In Progress

I know…I know…. Content has been a little slower recently.  I am hoping to have it come out more frequently in the near future as I get a good guideline down for myself to finish these weak spot and tank guides I am working on. Currently I am working on several projects and have them completed to various degrees. I could release more content more frequently but that leads to mistakes(and you guys are awesome for pointing them out and helping me fix them!) which no one likes.

Weak Spot Guides




And also updating a few of the past weak spot guides

Tank Guides


Bat Chatillion 25t


Map Strategy

Plan on bringing them back, I held off waiting for 8.0 and physics to see the changes. Now that some of the maps are reworked and I have a good feeling for them I plan on highlighting some lesser known routes, tactical locations, etc. again.


Here are some replays for now. Another gold give away is in the works as well!





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