Map Strategy: Fiery Salient

Fiery Salient is a unique version of the original map Prokhorovka with minor changes to the terrain features, destroyed tank hulls(cover), and bush placement.  Both maps play virtually the same with slight changes between the two.  Prokhorovka compared to Fiery Salient has less cover across most of the important locations you will often be fighting from.  Fiery Salient has more destroyed tanks to use for cover in the 1-2 lines, different bush placement, and different terrain features.  In the center the ridge that cuts it in half also is slightly steeper and over on the hill there is more cover for the yellow team in E0/F0 to protect them from shots from the center.  Since Prokhorovka has different features and has less cover it typically makes matches snowball easily if one team gains map control + vision over the other more than on Fiery Salient.

This World of Tanks Fiery Salient strategy guide will go over the basic routes, positions, and tactics you will see in most random World of Tanks battles on Fiery Salient.  Team 1 (Yellow) is found in the north while team 2 (Blue) is found in the south.  This Fiery Salient strategy is colorblind friendly and replaces the green/reds often found in World of Tanks with yellow/blues.  Additionally conflict areas are highlighted in orange where in most matches both teams meet and brawls ensue.

World of Tanks Fiery Salient Strategy


Team 1(Yellow)

Team 1(yellow) has a difficult time getting a foothold on the hill in the F0 region and also with pushing that side of the map.  What this team does have is a slight advantage on the 1-3 lines since the bush cover and places to advance are tilted towards this team’s favor.  While its not impossible to win the hill it is harder to get your force to it and also push without taking damage from the center of the map compared to the other side.  One plus is compared to on Prokhorovka this side has better cover in the E0/F0 with the addition of slightly elevated areas which add protection from shots from the center.  This does make it more viable for this side to win the hill but it is still a……………steep climb to actually do it(yes I know I’m lame).

West Road(1/2/3 Lines)

This section of the map lacks a lot of hardcover and is heavily reliant upon your team using scouts and forward spotters effectively.  Side 1 does get many trees and bushes which are both helpful and harmful.  If the bulk of your team sits from C2 up you will not be able to spot enemy tanks advancing north until they are right on top of you.  To prevent this a light tank/medium should be out ahead in the D1 or E1.  Medium tanks or tanks with good gun depression can place themselves in E2/E3 and can spot by poking over the ridge to light up enemies.  The other tanks should advance south 1-2 grids behind the scout and provide fire on anything that is spotted.

It is important to keep in mind that once you past the group of trees/bushes in D1 you are very easy to spot by the enemy team.  Never drive directly on the road since it is elevated and makes you extremely easy to hit.  It is better to advance down either side of the road where the ground is lower since it will prevent a lot of enemies from being able to hit you.  This side is entirely dependent on spotting correctly and without any hard cover you should expect SPG fire if you are spotted and staying still.

Center Ridge(E3->E6)

The center ridge is for fast tanks as well as tanks with good gun depression.  Always keep moving and don’t let to much of your tank get exposed to the enemies to the south.  The best place to spot is generally from the E3/E4 area since it has a decent amount of cover due to the steeper slope.  Even tanks like the T32, T34, etc. with good gun depression can set up here if there are only 1-2 arty. Just pop out, take a shot, and back away.  Works very well to provide a threat in the center of the map and can deter the enemy from pushing.

In E6 you have a bit more cover for heavier tanks and a larger group of tanks.  Typically a lot of the fighting takes place from this area since you can hit the entire map from E6 and E5.  Keep in mind enemy SPGs can hit you here and you can receive fire from the entire map as well.  I don’t typically go to this area of the map since you often get bogged down and it can be difficult to survive.

Railroad Tracks(C6/E6)

The western side of the railroad tracks can be a useful spot for 1-2 tanks to go down since you get to a point where you can shoot east or west without being torn to shreds. The downside is that the buildings can all be destroyed and if your team doesn’t do well on the hill you can take a lot of fire from there.  Usually this spot can work well if you are in a slow heavy tank and you don’t want to go on the 1/2 line, center, or hill due to your size/speed.

The Town(E6/F6->E9)

The town can be what you make of it… It can be a death trap with no cover from artillery and outside fire(all buildings are destructible) or a very well covered area of the map you can move around in while attacking.  The trick to the town is to first see if the enemy pushes stupidly through it to your side, sitting in C6/D6/E6 is good for this.  After you know its semi-clear shift over to the 7 line(never go into the 6 line since it can be hit easily) and sometimes the 8 line. Pick your buildings to protect against artillery fire and move after they are destroyed.  By applying pressure you will be able to kill enemies in the town, spot tanks on the hill for your team, and also negate most artillery fire.  

This isn’t very easy to pull off in higher tier matches(8-10) but can work out well in heavy tanks in the tier 5-7 range.  Don’t push into the town if your team doesn’t have a chance at putting pressure on the hill since you will be at a disadvantage.

Northeast Island(B9 Area)

While you do have shots on the enemies cresting the hill and other areas on this side you are to far back to pose as a credible threat to the enemy and will just end up as the last tank destroyed on this flank. The only times I would head here is if you are the only tank on the east side of the railroad tracks or if you are artillery.  

The Hill(E0/F0)

Pushing the hill can be very difficult depending on how you do it.  The enemy team almost always beats you to the top if they have tanks with similar speeds and you can also be shot from the side if you are not careful.  Stick to the edge of the map and do not stray to far west.  It is better to be aggressive to keep enemies spotted for your artillery and/or E6 tanks to keep sustained fire on them.  Once you feel like you have the upper hand make your push and do it as one group or else you will most likely lose a ton of HP for nothing.  Keep in mind that your main threat comes from enemy SPGs and also from enemies in F6 more so than the enemies ahead of you on the hill.


Scouts have many options for this map since it is very wide open and very dependent on spotting to win.  Doing quick spotting runs in the center of the map will spot a lot of their team if you have 440m+ view range while moving(optics people!) and gives your team good intelligence.  Alternatively you can passive spot in E1 behind one of the many bushes which helps your 1-2 flank have a huge advantage over the enemies further south.

Typically as a scout you want to spot somewhere quickly but safely on this map, then move to where you see a flank not taking advantage of the spotting locations.  If your team is huddled up in B2 then scouting the 1/2 line is good or if your team is to afraid to going near the hill then doing a quick run there helps out a lot.


Setting up as arty on this map you should position yourself behind your strongest flank since often one side will fall somewhat quickly.  Usually on the yellow team you want to position yourself in the 1-2 line which will give you excellent shots across the entire map.  The only downside is shots on enemies on the hill are further away and thus have a longer travel time.  Since there is little cover on Fiery Salient your position doesn’t matter to much outside of making sure you survive for as long as possible.  Knowing this always position yourself behind your strongest flank since otherwise you will find yourself facing off against enemies tanks closing in on your very quickly.

Team 2(Blue)

Compared to the yellow team this side has an easier time with gaining control over the 6-0 lines due to initial placement.  Taking control of the hill and preventing enemies from getting a strong foothold in E0/F0 will make weeding out enemies a lot easier since Fiery Salient gives the enemy team a bit more cover here.  On the 1-3 line side you find that due to the 2/3 line “gully” being a bit deeper on Fiery Salient that it is easier to push up here than on Prokhorovka.  The downside to this is that enemies can easily push through it and it is difficult to hit them unless you are in K3 or the edge of K2/J2.

West Road(1/2/3 Lines)

Side 2 unlike side 1 has a bit less cover on this side of the map and it is also closer to the bottom of the map.  Venturing past J1/J2/J3 will most likely get you spotted and obliterated unless your team does a coordinated push with someone spotting from F3.  Spotters with good camouflage can set up in J1 behind the bush line while the main force is in K2/K3.  Pushing up to H1 in a light tank can also work similar to the other side’s E1 area but it still is located further south and doesn’t work as well. K1 also has a small depression behind a hill which can be a good defensive spot if you do not have many people on this side of the map.

Compared to team 1 this side has the short end of the stick when it comes to the 1-3 line since most positions are set back further from the center.  This allows the enemy to keep you pinned towards the edge of the map with little chance to advance forward.  The best way to approach this side is often focusing more on the 2/3 lines to get control of the F2/F3 area.  Once you are here you can spot enemies in D1/D2 and hopefully your teammates push up the 1/2 line to support.

Center Ridge(F3->F6)

Like side 1 the center ridge is good for spotting as well as tanks with good gun depression.  F4 and F5 provide the safest places to scout from due to the slope for lights/mediums that want to zip around the middle at the beginning.  F6 like the other side is typically where mediums/heavies end up since you can shoot into almost every flank from this position.  Much like the other team you also can take a lot of damage being here since many enemy positions and SPGs can hit this location easily.

Railroad Tracks / Town

The eastern side of the tracks provide good cover via bushes to reach the town. It is also a decent spot to get shots off on people climbing the hill once you get into F7/F8 if they are not tucked up against the edge of the map.  Unfortunately since enemies usually end up in F0 you can easily be picked apart if you are stuck in F6/F7/F8 for too long.  It does provide a great route to flank enemies in E9/E0 if your team makes and early push on the hill.  Knowing this approach going here knowing it is sink or swim dependent on the support your receive from your allies on the hill.

The Hill(F0/G0/H0)

The hill is very important for side 2 and 3-4 tanks should head up here to prevent the enemy from securing it.  Heavy tanks that aren’t very mobile should almost never go up here since it is better to simply bypass it and attack through the town or to help out another flank.  Once up here pin the enemy on the hill climb, stay alive, and wait for your team to create the situation for pushing over into them to be viable.  If the enemy has a lot of people in E6 keep your frontal armor slightly angled towards this area if you push past H0 since you will be taking quite a few shots from that direction.


Scouting the center area at first like side 1 will provide your team with valuable intelligence as to where the enemy team is going. Unlike side 1 the passive spotting positions are a bit limited in the 1/2 lines but you can still set up in J1 and H1.  For the eastern side of the map the hill provides a very good vantage point to spot from and since you will be the first one up there you will potentially “freeze” the enemy from pushing to hard on the hill.


Much like team 1 you want to position yourself based on your strongest flank since you are no good to your team if you die because the flank falls early on.

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