Many Changes to WoT Guru

Over the past two days several things have changed/been added to WoT Guru.  There are now forums on WoT Guru for discussions about World of Tanks, this website(suggestions and contests), and also an off topic area.  To sign up for the forum you can find a registration form on the left side bar on any page or use the link below.

Link for WoT Guru forum

Registration for Forum

Along with the forums there is also now an option to subscribe to receive emails for any new posts and articles published on here.  You can find the subscribe option on the left sidebar on any page or by using the link below.

Subscribe to WoT Guru

Some other small changes to the back end of the website also have happened to hopefully make these added options work without breaking anything(I hope).  With all of this out of the way now I hope to put out new content faster now since the website needed an update for a long time to introduce some of these features.  Now with Facebook, Twitter, forums, subscription, and the back end out of the way it will not only help those who want to follow the content on here but also myself for organizing content and publishing it.   Don’t forget to spread the word about WoT Guru!  The more followers and viewers the website gets the more giveaways and contests I am able to do.

Next on the list are a few tank guides for recent uploads on my YouTube channel(T95, TOG II*, Type 59, Ke-Ho)

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  1. First forum post is a follow up for the DPM article I posted a few days ago. Check it out and add to the discussion.

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