Issues with 9.0

Just a little heads up on why there haven’t been new videos on my YouTube and as much content since 9.0 landed.  I actually haven’t been able to play much due to crashing to desktop and FPS issues.  My FPS(even in medium settings with a gtx 680) is sitting at 10-25 fps now instead of a solid 60 fps on max/high before.  I CTD in most battles since the update as well.  I’ve re-installed, removed the one mod I use, and my hard drives are not fragmented like some say is the cause of issues.

So until a fix is released it looks like I won’t be able to play. It’s just not worth the stress to record/narrate videos and play just for the FPS to be just above single digits and then for the game to crash with a few minutes left in the battle.  I’ll be trying to do a few weak spots guides and tank guides in the mean time however.

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