World of Tanks Intermediate Tips

Here you can find all World of Tanks intermediate level tips found on WoT Guru.  These little tid-bits of useful information might not be as in-depth as other guides or articles but can prove to be very useful.

Prioritizing Targets as a SPG

This tip is for SPG players.  Prioritizing your targets is key to your team winning the battle. It might not always be the best for you to “rack up the kills” which artillery is not about. Playing a SPG you should be focused on doing the most amount of damage possible first and then worrying about kills only if it is a tank with low HP that your team is not in a position to kill before that enemy tank gets their next shot off(thus saving your team mates valuable HP if you kill him).  I have a simple “check list” while playing artillery to pick my targets in most situations. This is just a general guideline and in specific scenarios(like low HP tank stated earlier) do not use this.

1. Enemy with a “big gun” but low armor (Generally tank destroyer or auto-loader)

2. Enemy medium tank that is not moving a lot (Medium and some high tier light tanks)

3. Enemy with a “big gun” but with medium/high armor (Heavy tanks)

4. Enemy SPGs that are spotted (Generally if they are spotted they will die or disappear before you can hit them)

5. Enemy medium and light tanks that are moving a lot.

Go for the easiest tank to damage that has the “biggest gun” highest potential damage output towards your teammates. Then work your way down. I typically ignore light tanks unless if they are circling a fellow non-turreted TD, etc or if they are coming straight for me as they are harder to hit and usually not worth the wasted shell.  Also, as mentioned earlier if there is a tank with very low HP that your team cannot kill easily then that should jump up to the top of your list.  And finally if there is a large skirmish with 4+ tanks from each team or the enemy outnumbers your allies then that also should jump to the top of your list.

Baiting Enemies

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you are in a tank or scenario that you cannot be expected to do much damage to the opposing team. Whether it is because you are in a low tier tank or if you are against a dug in team that will kill you rather quickly if you charge in guns-a-blazing scenarios like this happen often.
So what do you do? Rush in and die like a lot of people do or put yourself in a position just outside of the enemies dug in position and lure them out? I call this “baiting” but feel free to come up with your own nickname for the tactic as not everyone enjoys fishing…. Ok back on topic.
If you or your team find yourself up against an enemy team like this(which happens a lot on Assault) all it takes is 1-2 tanks to(less the better) to sit within to auto-detect range of the enemy or get into a place and allow them to spot you.  Most online gamers, especially those in a free to play MMO, do not have a huge amount of patience which leads to them thinking that could easily rush that poor low tier tank around the corner. When they do this the rest of your team is there to back you up and help you out. You’ll be surprised at how effective this is since the average player does not think ahead.
Below is a replay of one of my matches in the Type 59 on Karelia Assault.
I knew it was going to be tough going head-to-head on the western part of the map(since they have good defensive spots) so I decided to go into the “pocket” just outside of their base. This spot allowed me to be somewhat protected from their tanks(I did die eventually) while making them to come out from hiding and expose themselves to my team mates to damage me. I ended up luring out a KV-3, T20, ISU-152, and AMX Arty which ended up dying or being damaged significantly due to me luring them out. You might not light up the end of the match screen with tons of kills but your team mates will notice what you are doing and you’ll be rewarded with winning more often.

Playing as The “Little Guy” In a Match

Everyone has faced the problem of being thrown into a match where they are either at the bottom of the team list or are close to it.  Whether you are a tier 4 scout in a tier 8 match or a tier 6 medium in a tier 9 match it can be a bit discouraging, but don’t let it be!  Keep in mind that even as the low tank on the chopping block in a specific match you can have a great effect on it’s outcome.  Don’t expect to be the one who carries your team with 5+ kills or lead the charge but do expect to contribute more then whining and driving off to death in the first minute of the match.  Here is a guideline I use when I am faced with these situations.

Am I in a fast tank? If yes I will not drive off and scout to my death, but rather do one of two things.  Initially drive to a good defensible point on the map that can be covered by the higher tiers on my team. FOr example on Himmelsdorf the central area of the map to many is a death zone. However if you drive across to the other side two either corner on the opposite side’s courtyard you will not only be scouting the enemies around you, but will draw attention as higher tiers try to kill you instead of the more important tanks on your team.

The second option of being in a fast tank is to hold back and intercept incoming scouts. Once this is completed you have the option of darting through an exposed area in the enemy defense or better yet flank tanks that your team is engaged with and stuck against.  Don’t worry about doing damage, just stay alive and be annoying and draw attention away and it’ll do wonders.

Oh great I am in a slow tank! Stuck in a low tier heavy tank in a high tier match? Sure it is not ideal but you can be useful.  Much like being a faster low tier tank you don’t want to go in expecting to do a ton of damage. Instead assist your high tier tanks by covering their reloads, tracking their enemies, and even taking a shot for them.  For example say you are in a M6 in a high tier match on Ruinberg in the city.  You find yourself with your team’s top T34 against the other team’s Tiger II.  Your T34 has a much longer reload and doesnt stand a chance if the Tiger II puts on pressure.  As the M6 track the Tiger II before he rounds a corner to face your T34 or if he does come around the corner use yourself a shield and take a shot for your T34.

Don’t be selfish. We all want more experience and silver and to get this you mainly need to do damage to tanks.  But more importantly you need to win and playing as a support tank instead of rushing out trying to do a small amount of damage to quickly end your match won’t get you anywhere but being frustrated. Use these matches to help improve your teamwork skill and look at it as a nice challenge at being the underdog in the fight.  You’ll be rewarded in the end if your team wins much more than dying in the first minute and rage quitting.

If you have armor you can delay even if you do not have a great gun especially in tier 7+ matches.  By the time you get tier 7 you will notice that most heavy tanks and some tank destroyers have very good armor in some spots that can protect themselves from tier 9/10 tanks.  If you are in a tank such as a Tiger II as you see in this video below you can actually set up in a spot to maximize your armor and help your team stall the enemy.

“The Wiggle” Technique

If you have watched videos of other players playing World of Tanks you’ll see that some of them do little movements that seem to be pointless. Whether it is forward/backwards or left/right some players move around and don’t completely stop until they need to shoot or aim at a weak spot.  I refer to this as “wiggling” even though there isn’t a coined term for this tactic I find it describes it fairly accurately.

Wiggling does a few things.  Firstly, it throws off some players since they are fixated on shooting a specific shot, and moving that spot slightly left/right etc. will make them aim for a second or more longer(and thus improving your survive-ability).  Secondly, once you master wiggling you can time reloads and at the last second you can shift your tank to make their shot hit a sharper angle, strong point, or your track. ,  And lastly even if you can’t time shots or are against a decent player it still adds a bit of “luck” into whether they damage you since it might hit at a sharper angle, near a track, etc. etc.

Oh and I almost forgot! Remember your friend artillery? It is much harder to hit a target that isn’t sitting still or traveling in a straight line with spotted than a tank moving all over the place!  All it takes is that slight movement to go from a shell landing directly on your tank to that shell landing just off the side.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to be doing three-sixties out there! For example a tank like the T110E5/IS-7 you’ll want to stick with moving forward/backwards or just slightly tapping left/right since your armor is most effective pointing straight ahead.  Other tanks that are lightly armored such as most medium tanks a lot of the time you know your armor doesn’t stand a chance, so wiggling a bit more to hopefully get them to hit at a bounce angle or 0 damage a track is more suitable.

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  1. Could you please somewhat update this article as the I am relatively new to WoT (joined about January 2014 in 8.11) and I only understand what happened in WoT from YouTuber’s previous videos. I don’t think new players will understand any of this.
    I mean like tanks have 2+ MM and scouts get 1 tier higher 2+ sort of thing (more or less 3+)

    • These are intermediate tips, new player tips are found in a different article. But I do plan on adding to all tip articles over the long haul.

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