World of Tanks Terminology

Like many games World of Tanks has its own terminology that is unique to the game and to someone who has not played World of Tanks before it can be confusing hearing terms you have never heard before.  This World of Tanks Terminology guide will list the most common terms as well as some terms you won’t hear in other games outside of World of Tanks.

World of Tanks Tank Terminology

LT: Light tank

MT: Medium tank

HT: Heavy tank

TD: Tank destroyer

SPG / Clicker: Artillery

Gold Ammo / Premium Ammo: Another term used to describe APCR/HEAT/HESH rounds that cost either gold or a large amount of credits compared to standard rounds.

AP: Armor-piercing round

APCR: Armor-piercing composite round

APDS: Armor-piercing discarding sabot round

HEAT: High-explosive anti-tank round

HE: High-explosive round

HESH: High-explosive squash head round

Caliber: Internal diameter of a tank’s gun barrel.

Howitzer / Derp Tank: A tank that equips a gun that uses a HE/HESH round for its primary ammo and usually is very large in caliber.  These tanks usually rely on a massive amount of damage per shell to inflict damage and less about penetrating the armor of a tank.

Gun Depression / Gun Elevation: The amount a tank’s gun can either point downwards or upwards.  Most tanks fall between 6° to 10° for gun depression while gun elevation is usually at least 15°.

Comfort: A term used to describe that a tank has good gun depression/elevation and other attributes that make it very easy to use on any type of terrain or elevation.

Hard Stats: Attributes of a tank such as armor thickness, reload time, damage per round, overall accuracy, hit points, speed limit, engine horsepower, and other stats displayed in the garage.

Soft Stats: Attributes of a tank such as gun depression, gun elevation, terrain resistance, accuracy on the move, and other stats not readily displayed and often overlooked.

Glacis: A glacis plate refers to the frontal most section of a tank’s hull that is usually sloped to provide increased protection.  The glacis is usually the most well armored location on a tank along with the frontal turret armor and mantlet.

Mantlet: A gun mantlet is an armored plate attached to the gun barrel to provide increased protection around the gun and on the front of the turret.  Often times the gun mantlet is the strongest area of a tank.

Cupola / Hatch: A cupola is a small turret located on a larger one while a hatch is an armored access point to the tank that sometimes contains view ports.  In World of Tanks a cupola or hatch almost always refers to the cupola/hatch located on the roof of a turret that sometimes be weaker than the armor surrounding it.

Spaced Armor: A layer of armor that is located outside the main hull armor on a tank with space between it and the tank’s hull.  Spaced armor is used for additional armor protection and is devastating against HEAT/HESH/HE rounds.  All track armor in World of Tanks counts as spaced armor regardless of whether or not there is a space between the track and the tank’s hull.

Shot Trap: A location on the tank where a shell will bounce off of one highly angled armor plate and into a different very weak armor plate.  Shot traps are usually located between the top of the tank’s frontal glacis and where the tank’s turret begins.

Auto-loader: A tank with a gun that has a magazine capable of loading more than 1 round(usually 3-5) at one time that can then fire them quickly once loaded.  Reload time between a magazine is higher than standard guns and the primary advantage is being able to output several rounds quickly compared to other tanks when the magazine is loaded.

Auto-cannon: Similar to an auto-loader except that with each “round” in the magazine the tank will fire multiple rounds.  Usually found from tier 1 to tier 3 and almost exclusively low caliber guns.

Effective Armor: The value a shell will need to penetrate after the armor’s thickness, vertical angle, and horizontal angle are factored in.

Normalization: Refers to the amount of degrees a tank’s round will subtract from the armor’s angle when it impacts an angled armor plate.  Non-HE/HEAT/HESH rounds have normalization that helps reduce the armor’s angle to make it easier to penetrate.

World of Tanks Player Terminology

Unicum / Unicorn:  A player whose stats are in the top .10% of a World of Tanks server based upon player made performance measurements.  A “super unicum” relates to a player in the .1% bracket.

Newb:  New player who isn’t very experienced in World of Tanks since they have not been playing for every long.

Tomato / Noob / Window Licker / Baddie: A player who isn’t very good at World of Tanks and/or performs very poorly in a match.

Wallet Warrior:  Meant as a negative remark towards a player who buys and plays premium tanks, thus supporting World of Tanks.  Usually used by players who don’t spend money on the game and think premium tanks are a pay-to-win element.

Seal Clubber: An experienced player who almost exclusively plays tier 1-3 tanks with fully trained crews, equipment, and configurations to play against inexperienced players.  Usually these types of players use this to boost their statistics to make themselves feel like they are a good player.

WN8 / Win Rate 8 / WN#:  Made up way of determining a player’s skill level in World of Tanks created by a small group of players.  Doesn’t factor in some game elements and although it gives an vague indication on player experienced it is often taken to seriously and used as a derogatory term.

Camper: In a match a player who is sitting far behind where the fighting is taking place and is not contributing to the fight.  Often times this term is used incorrectly by disgruntled players who berate players still alive in a match after they are destroyed.

Re-roll: Player who starts a new account for the sole purpose of trying to improve their statistics since they won’t have their initial learning phase matches on the new account.

Statpadder: Player who does everything imaginable to influence their personal statistics(usually their WN# number) when some actions might affect their team’s chances of winning.  Other times a player who will only play certain imbalanced vehicles or only play in a platoon with other players at or above their skill level.

07: To salute another player.  Often used to say “hi” to someone you know and/or respect in World of Tanks.

 World of Tanks Gameplay Terminology

Flank: To attack an enemy from their side or rear by moving through an alternative route instead of engaging them from the front.

Lemming: When a player follows the majority of the other players on a team to form a large group leaving other areas of the map unoccupied.

Lemming Train / Lemming Rush:  When the vast majority of a team is in one location on the map and will stay as a large group to push quickly across the map.

Cap / Capping: Short for capturing the enemy base.

Flex: To re-position to another area of the map that either needs assistance or will provide you an opportunity to exploit an enemies weakness.

Suicide Scout / Suiscout: Quickly rushing across the map at the start of a match to attempt to spot the enemy team with no chance of surviving.

Carrying: When either a single player or a small group greatly outperforms what their tank(s) should be expected to do and cause their team to win.

Face hug: Positioning your tank very close to and usually touching another tank to make it difficult to hit your hull armor.  Viable tactic for tanks with good turret armor against tanks not able to penetrate their turret armor.

Angling: To increase the angle of a tank horizontally to increase the effective armor value.  Sometimes can be done vertically on small hills to increase the effective armor on the glacis/turret front.

Side-scraping: Positioning a tank in such a way where the side armor is at a high angle and the front of the tank is behind cover.  This presents a smaller target and difficult armor to penetrate with only the highly angled side armor and turret visible.

World of Tanks Specific Tanks Terminology

Waffle: Any of the German tank destroyers with Waffenträger in their name.

Deathstar: FV215b (183) or the FV4005 Stage II

Doom Turtle: T95 tank destroyer

Fascist Box Tank: German Tiger I heavy tank or any German tank box in shape.

Bathtub: S35CA tank destroyer

Flakbus / Toaster: Pz Sfl IVc tank destroyer

Bat / Bat Chat: Bat Chatillon 25 t medium tank

Borsig / Roomba: RHM Borsig Waffenträger

Awful Panther: Aufklärungspanzer Panther

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