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Abbey is a smaller map that is decided very quickly which team will have the upper han since a lot of the map is not traversable other than the 3 main lanes.   The way Abbey is designed each side is virtually identical with minor differences that tilt the advantage slightly towards one team in each key area.  Most of the fighting will quickly take place in the E and F lines since both teams will meet there in most random battle matches.  Since Abbey is mirrored almost perfectly for both teams strategies for both sides go hand and hand. This World of Tanks Abbey strategy guide will go over the basic routes, positions, and tactics you will see in most random World of Tanks battles on Abbey.  Team 1 (Yellow) is found in the south corner while team 2 (Blue) is found in the north.  This Abbey strategy is colorblind friendly and replaces the green/reds often found in World of Tanks with yellow/blues.  Additionally conflict areas are highlighted in orange while traversable areas that serve as shortcuts between areas are highlighted in greenish-blue.

World of Tanks Abbey Strategy Video Overview

World of Tanks Abbey Strategy


The Abbey(E5,E6,F5,F6)

One of the more popular but deadly places on this map is the Abbey located in the center of the map. To get there you will need to go through E5/F5 and then turn into it where there is some cover from outside fire.  From inside the Abbey you can hit either base, the 2 line ridge, or the 7/8 line central area outlined in yellow. The downside is that if your team does not control the E2/F2 area you will be trapped inside the Abbey with no “safe” route to escape.

Early on both sides have an equal chance of getting fast tanks into the Abbey but it is high risk move unless you have help.  If you find the enemy has beat you to the entrance usually it is best to peel off if you cannot take them out quickly.  While the Abbey provides great vision for most of the map and allows you to fire into either outside flank it also is easily pinned down.  Early on it is generally better for you to focus your effort into the 1/2/3 lines unless you are in a light tank or fast medium.

E4/F4 Area

The area in E4/F4 isn’t typically given much thought compared to the Abbey that is close by.  Moving through this area early on isn’t recommended since it requires your team to control the 2 line or else you will sustain a lot of damage moving through it.  However, after the dust settles from the first few minutes you can find that pushing through here and then towards the enemy base can be easy since it is left undefended a lot of times.  The main obstacle is your team holding the 2 line and then any enemies sitting at the enemy base.

1/2 Line

The western part of the map provides the most artillery protection due to the numerous ridges on this side of the map.  To advance past the F line from either side your team needs to prevent a flanking maneuver from either the 1 or 2 line.  Pushing one without having eyes on the other usually ends in disaster.  Taking control of the 2 line and pushing forward to the opposite side will provide cover from artillery but if the enemy controls the Abbey in the center you will take fire from multiple directions.  Alternatively the 1 line is straight forward and rewards aggressiveness to push the enemy back behind cover.  In the grand scheme of things this side rewards aggressiveness since it is difficult to defend and your cover from SPGs increases the further you push.

If things are going south if you are on the blue team you can pull back to D2 and then C3 to limit the routes enemies will attack you from.  From the yellow team side your defensive options are a bit better once you tuck back into G2 and into G3 since the slope provides great cover from advancing tanks.  On the other hand you can bail out down the slope in three areas in E2 and F2 down into the 3 line and then escape into the Abbey.  It isn’t the best area to be but does buy you some time and opens an option of surviving if you are vastly outnumbered.

7/8 line

Battles here usually boil down to whichever side has the greater numbers and keep in mind that staying on your side of the map doesn’t provide great SPG cover.  Much like the 1/2 line side your cover from enemy SPGs increases the further you push towards the enemy.  If you find your team not heading down this road do not panic as there are great positions to defend it without actually going down and dying alone. The southern side has 3 locations in G7 and H7 which allow defenders to cover the exit of the road and also assist the central are of the map. The northern forces have C7/C8 to cover their exit and also help the central area of the map.  The plus for not heading down the road and isolating yourself against a lot of enemies is that you will be able to spot any tanks advancing north by proximity before they reach the end.

One thing to keep in mind is that in E7 and F7 you can either enter or exit this flank through ramps that lead to E6/F6.  This route isn’t used often since it does expose your tank if the area isn’t completely clear but it is a good option for flanking enemies if the opportunity arises.

Artillery Placement

SPG placement on Abbey is straightforward since the map isn’t that large and moving away from the edge of the map early on doesn’t help you very much.  Starting on the yellow side it is safer to move into the K2 area or K4 area which gives you great shots across the entire map.  It also gives you slightly better warning for enemies advancing on you if they come through the middle or 8 line.  Alternatively you can move into K7/K8 which gives better shots into D2/E2 mostly but typically you find this flank is either sink or swim which leaves your survival uncertain.

On the blue team your placement mirrors that of the yellow team.  Sticking on the 1/2 line side gives you great shots across most of the map while providing you with the most protection in most random battles.  Otherwise heading over into the 7/8 line gives you better shots into F2 and potentially down the 8 line if the enemy doesn’t push very far north.


The way Abbey is designed the map’s terrain elevation starts off high in the 1 line and is lowest in the 8 line.  Knowing this you can get the most “bang for your buck” by trying to take control of the 1/2 line since it also is able to cover much of the center of the map from E2/F2.  The Abbey can support both outer flanks but it has the easiest time shooting down into the 7/8 lines.  The 7/8 lines being the lowest terrain is largely a one dimensional flank where you focus on the enemy in front of you.  In order of importance the team that typically wins the 1/2 side of the map has the upper hand while the team that wins the 7/8 line is more dependent on the enemy team not turning back to defend to claim victory.

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  1. in a quick but powerful tank there is a spot for the south on the left side of the abbey drive along the water and go to d3, up the bank. you can light them up, good for scouting, or if you get in sneakily you can fire on the b4, c6, and north side of the abbey. i have had great success with this position, but it is a risky maneuver.

  2. This map is one that a lot of tankers take for granted. If there are arties in the battle, a lot of tanks will run right into the middle town since it is harder to hit in towns. As an arty, we will tend to cover either the West or the East sides of the map. I tend to cover the West mostly (column 2) because for some reason it is a side that is neglected in battle. If you get a team of 4 tanks running just that side alone (I have seen 1 scout, 2 mediums, and either TD or a heavy roll through) With the support of an arty, the west side is easily won for either team. The fun comes in when you can get to base and cause some disarray.

    So for this map, watch the west and see how many tanks go this route. Just in your battles, take some notes and see that West is a great means of attack and the city is a bit easier to deal with from an arty position in the West.

  3. There is a position at K8 that I have used with great success for defending from tanks coming down the 8 line. A tank with good turret armor works best, such as a T32 or IS7.

    I have used this spot many times to hold off 3 or 4 enemy tanks trying to get to the cap from the 8 line until I get help from the lemmings that all went west.

    The problem with the H7 position is that when 3 or 4 of them come around the corner you have nowhere to go if you are alone; and you can get flanked from behind easily. K8 has cover, and you can shoot down the 7 or 8 lines and duck behind cover.

    This position is fairly new to the map, being added when they made the other changes to the 7 and 8 line terrain.

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