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Welcome to WoT Guru! If you love to play World of Tanks and are looking to find detailed weak spot guides, tank guides, and other useful information you have come to the right place. Here on the main page you will find recent posts located below, and above on the menu you can find anything from small tips to in-depth guides to improve your performance. WoT Guru is a one person show and everything from the weak spot guides to the World of Tanks videos you see on here are created by me…C_Menz. I play on the North American server and started a simple blog, posting small weak spot guides to begin with in mid-2012. After receiving good feedback I decided to expand and set up this website as well as venture into making videos.

World of Tanks Weak Spots

If you are looking for in-depth weak spot guides for World of Tanks then look no further than here.  Weak spot guides on WoT Guru break down tanks into several views, multiple views, and effective armor values.  You won’t find anything more detailed and this easy to access online. If there isn’t a weak spot guide for a specific tank on here then leave a comment and it’ll be added to the queue.

World of Tanks Tank Guides – Tactics 

Each tank in World of Tanks has it’s own positive and negative attributes that determine how it plays.  Each tank guideon here goes over the pros and cons of each tank and also provides videos of in-game footage with commentary to go over key tactics to use.  Areas of a tank such as firepower, armor, mobility, miscellaneous attributes, and more are gone over in each guide to help you master a specific tank.

World of Tanks Map Strategy – Replays

Struggling with a specific map or has a new map just been released?  Many maps in World of Tanks have a detailed map strategy finished here on WoT Guru.  Each map strategy outlines specific areas, key routes, and tactics to use to excel on a specific map.  There are also numerous World of Tanks replays on here as well as my YouTube channel that range from live streams, tank reviews, and epic matches.

World of Tanks New Player Guides – Detailed Guides

Whether you are a new player looking for helpful tips to give you a leg up starting out or a veteran player looking to hone their skills, you can find specific guides that cover many aspects of World of Tanks.  Guides such as “Which Tank Line is Right for You?” that helps you decide which tanks fit your own personal play style and “How Armor Works” are just some of the many specific guides to help you out.

World of Tanks Gold Giveaways – Contests

Several times a year WoT Guru hosts giveaways and contests to give away gift shop packages and/or gold to World of Tanks players.  Simply follow WoT Guru on here, YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter to have the best chance of catching every giveaway that goes on.  For every 250 Facebook or Twitter followers on the WoT Guru pages there will be a special giveaway.  At 500, 750, 1,000, etc. additional events will happen as well.  Here on the website contests usually occur around specific holidays or historical events in the year.

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  1. Treadhead24 | January 8, 2016 at 6:24 pm |

    Great site, very informative. I,ve also been watching your live streams on youtube. Also great and fun to watch. Been watching your WOWS gameplay trying to “Get smart” before I try and play. Once again thanks for the videos.

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