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If you are looking for replays you have come to the right place.  Personally I have over 550 videos uploaded on YouTube that are World of Tanks related and that number is growing every week.  My YouTube channel not only has the standard World of Tanks gameplay videos and commentary but also live stream events.  Instead of needing to have accounts and watch multiple websites you can find all WoT Guru videos in one easy place.  This page will have an assortment of some of my most popular videos and entertaining ones.  To find videos specific to a tank you can check out my Playlists or you will notice that most guides on here contain videos that I make tailored to a specific subject/tank.

To find break downs of replays here on WoT Guru you can find them in the “Replay” category found here.

Unlike other players who produce World of Tanks videos I approach almost all of my videos in a different way.  Instead of simply re-recording over matches that have ended and lay out specific things I would like to say I do almost all my videos on the fly.  Any videos/replays you see with commentary are recording right then and there and the reaction and helpful tips I give a great insight into how I approach playing the game.  Not only will you get the great reaction that recording live(like live streaming) provides you can also see how I approach mistakes and difficult moments as they happen.  While this style might be a bit more “rough around the edges” than videos other do by doing voice overs and prettying up their videos I find that it is more informative with less “fluff”.

Top Replays

The replays below are some of the most viewed and popular videos found on my YouTube channel.

Live Streams

If you are looking for help on specific tanks your best bet is to look at the Tank Guides on this website or look through My Playlists to find videos specific to a tank.  The ones here are some videos that provide some great overall help pertaining to a wide variety of tanks.


To search through playlists on YouTube hop over the my YouTube channel.

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