you will want to spot and take smart shots from off of it.  If the enemy pushes you can easily flank them and if they defend you can slowly chip away.  On the other hand if your team loses the hill then you should pull back to safe locations in F6/F7 to force the enemy to push into a well defended area.  Continuing to fight for the hill if your team has suffered losses to begin with just ends up making things worse.


While you are not at a disadvantage in the town when compared to team two you do run into issues since team two usually has “campers” in A4 that can damage you in town.  Setting up in E7 and G8 will give your team a formidable defense and allow your SPGs to hit any advancing enemies.  If you decide to push then you either can hug the base of the hill(vulnerable to A4 shots) or swing around the outside of the map(vulnerable to hill shots) to attack through the town area.  Remember that the enemy is safe from SPG fire and has good defensive locations the further you go in the town so having them outnumbered is needed.


Small maps are hard for SPGs but Mines provides just enough cover to keep you safe while giving you decent shots on tanks not paying attention.  Starting off you can get a quick first hit on enemy tanks moving through E5 and all SPGs should be aiming there to help their team take the hill.  Positioning primarily comes down to sticking in the base area if you feel like your team is holding the town, or running over to the 1 line area if you feel like the town side will fall quickly.

Team Two

Team two is represented by blue on this map and starts out in the northern base.  On Mines team two has a slight advantage when it comes to defending the town side of the map while also having an easier time attacking on the lighthouse side.  Both teams have an equal footing when it comes to the hill.

Base Defense

Taking a look around the base team two has a few locations close that provide decent support for your teammates ahead of you.  B2 allows you to support the 2/3 lines but the downside being that you cannot hit enemies that make it into the 1 line with ease.  The A4 area is a good spot for 1-2 tanks but any more since having two many here will hurt your team’s capability of maintaining map control.  This area in A4 can provide fire for the hill and town.

The last spot in C4 gives shots into any of the main areas with a little re positioning but doesn’t have great cover.


While team one(yellow) has an advantage on this side for defending, team two has an easier time attacking on this side if you are aggressive.  Pushing down the 3 line starting from D3 can allow you to cut off any enemies entering the 1/2 lines and put the enemy on the defensive.  Attacking through the 1/2 lines is dangerous only if you stay for to long.  You should push hard if you have support(especially in the 3 line) and get to H1.  From here it is easy to slowly continue to push to take out K4 as a team and to hit the hill enemies from behind.

If your team is unable to attack fast then trying to defend by having a few spotters positioned further back in B2/C4 is your best bet.  Simply hold your ground and let the people in A4 to rain fire down on the enemies moving through the open.


Like team one the strategy for the hill is the same.  Fast tanks should attack fast and try to get to the safe F5/F6 location, and if you hesitate and you are dead.  Use the same tactics as team one for team two when it comes to the hill area.


Defending the town is easier for team two due to the A4 location that can hit any enemies that cross into the town and continue to push.  If your team decides to put a lot of tanks into the town then you will need to attack, however defending with only a few tanks can be down against a larger enemy force.  Setting up initially in D6 and moving along the edge to stop the enemy and then slowly pulling back around the D6 corner gives you good protection.

The longer route that skirts the outside of the town and ends in E0 should only be done if you havea couple tanks in the D7 area and you have decent frontal armor.  Swinging around the edge provides you with great shots into E7 but you will be taking fire when you are shooting at the enemy and also potentially take fire from the hill.


SPG set ups are a bit more varied for this side than team one, however quickly getting a shot off into E5/F5 to hit tanks pushing the hill still is critical for SPGs to do.

Setting up in A1 or in B2(use the rock as your cover) will give you good shots at enemies in F5 near the hill and also the lighthouse side of the map.  Attentively you can set up in A6 if your team leaves the 1/3 lines wide open.  One last spot is C1 which forces you to tuck up next to the cliff and edge of map.  This location gives you better shots on enemies in F5/G6/E5 but puts you closer to enemies in the 1/3 line.

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