Map Strategy: Fisherman’s Bay

Fisherman’s Bay is mixed with open fields, terrain elevation differences, and buildings to cater to every type of tank light or heavy in World of Tanks.  The map features a town wrapped around a harbor in the eastern portion of the map that caters towards heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and sturdier mediums.  In the western portion of Fisherman’s Bay you have open fields, various vegetation to block sight lines, and a low spot in the form of a valley to advance towards the enemy team.  Connecting both is a road flanked by buildings north and south that is the high point of the map and cuts the map’s sprawling fields in half.

This World of Tanks Fisherman’s Bay strategy guide will go over the basic routes, positions, and tactics you will see in most random World of Tanks battles on Fisherman’s Bay.  Team 1 (Yellow) is found in the south while team 2 (Blue) is found in the north.  This Fisherman’s Bay strategy is colorblind friendly and replaces the green/reds often found in World of Tanks with yellow/blues.  Additionally conflict areas are highlighted in orange where in most matches both teams meet and brawls ensue.

World of Tanks Fisherman’s Bay Strategy


Western Flank (1-3 Lines)

The western flank on Fisherman’s Bay has limited hard cover and relies on vision for your team to do well on this side.  Having some tanks in the center also plays an important role since both flanks require one another to succeed in most scenarios.  Both teams have over-watch locations where tank destroyers and support tanks can position themselves in to hit the 1-5 lines effectively.  Team 1(yellow) has a slightly rougher time since many locations work best with good gun depression in H1/H2 for the best shots on enemies.  Further back J2 is flatter but you are further from the fight and thus shots are harder to hit.  Team 2(blue) has excellent locations plus hard cover in B1/B2 and most areas don’t require any gun depression to work well.

For both sides the key is to have at least 2-3 tanks advance to forward locations to spot for your team behind in the support areas.  Having one or the other usually doesn’t work well since you either get pinned to far back or advance forward and get flanked.  For team 1(yellow) advancing quickly to E1/D2 while tucked up close to the bottom of the cliff gives you cover from enemy artillery.  From here you can spot enemies for your team and your main threat is any tanks that decide to push into you.  For the blue team you have a similar spot in F1/G1 that works the exact same way.  Keep in mind that trying to push to hard without your support being set up is a losing battle.  While it is important to get to these areas quickly it isn’t useful to push here unless you see a decent group of allies setting up on this flank.

Eastern Flank (8-0 Lines)

On the opposite side of the map in the east you have the town area / “Fisherman’s Bay” that has plenty of hard cover to go around.  This is typically where most slower tank destroyers, heavy tanks, and some mediums head to since it comes down to brawling in most battles.  It is important to remember that while your cover is excellent it only works when you are not trying to fire at the enemy.  Enemy artillery can always have a potential shot on you if you are able to hit an enemy so once you see one SPG shot land near(or on) you then you should adjust accordingly.  Fighting in this area boils down to chipping the enemies HP down and/or doing a strong push early on.  You only have two options for pushing on either side of the building in E8 and using both is suggested.

Having allies in the center will make things much easier since as you push past E8 either direction you open yourself up to enemy tanks sitting in the center.  One small tactic that can prove to be useful is early on in any tank that travels 35 km/h+ is to push to the opposite side in the town.  For the yellow side you want to set up in D9 and for the blue side in F9/E0.  The yellow side has a slight advantage is that if you get into D9 no enemies can hit you without exposing themselves to your allies located south of you.  The blue side needs to worry about tanks iN E8 and also the center but this threat is manageable if you have good frontal armor and/or help.

Center (D-F Lines)

The center of Fisherman’s Bay as you’ve seen plays a very important role in winning the battle.  This area provides vision for almost the entire map and also is key for sweeping in as support to break open a flank.  Light tanks should almost always go to the center to spot and take small pot shots at enemies.  Mediums and heavy tanks(with good gun depression) are also wise choices for this area as long as you limit the damage you take from enemy SPGs.  Seeing where the enemies are set up and which flank your team pushes will indicate where you should swing over to and help support.

Base Defense

Since it is difficult to win both flanks on this map defending the base occurs slightly more often than on most other maps in World of Tanks.  Both bases have a row of bushes/rocks breaking sight lines on the base in C4/C5 and also J5/J6.  This gives some protection from being spotted from the center so you will have to push quickly back to spot enemies if you are in the center.  Fortunately both sides have great defensive positions in B2(blue) and J2/K2(yellow) that look over the base.  Falling back to these locations if you are on the 1/2 line is advised if the town is lost.  Unfortunately if your team loses the 1/2 line and you have to defend from the eastern side you are pushing in enemies without any cover protecting you.  I from that advancing more towards the center of the map usually works out well as long as there aren’t enemies located in the B2/J2 locations covering their allies capturing the base.

Artillery Placement

Setting up as a SPG should be based on where your strongest flank is since often your team loses one flank semi-quickly.  If you feel like both sides are at equal strength then usually the 7-0 line locations are your best bet since the town side of the map usually advances slower.  From this side of the map you have great shots into enemy locations in the town, but you sacrifice shots at enemies in the 1 line.  Otherwise setting up in the 1-3 lines gives you better shots at enemies on that side of the map while sacrificing some shots on the town.  Setting up near your base in the center of the map is not advised since you have poor shots on both flanks.

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