It Has Been a While….

As many of you have noticed I have been gone for the past several months.  Well, that will be changing soon!  I most likely will not be doing as many updates/in-depth analysis as I was before due to time constraints but new content will be published over the fall/winter to help out any avid tankers looking for help. 

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  1. This is still my homepage <3

  2. Welcome back Cody.

  3. Great news!
    We need a tactical analysis for the new maps (they don’t drop often enough to allow a casual player to learn fast enough)!!!
    Many thanks for your work, much appreciated.

  4. missingturret | September 18, 2013 at 6:28 pm |

    Glad to see you’re back! 🙂

  5. Glad you’re back and okay. Good luck on the battlefield Cody

  6. Happy to hear you are alright and will be reviving this site. I even asked after you on the WOT forums, but you had vanished without any trace. Lots have happened in the last few updates, would be nice if you wrote a general article to capture the most major stuff.

    Welcome back.

  7. For the first time I came on this website. It to the met, was really good

  8. Hello! I am VERY GLAD that u are back!!!!! 🙂 I thought something bad happened to you..and u newer come back… 🙁

    SO WELCOME back Cody and keep up really good job..

    Greets: SiNinNeN from finland..

  9. Welcome back

  10. Welcome back C_Menz! o7

  11. I was wondering where you were. Welcome back….

  12. Welcome back, looking forward to some more map reviews!!

  13. Welcome back C! Good to see the site alive and kicking again!

  14. I wouldn’t mind giving my help with this site. I’m pretty proficient with being able to find out about new features and the details of the game.

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