Map Strategy: Fjords

Fjords is a very difficult map due to the terrain elevation differences and with the match easily snowballing in one team’s favor from a single flank failing.  Fjords is “split” into 3 main areas which require specific tanks to exploit.  The Northern area of the map for both sides is great for medium tanks since they are able to get the quickly and move around since there is not always a lot of cover in these locations. The central area of the map is great for both medium tanks and heavy tanks since it provides some cover and the option to either head north or south.  The southern area of the map is best for slower tanks or tank destroyers since it has limited options in terms of flanking and provides the most hard cover.

This World of Tanks Fjords strategy guide will go over the basic routes, positions, and tactics you will see in most random World of Tanks battles on Fjords.  Team 1 (Yellow) is found in the east while team 2 (Blue) is found in the west.  This Fjords strategy is colorblind friendly and replaces the green/reds often found in World of Tanks with yellow/blues.  Additionally conflict areas are highlighted in orange where in most matches both teams meet and brawls ensue.


Side 1(Yellow)

Side 1 has more cover in the northern(A8) and middle(E6/E7) sections of the map compared to side 2. On the downside it has a bit less cover in the south(H5/J5) beneath the town since SPGs can hit the backside of the mountain if they set up in A5/A6.  Typically this side has an easier time winning the center of the map as well as the northern area if playing as a team.  The southern flank can also perform well if the enemy does not set up artillery in A5/A6 and/or the enemy doesn’t send a large force there.

Northern Passage

Mobile tanks(lights and mediums) are best for heading up to the A8 area of the map since the route is steep and a long trek for slower tanks.  From this location you can fire down into the 5 line defense areas without being spotted and then have the option of pushing in A6 as the battle progresses.  If your team has a large presence here then pushing into A6 will get you out of taking fire from the E5 area and you can potentially knock out the enemy spgs here.  It is crucial to count how many tanks the enemies have south of this area since you can make a mistake of pushing into a huge group of enemies which will end badly.  If your northern group finds themselves outnumbered then pulling back into A8 and A9 provides decent protection from advancing enemies.

Central Passage

The E6/E7 area of the map is great for just about any tank since it provides a decent amount of SPG cover and gives a good defensive position against enemies advancing through the field. You can also set up in F6 and fire down into J5 line into F3 at the start of the match to hit side 2 tanks heading south.  This location allows you to support both the north and the south which makes it an position to go if you aren’t sure were to head initially.  Keep in mind that if enemy SPGs set up in A5/A6 they have shots on your positions so keeping on your toes is still required if the enemy SPGs aren’t spotted.

A more risky move early on is for mediums/lights to push into E4/E5 if your team has a good amount of tanks in the area.  From here you can pester enemies in E4 and as long as you have support in F6 you can deal a crucial blow on enemies early on.  This area is very risky early on unless you are platooned and/or get lucky.

Southern Passage/Town

The town provides the most cover for side 1 but does not provide many firing lanes unless the enemy has already pushed into the town from F4/F5. The G5/G6 area allows you to fire up into E5 but at the cost of some cover since you can be hit by both their forces and their SPGs in the north. In J5 forces will want to set up to defend against enemies looking to push around the bend which will potentially spot your artillery and threatens the E6 area.  Keep in mind that any enemy SPGs in A5/6 can hit the backside of this location.  There are a few small cubby holes along the side of the mountain in J5 that you can effectively hide your lower glacis behind and for tanks with stronger frontal armor + turret armor it can make you virtually immune from enemies.

If you advance around the bend into J4 stick along the water as it will limit enemy fire due to it being lower and allows the initial 1-2 tanks to draw attention while your allies behind you can get good shots on the enemy.


Most SPGs set up in H9/J0 locations which give good shots into the northern/center areas of Fjords.  Unfortunately setting up here limits your shots on E5, J5, and if enemie spush hard into B7/B8.  More mobile SPGs can set up in A8/A9 if your team has enough tanks up in that area to get excellent shots into E5, F4, and most importantly J5.  Otherwise there are other areas around the base that gives “ok” shots but nothing compared to setting up far south or far north.

Side 2(Blue)

Side 2 has less hard cover than side 1 in the northern/middle part of the map but gains better cover in the south.  The added cover in J5 makes getting hit by enemy artillery rare unless you push past J5 and makes this area a key point to win to end up with a victory for this side.  In the center/north areas your team relies more on spotting than side 1 since you have less hard cover to utilize.

Northern Field

The A6 of the map is great for mobile tanks capable of getting there to prevent enemies pushing through it at the start.  You can take a few shots into E6 from here but will want to re-position afterwards since SPGs can hit here easily. SPGs can also set up in A5/A6 and hit enemies in J5 who think they are safe easily.

B5/C4 also provide rocks, buildings, and small bushes to set up behind capable of hiding a few tanks in to take shots into B7 or D6.

Central Field

D5 and E5 are the keys to winning from Side 2.  Most heavy tanks that are not slugs(under 30 km/h) can make it to E5 rather easily and mediums can make it here without being seen as well.  Drive here at the start of the match following the routes and set up in E5 looking south.  Any enemies driving down to J5 will be showing their rear’s to you and you will rack up easy damage.  The main downside of this location is being hit from A8 if you are not careful and also with being overwhelmed from an enemy push through the center.

Later on in the match you can choose to wrap around into E6 through the field or take a less known route.  Driving through E4/F4 /F5 along the left side of the lake is simply and quick. This route can be used either going north or south but is exposed to enemy fire in F6.  The right side of the lake in F5 can be made by non-heavy tanks and is safe from any enemy fire allows you to exit in semi-safety.

Southern Passage

Initially moving to the southern passage you want to take the lower path along the water in slower tanks to prevent taking fire from F6.  Once down here you have the option of setting up in J4 if you are lacking tanks and want hard cover from SPGs. Usually its best to contest to the J5 corner and keep the enemies in J5/H5 so that your SPGs can hit them from A5/A6.  Tanks with little gun depression and/or heavy armor should stay close to the mountain’s edge.  Tanks with gun depression and/or good turret armor should set up closer to the water’s edge in J5/K5 to hide their lower glacis’ and to extend your fighting line.  You can’t get hit by SPG fire unless enemy SPGs set up in A8/A9 which is rare and meanwhile you keep the enemy from pushing your team back around the corner.


The key for SPGs on this side is whether to set up in A5/A6 and if you are going to die early by going there.  This area is the best place to set up since you can pound G5/H5/J5 and also E6/E7 with ease.  Otherwise by setting up in B1/B2/A3 you have poor shots virtually everywhere on the map unless the enemy has already started their push on your team.  If your team completely ditches the northern part of the map setting up in F2 and then K5 is your only choice.

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  1. where shud a td go on this map?

    • Southern/middle part of the map

    • how do I defeat a turtle defense?
      on the fjords map

      • With any kind of turtle defense you can either attack hard where they are weakest to begin the match. Or take a lesser approach and prod at them with small attacks/artillery and then pullback….then attack where they don’t expect you from. It’s difficult to say how to do this on Fjords since every defense is different.

        • its the west side of fjords that we have difficulty with.they turtle up against the ridge.and they r allied with the owning clan so they want to force a draw. ineed a dtrategy that will defeat that defense on fjords.

          • With past experiences on Fjords the way to beat a turtle defense like that is to hop in a training room and find some good places for spgs. Your team will need to push hard to gain the parts of the map you need, and then you bring arty up(2-3) behind your main push to hit the people behind the ridge.

            After hitting them for a few volleys you can either push into them(if you kill enough of them)…or better yet pull back and attack from another flank.

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