World of Tanks Articles

This page contains all articles relating to World of Tanks that might not fit into a specific category such as weak spot guides or tactical advice.  These articles are either opinion pieces or will cover very specific topics such as when having a higher damage per minute(DPM) can actually be a negative compared to a tank with lower damage potential.  As new articles are available they will be added to this page.

When DPM is Important and When it is Not

This guide focuses on when damage per minute which is a great attribute of tanks becomes a negative against tanks with a higher damage per shot.

Which Tank Line is Right for You?

This very lengthy guide(due to the vast amount of tanks in World of Tanks) covers every single tank currently in the game.  Artillery/SPGs will be added in due time, but for the time being every tank and tank line is gone over in this detailed article.  This page will save you frustration and time in deciding which tanks you will want to aim for and which to avoid.

Using Gold Wisely

Gold in World of Tanks is the currency in which you have spent actual money on.  Due to this you will want to use it smartly and “the best” you can.  Don’t go off wasting it on something you will come to regret spending it on later.  This guide goes over everything you can spend gold on and which things to spend it on and which things to avoid.

Clan Wars Checklist

If you or your clan are looking to improve in clan wars you can find very useful information here.  This guide provides a decent outline to get set up and started in clan wars and is based off of personal experience organizing players, calling battles, creating tactics, and handling it all.

Revamping World of Tanks Current Balance and Matchmaking System

This post is an opinion piece about how World of Tanks could change matchmaking and their balancing system to make things easier for both developers and players.

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