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For those who are not in a clan and/or looking to join a new clan on the NA server you’ll be happy to know that I now am running my own clan.  Our name is Vanaheimr and at our core we date back to the ancient MMORTS Shattered Galaxy in 2001.  The clan is centered around having a good time without sacrificing the will of wanting to perform well.  World of Tanks is a game after all and having fun should be a priority but it doesn’t mean that you can’t kick ass in the process.

Requirement wise we do not have to many set in stone rules but there are a few which we look for.  Using TeamSpeak while in-game is highly recommended and we have our own dedicated server for WoT and/or other games we are playing.  Vanaheimr does not have an activity requirement like “be on 5 nights a week” like some other clans do but we do expect you to play World of Tanks and not log on once every millennium.  Age wise we are looking for players 18 years or older but exceptions are made on a case to case basis. We won’t reject you if you have “bad” stats or whatever other silly measurement the elitists are using these days.  Aside from those requirements having an open mind, wanting to learn/improve, and above all having fun while fitting in with our members also are things we look for.

Since we are a small fledgling clan we mainly focus on platooning and doing tank companies which you might have seen if you watch the videos I post on here.  Tournaments and clan wars are off the table for now but if down the road the membership wants to put in the time and effort to do them then we will make that step.  Decisions and the direction the clan heads is largely in the hands of the members and everyone has a say in things.

If you are interested head over to our website and fill out an application(please use the stickied application guideline as a reference). Also feel free to hop onto our TeamSpeak server and platoon up with some members.

Website: http://www.ituroncavalry.com/index.php?/forum/44-apply-here/

TeamSpeak Server Address: ts22.gameservers.com:9229

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  1. HermSezPlayToWinTheGame | May 26, 2013 at 5:02 pm |

    It appears the application link is down.

    • Yes, if you are interested apply via PM to me on the WoT forums. Our forums go down from time to time for a little.

  2. Hey do you know of any EU clans that I could join?

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