Map Strategy: Erlenberg

Erlenberg can be a very tricky map to figure out since it incorporates many different areas on the same map, unlike other maps that generally favor one type of gameplay over another.  You have plenty of wide open areas, elevated ridges, choke points, and plenty of buildings to take cover behind.  The key to this map is to get great positioning in the beginning of the match to spot either the northern or southern enemy blob pushing across the map.  This helps give your team and edge in picking them off quick or by having them freeze and lose map control.  The northern spawn has an easier time at darting south to stop them from advancing to far over the bridge while the southern spawn is better at stopping the northern enemies from pushing to far west.

World of Tanks Erlenberg Strategy


I’ve broken down Erlenberg into 3 different areas since the map has a lot going on in many different locations.  Each area while not a corridor or a flank since Erlenberg is a very open map plays much like its own flank due to the way Erlenberg usually plays out.  Keep in mind that if you are not in the 1/2 line or 9/0 areas you are capable of receiving fire from long distances from other areas if you aren’t careful.  Even though I’ve broken Erlenberg into West/Center/East areas each area(especially the center) has multiple options on how to push it depending on where enemies are positioned.

Western Flank

The northwest area of the map is where team 2’s(blue) flag is located and is also where they spawn.  Since the blue team spawns on the western side of the river they have a slight edge for taking much of the 1-3 lines early on.  Much of the fighting on the western side of the map takes place from E2 down to G2.  Since the blue team has an easier time reaching this area they should be able to prevent the enemy team from pushing past G1/G2.  Trying to defend with your tanks sitting in C2 if you are the blue team usually ends up with you getting pushed even further back since there isn’t much hard cover.  It is better to pin the yellow team into G1/G2 where you can flank them from G4 and hit them from 2-3 different ways.  The best artillery cover for the blue team is in D1/E2 along the river side of the castle area while the yellow team only has decent cover in G1/G2 south of the castle.

For the yellow team if your team sends a significant amount of tanks it is important to not get pinned into G2 since you lose a huge swath of the map.  Having your beefier tanks push up the 1 line to have some cover from SPGs while mediums/lights push up through the 3/4/5 lines to then flank the enemy in C2/B2 works wonders if done fast enough.  Once you get to the E line you need to stick to the 3 line or else enemies in the 7-9 lines can take shots at you.

Eastern Flank

On the eastern side of the map you find the other major area on Erlenberg where a lot of fighting takes place.  Since the yellow team(team 1) spawns around their base in J7 they have a slight advantage at pushing the 8-0 lines faster than the blue team.  Using this advantage you can easily push into the E9/D9/D8 areas and your best outcome is to prevent the enemy from getting a foothold in B0/C0.  This side plays similar to the western flank where if you can pin the enemy into C9 you can flank them from D9/D0/D8/D7 and take them out methodically.  It is very important for the yellow to team not have a ton of tanks sitting back in G9/H9 since they do not have great shots for pushing the enemy back.  These areas only work if the enemy is winning!  Its best for heavy tanks/tank destroyers to push up the 9/0 line instead of sitting back.  Lights and mediums with good gun depression can either set up in F0 or D8.  Mobile heavy tanks and beefier mediums can advance either up the 9 or 7/8 line.

For the blue side your goal is to get tanks into B0/C0 and to try to keep the enemy from getting back the F line.  Doing this keeps their tanks outside of SPG cover and allows your support in B0/C0 to tear them apart. Trying to get into F0 if the enemies are shorthanded can allow you to kill any tanks in E9/F9 without taking fire from G9/H9.  It can also be beneficial if a light tank spots from D8 and if 1-2 tanks push along the riverside to try to open up flanking the enemy later on in the match.

Central River / Town Area

Erlenberg is cut down the center by a impassable river outside of 3 bridges and two crossings at the northern/southern most locations.  Usually there aren’t many tanks in the center(4-7 lines) since it can be hit from either the western or eastern ridges.  Although it doesn’t see a ton of traffic it is no less important than the other flanks since winning it early can be a huge advantage for your team.  For the blue team you can push down the 5 line and then cross the river(or continue pushing south if unopposed) with decent cover from enemy tanks.  Alternatively you can cross the river and head down the 7 line but you will find yourself taking a lot more fire from the 8/9 lines and also tanks in the general vicinity.

For the yellow side you can cross the river and head up the 4/5 line but you run into the same problem of gathering a lot of attention from the main enemy force in the 2 line.  It is better to push up the 6/7 lines where you have good cover and can pressure the D9/C9 areas where enemies are.  While you don’t always do a ton of damage whether you are on the blue side or yellow side the important thing is spotting for your team, preventing flanking runs, and distracting the enemy.  Sometimes you will get pinned down and feel useless but in the grand scheme of things there is nothing more annoying then having a light/medium continually popping you in the side/rear if you are pinned in C9 or G2.

Artillery Placement

SPG placement is crucial on Erlenberg going off the premise of not dying from a failing flank.  Your team will almost certainly lose either the eastern or western flank so plan accordingly!  Setting up behind the flank with the most allies is usually the best option since no matter what side you are on you will have great shots.  Typically the blue side it is best to set up in A3 then move down into B1/2 and continue pushing south if your team is losing the eastern side of the map.  This keeps you alive and once you get down to F1 and further the enemy will have no clue why you are nailing them from down there.

From the yellow side you typically end up in K0 and the 0 line since your side often wins this flank.  Even if this side is a little weak I usually still set up towards K9/K0 so that I can nail B0/C0 and have great shots into C9.  Otherwise if your team focuses more on the 1/2 line for some reason then sitting in K1 keeps you from being seen from enemies in F1/G1 and allows you to hit many of the locations they will be in on this side.

Base Defense

One minor thing to remember on Erlenberg is if the enemy is pushing your base hard each team has a good defensive spot to defend from.  The blue side has the A3 ridge that provides good protection and allows you to spot for teammates further south in D2, etc.  The yellow side doesn’t have as much hard cover but setting up in K9 you have a small hill to cover your lower glacis to hit your cap.

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  1. Great guide, although it mentions the uselessness of the flags at the start. It has happened to me several times that the enemy capped the flag almost instantly while our team was crawling on sides to get good positions. Lost in literally few seconds:(

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