Map Strategy: Klondike

Klondike being one of the larger maps in World of Tanks poses several challenges for players.  Being a grand battles map the sheer size of Klondike leads to countless different outcomes.  This World of Tanks Klondike strategy guide will help you learn the nuances of this map.  Below Klondike is broken down into two teams. Yellow being the team starting in the northeast. Blue being the one to start in the southwest.

Shown on the map strategies are key locations, initial routes, and key positions for each team.  Areas outlined in orange are great spots to grab if left open early.  If contested they are excellent areas to push to before making your way to the enemy base.

World of Tanks Klondike Strategy | Video Guide

World of Tanks Klondike Strategy | Key Locations

World of Tanks Klondike Strategy Key Locations

Although Klondike is a massive map for World of Tanks it can be broken down into 3 main areas.  Each main area has a subsection that while not as important can turn the tide of the battle.


Located in the southern portion of the map the Island is extremely important to hold.  Without it your support located closer towards the base doesn’t have enough room to stay hidden.  Being surrounded by shallow water the Island slows down tanks a bit on the journey to it.  Players spawning closest to it early in all but light tanks should look to take it.

River Fork

Located just above the Island is the River Fork.  This area is lacking a ton of hard cover from artillery and shots from the Bridge area.  Albeit open it can provide shots at slower tanks at the start of the match.  It also functions as a critical flank for winning the Island.  The entrance in the bottom of G7 leads to elevated center of the island.  Holding this area with a light, medium, or heavily armored tank can be crucial to winning the south.


In the center of Klondike the bridge visually stands out on the mini map.  Albeit a major area it isn’t critical in the early stages of the game to put pressure on.  This is due to it lacking cover to make it safe to push across reliably.  Often you will be picked off by enemy tanks from all different directions.  Mediums, fast tank destroyers, and lights make good tanks to put here initially.  Set up in defensive positions early, and later on exploit openings.

River Source

The River Source is located north of the Bridge area.  While enticing it doesn’t hold much value for large amounts of tanks.  It provides cover while pushing through the river but is difficult to advance out of.  It has the Bridge, Mining Town, and exits often covered by tank destroyers.  Early on having 1-2 tanks keep an eye on it will benefit your team more in other areas.  After the first few minutes it becomes more useful.  It can be used to flank through the center area unseen if the enemy has tanks on the Bridge and in the River Fork.

Mining Town

Lastly, the Mining Town has the most hard cover for a main area on Klondike.  Often the victors out brawl their opponents since you’ll be fighting at close ranges.  The Mining Town is great for high alpha tanks and tanks with a lot of armor.  Once you nab the upper hand there are three locations that overlook the center of the map.

Train Station

Being the northern most and often longest initial area to get to.  The Train Station can often be overlooked by non-light tanks.  Even though it is elevated higher than the Mining Town you cannot fire down into it effectively.  This leaves tanks in this area to largely duke it out against one another.  Light tanks and mediums work best here since it often boils down to speed and numbers.  Winning the train station opens up flanking the Mining Town from behind and a clear shot to the enemy’s artillery.

World of Tanks Klondike Strategy | Initial Routes – Positions – Useful Spots

World of Tanks Klondike Strategy Routes Positions Spots

Being such a massive map it is difficult to go into detailed tactics to use while playing Klondike.  The best I can do is lay out generally the best initial locations in each area for each team.  Both the yellow and blue outlined areas at the end of routes to take show these initial spots.  Surrounding these areas are areas outlined in orange.  These useful spots are sometimes risky to push at the very beginning of a match.

However, they can prove to be very useful as the map progresses.  Use them to flank dug in enemies on the Island or to fire on enemies supporting the Island.  Gain a bit of cover near the River Fork.  Avoid being hit by tanks while exiting the River Source.  Or rain shells down from the Mining Town into the Bridge area.

Before this guide covers individual areas. Keep in mind that Klondike and other grand battles maps evolve more than smaller maps.  View range plays a huge role in who can and more importantly cannot shoot you.  After the first 3-5 minutes of a match use this to your advantage.  Push through areas left unguarded to exploit places that earlier on would result in death.

Island & River Fork

The Island sees most of its fighting in H8 between heavily armored tanks.  Any tanks entering H8 need to keep in mind that artillery and tanks supporting from a distance can damage you.  The southern team will have support tanks in K6.  The north will have them set up in F0.  Unfortunately spotting these tanks can be difficult.  Usually it is best to let the enemy make the first move. Squash that first push and then finish them off.

The River Fork area is important since it has two key advantages.  First it can allow a team to spot tanks sitting at a distance trying to support.  Secondly it has a passage in G7 leading to the elevated center of the Island.  Getting up here if you don’t die provides excellent firing spots.  From H7/G8 you can hit enemy tanks that think they are safe at far ranges.   You also keep enemy tanks on the Island spotted.  Keep in mind you will also draw a lot of attention being up here.

If you are fighting in the open River Fork area you often will be a artillery in no time at all.  Not staying still or taking a risk to win it quick are your best counters to SPG fire.  The areas in G6 and G7 in orange are good spots to push to.  Once here you either want to turn south or continue to push across.

Bridge & River Source

Initially the Bridge and River Source aren’t hotly contested areas.  Having a tank destroyer or two set up to support the River Fork can benefit your team.  A couple medium or light tanks spotting any enemy tanks gambling their fates early can also be useful.  Once your team has an advantage on the Island or Mining Town the center becomes important.  A team losing can set up well near the Bridge and mow down enemies pushing from the Island.  Pointing north a few tanks can also tie up an enemy team leaving the Mining Town.

While the Bridge and River Source areas don’t often lead to the most important engagements.  They do provide opportunities later on depending on the specific situation.  The best advice I have is to learn the center of the map.  However, at the start of the battle focus on winning the north or south.

Mining Town & Train Station

The Mining Town like the Island is where most of the fighting occurs early on.  With numerous buildings it favors heavy tanks and tank destroyers.  Knowing how to side scrape can be the difference between surviving 5 minutes or 5 seconds.  Usually the team to position themselves behind their respective buildings first wins.  Due to the nature of random battles pushing this area rarely goes well.  Simply set up, hit advancing enemies, and don’t get flanked.

Just north the Train Station is really an area just for light and medium tanks.  Heading here can lead to good flanking/spotting opportunities.  Unfortunately if the enemy contests this area then its a head on fight.  There isn’t much cover to work with so usually the larger force wins.  That isn’t to say don’t go to the Train Station.  If lost the enemy can flank the Mining Town and also kill your artillery.

Artillery Locations

There isn’t too much to think about for artillery locations on Klondike.  Both sides have vast swaths of land around their respective flags.  Set up in the areas located closest to the flank you want to support.  Generally speaking if you set up in the south you will have better shots in the Island area.  Going north does provide better shots into the Mining Town.  However, that area has better artillery cover so you may be left wishing you went the other direction.

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