Which Swedish Tank Line is Right for You?

In World of Tanks which Swedish tank line best suits your play style?  Currently Swedish tanks in World of Tanks consist of a tank destroyer and a medium/heavy tank line.  With the introduction of Swedish tanks World of Tanks implemented hydro-pneumatic suspension mechanics in the game.  This suspension is used on Swedish tank destroyers tier 8-10.  Unique to Swedish tanks the hydro-pneumatic suspension allows the tank to raise and lower its hull with the suspension.  This guide covers every Swedish tank in the tech tree currently in the game.  On the fence about how easy the grind for Swedish tanks is? Or how well they perform across each tier?  This guide has you covered.  For other nations pop over to the complete which tank line is right for you guide below.


World of Tanks Which Swedish Tank Line?

World of Tanks Swedish Tank Destroyers (Strv fm/21 -> Strv 103B)

Strv fm/21 (Tier 1) & Pvlvv km/42 (Tier 2)

The tank destroyer line starts at tier 1 with the Strv fm/21.  You’ll spend a handful of battles in this tank at most.  The Strv fm/21 isn’t very fast for a tier 1 but does have good firepower to prop it up.  Considering you’ll be moving to tier 2 in a blink of the eye you’ll hardly remember this tank.

Tier 2 the first tank destroyer is called the Pvlvv fm/42.  Rolls off the tongue right?  This tank destroyer is very mobile once fully upgraded. The top gun while a little inaccurate does have very good penetration.  On the downside you have almost zero armor and extremely poor health being a tank destroyer.  Surviving the fast paced tier 2 matches can be hard a lot of times. Play safe and the dozen of so battles it takes to get to tier 3 will be easy.

Ikv 72 (Tier 3)

After the Pvlvv fm/42 you have the Ikv 72 which has a similar play style.  Starting off you are a bit sluggish without the top engine/tracks. Once they are equipped it is a welcomed upgrade.  Both gun options are similar to one another. The top gun simply improves accuracy, penetration, and rate of fire.  With a 7.5 cm gun at tier 3 when you hit something they will certain feel it.  Like the tier 2 tank destroyer you retain the low armor and HP.  The main negative you’ll find of this tank is the limited gun constraint for horizontal movement. This causes your hull to be moving a lot and resting your aiming circle.  This tank is a quick grind due to it being tier 3.  Packing enough firepower to hold its own against higher tiers if it remains hidden.

Sav m/43 (Tier 4)

At tier 4 you have the Sav m/43 tank destroyer.  It slows things down a bit compared to the previous tank destroyers.  Top speed is a respectable 43 km/h but its lack of engine strength makes it a tad slow.  Armor wise you do gain a huge amount with 50mm on the front hull but it is still not going to protect you against most incoming shots.  Luckily for the Sav m/43 the gun constraints loosen slightly making aiming easier compared to the Ikv 72.

For firepower you have available the 7.5 cm guns from the previous tank plus a new 10.5 cm.  While the 10.5 cm isn’t accurate it does have very high damage per shot.  At 350 for AP/HEAT and 370 for HE you aren’t lacking damage.   Both the 7.5 cm and 10.5 cm are viable options depending on how you want to play the tank.  The 10.5 cm will mostly be using HE rounds and hurts if it lands a shot.  The increased accuracy of the 7.5 cm, along with better standard penetration has its own upsides.  Regardless of the gun the Sav m/43 can be tough to play against tier 5/6 tanks since its durability falls short.

Ikv 103 (Tier 5)

The Ikv 103 can be considered a speed bump in this tank destroyer line for many reasons.  Statistically it is very same to the previous Sav m/43 a tier lower. Unfortunately it doesn’t improve in the right areas to be considered a true upgrade.  The Ikv 103 is a fairly mobile tank compared to the tier 4 and it also gains needed view range.  The main issue is centered around the Ikv 103’s choice of guns.  Also the gun constraints compared to the tier 4 while aiming left/right are abysmal.

The Ikv 103 starts with the same 10.5 cm gun found on the Sav m/43.  However it has nearly 400 less damage per minute on its HE round.  It does gain a better AP and HEAT round but they suffer due to low penetration against tier 6-7 tanks.  The upgraded 10.5 cm does improve accuracy and handling of the gun immensely over the tier 4.  However, it only has access to two HEAT with 120mm/140mm penetration.  You also have even worse damage per minute compared to the tier 4 and stock gun on the Ikv 103.

Since HE DPM isn’t easily achievable hitting those DPMs can be difficult.  But you move from 2,362 DPM(tier 4) to 1,929 DPM(Stock Ikv 103), and then finally 1,691 DPM(HEAT 10.5 cm).  Both guns do have their own ups and downs. Neither can be considered a good fit for facing off against tier 5-7 tanks.  The Ikv 103 does have good mobility and camouflage but otherwise you are left fighting against yourself more than enemies.

Ikv 65 Alt II (Tier 6)

Moving past the Ikv 103 monstrosity you have the enjoyable Ikv 65 Alt II at tier 6.  This tank starts the trend for the remainder of the Swedish tank destroyer line of sneaky snipers.  Mobility is excellent even with the stock engine. You also have good camouflage values to work with.  Forget about having any armor since you don’t have any.  Compared to the previous Ikv 103 the firepower feels like you are moving up 3 tiers instead of just 1.  The Ikv 65 Alt II has two 9cm bofors guns that provide decent damage per shot, penetration, and accuracy.

The main shortcoming of these guns is the low DPM which can make taking out advancing enemies difficult at times.  Even with the low DPM the IKV 65 Alt II does its long range sniping/support role extremely well.  Outside of that role it flounders with its poor armor and HP due to it being a tank destroyer.  After the previous tank destroyer however this grind will go by in a breeze.

Ikv 90 Typ B (Tier 7)

A tier higher you have an almost identical tank with the Ikv 90 Typ B at tier 7.  It has a slight boost to its mobility and retains great camouflage values like the Ikv 65 Alt II.  You start with the same 9 cm bofors gun and have another to unlock for your top gun.  Surprisingly the Ikv 90 Type B although a tier higher has worse accuracy on both guns(.38 and .35) compared to the Ikv 65 Alt II a tier lower(.33).  Despite this the upgraded gun has respectable DPM and great penetration for a tier 7 tank destroyer.  The only other noticeable change is better gun constraints.  This allows you to not move your hull as much when moving your gun horizontally.

UDES 03 (Tier 8)

While the UDES 03 doesn’t shake up the role of the previous tank destroyer it does introduce siege mode.  From here on out Swedish tank destroyers have hydro-pneumatic suspensions and guns that have limited movement.  You tap “x” to enter siege mode which boosts gun stats, limits mobility, and allows your suspension to raise/lower to aim.  The UDES 03’s gun cannot point down, left, or right but can aim upwards on its own without being in siege mode.

The UDES 03 doesn’t buck the trend of poor amor with its 20mm all around protection.  1,000 HP isn’t excellent for a tier 8 tank destroyer.  Like previous tanks camouflage is extremely high and is important to abuse to stay alive.  Mobility is off the charts with a top speed of 70 km/h forward and 50 km/h in reverse.  Unlike other tanks it can move full speed in either direction.  It does start off a little sluggish with the stock engine; but with the upgraded engine it handles like a light tank.

UDES 03 Firepower

The main upside of the UDES 03 is its top gun after you move past the stock 9 cm.  The upgraded 10.5 cm has 390 damage and its standard AP round has a whopping 288mm penetration.  Its HEAT round goes a step further with 330mm penetration.  DPM you don’t see an improvement over the tier before outside of siege mode. Once in siege mode you’ll be doing 95% of your shooting in it.  Siege mode makes the gun laser accurate even at max distances and provides a reduction to your reload time.  Keep in mind that while in siege mode you are limited in speed and it takes a couple seconds to enter/exit it.

The UDES 03 can be a jolt for most players due to siege mode.  It is difficult to learn at first and limits what the UDES 03 can do.  You will want to avoid close fights and areas you can get flanked easily.  If long range combat is your thing then this tank is an excellent fit.  The mobility and hull down potential is just icing on the cake.

Strv 103-0 (Tier 9)

The tier 9 Strv 103-0 is very similar in design to the UDES 03.  First off the gun on the Strv 103-0 has no movement unlike the UDES 03 which can aim upwards.  Most importantly the Strv 103-0 sees a small armor thickness increase that allows it to bounce some 120mm and small caliber rounds off its heavily angled upper glacis.  Due to the low HP however you’ll still want to play this like the UDES where your goal is to remain hidden.  Mobility does see a small decrease in both top speed and power to weight ratio.  Like the UDES however the Strv 103-0 can go nearly the same speed both forward and reverse.

Firepower sees a huge boost when it comes to the Strv 103-0 since you gain nearly two shots per minute over the UDES.  The stock gun carries over and the only advantages of the top gun is tied to penetration and shell velocity.  Top gun has 308mm(AP) and 350mm(HEAT) penetration. With a starting DPM of 2,837 outside of siege mode the Strv 103-0 is deadly to every tank in the game.

Strv 103B (Tier 10)

Finally the tier 10 Strv 103B ends the Swedish tank destroyer line with welcomed improvements over the Strv 103-0.  The most noticeable change is the anti-HEAT grill and spaced armor across the front of the tank which makes it nearly immune to HEAT shells.  Armor protection is still based around bouncing sub-122mm rounds but the HEAT protection is extremely useful.  For a full weak spot guide / armor breakdown check out the guide below.


Other areas of the Strv 103B see little change coming from the tier 9 outside of the gun performance.  Accuracy is improved and your reload is lowered even further giving you a base 3,486 DPM.  Siege mode improves the gun stats a little further turning this tank into a feared long range opponent.  Compared to previous Swedish tank destroyers the armor is strong enough against a good section of foes at tier 10.  This opens up more of the map and different tactics to use since you can utilize your armor in selection moments.

World of Tanks Swedish Tanks |Medium / Heavy| (Strv fm/21 -> Kranvagn)

Strv fm/21 (Tier 1) & Strv m/38 (Tier 2)

The tank destroyer line starts at tier 1 with the Strv fm/21.  You’ll spend a handful of battles in this tank at most.  The Strv fm/21 isn’t very fast for a tier 1 but does have good firepower to prop it up.  Considering you’ll be moving to tier 2 in a blink of the eye you’ll hardly remember this tank.

At tier 2 the Strv m/38 starts off slow without the upgraded engine and top gun.  The top 37mm provides adequate punch against tier 2/3 tanks. Once upgraded your mobility is slightly above average.  Armor protection is abysmal which will remain a trait of this line until tier 8.  However, with 15 degrees of gun depression you can hide your tank behind terrain.  Overall the Strv m/38 is a nice, quick, and easy tank to progress through.

Strv m/40L (Tier 3)

Kicking off tier 3 you have the Strv m/40L which improves upon the previous Strv m/38.  You have an upgraded 37mm to work towards and the same 15 degrees of gun depression to work with.  Mobility sees a small buff with the top engine over the Strv m/38.  Essentially you are flung into the same tank you just finished but are just a tier higher with new modules to unlock.  This isn’t exactly a bad thing since both tanks are nimble with accurate guns that have good penetration at this tier.

Lago (Tier 4)

At tier 4 the Lago starts you off with a noticeable hit to mobility which once upgraded still is a pinch below the previous tier.  Being the first medium tank in the line this isn’t a surprise but coupled with the still poor armor protection it does pose a challenge if you are caught in a bad location.  Gun depression drops from 15 degrees to 10 degrees and with 330m view range facing tier 5/6 tanks can be difficult.

The Lago does have two different guns that can be considered its top gun.  You have a 7.5 cm and a 57 mm option to choose from based on your preference.  The 57 mm is the better pick for most matches.  It has more damage per minute, penetration, accuracy, and shell velocity.  The only downside is 75 damage per shot versus 110 damage for the 7.5 cm.  A case can be made for the 7.5 cm if you are having trouble staying alive long.  The 7.5 cm allows you to stay in cover longer since you fire slower; but honestly the 57mm will be the better gun 95% of the time.  The Lago suffers from being a tier 4 tank which sees it struggle against facing tier 5/6 tanks most matches.  The 57mm does help with good all around stats but the lack of armor and diminished mobility makes it tough to stay alive.

Strv m/42 (Tier 5)

At tier 5 the Strv m/42 sees a slight buff to armor protection but it still falls short at protecting it against its peers.  Fortunately you gain back the 15 degrees of gun depression that was unavailable on the Lago.  Having 15 degrees of gun depression allows you to hull down on hills easily and should be your go to tactic for most maps.  Weapon wise you have a stock 7.5 cm and an upgraded version.  Both struggle to hold their own against most tier 5 tanks yet alone tier 6/7 tanks.  The upgraded 7.5 cm is a welcomed sight since it adds penetration and also damage per shot.  While it does have lower DPM it plays well with fighting at mid range using hills/terrain for cover with gun depression.

Fortunately for the Strv m/42 the grind isn’t terribly long being a iter 5 medium but it can be hard to feel useful against higher tiers.  Unlike a lot of tier 5 mediums your gun feels to weak to face off against higher tiers unless you are flanking or in a group of tanks.

Strv 74 (Tier 6)

The last Strv named tank in this tank line is the Strv 74 at tier 6.  Visually very different than previous tanks with its awkward bobble-head like turret it plays very similar to previous tanks.  Like the tier 5 it has 15 degrees of gun depression making it a very good tank for fighting on uneven terrain.  Mobility improves slightly over the tier 5 medium but only after you get the upgraded engine since the stock engine is extremely under powered.  One downside of the Strv 74 is the extremely large turret that has 20mm thick armor protecting it and making it a huge target for enemies.

Firepower wise you are stuck with the 7.5 cm options like the previous tier but see gains in accuracy, on the move accuracy, DPM, and penetration.  The improvements of the top gun are noticeable since your standard AP round coupled with great accuracy can deal with most tier 7 tanks.  Like the previous Strv m/42 however you do feel helpless at times against some armored tier 7s and almost all tier 8 tanks which is to be expected from a tier 6 medium.  Planning accordingly and using the great accuracy + gun depression combo will make this a very fun tank to play.  While not always the most useful its gun depression does allow it to stay in the fight even in higher tiers if you are careful where to peek out.

Leo (Tier 7)

The tier 7 Leo medium tank is a story of two completely different tanks depending on what gun you choose to use.  Initially the stock grind is brutal since you need the upgraded mobility through both engines for this tank to shine.  It doesn’t have a ton of armor and the large turret it has does pose some problems since you only have 10 degrees of gun depression.  Despite this you have a medium that once upgraded moves around like a light tank and has decent view range to work with.

7.5cm Gun (Leo)

Moving onto the gun choices you have the 7.5 cm that carries over from the Strv 74 or a new 10 cm to pick from.  The 7.5 cm sees you gain more DPM over the previous Strv 74 but you lose 5 degrees of gun depression compared to it.  Using the 7.5 cm is comparable to playing a Comet since the tanks are extremely close stat wise.  The Leo shoots roughly 1 less round per minute but has better on the move accuracy and much better shell velocity over the comet.  Using the 7.5 cm will make the Leo feel like a large light tank with its mobility and accurate pew pew gun.

10.5cm Gun (Leo)

The 10.5 cm is an interesting choice since a 300 damage gun on a tier 7 medium sounds like a blast.  Practically speaking it is difficult to pull off since it has .40 accuracy, poor aim time, and lower shell velocity compared to the 7.5 cm.  It also has nearly 400 DPM less and while its AP round has 7mm more penetration its premium round has less than the 7.5 cm’s.  Using the 10.5 cm does allow you to whack lights, mediums, and some heavies/tank destroyers for 300 damage a pop at times.  On the other hand misses are common and not being able to hit weak spots is a huge issue.  Despite this both guns are viable and offer two distinct ways for playing the Leo.

Emil I (Tier 8)

Shifting after from the medium part of this Swedish tank line is the Emil 1 which is the first heavy tank for the Swedes.  The Emil I and subsequent tanks are built around their excellent gun depression, strong turrets, and auto-loading guns.  Armor wise the Emil I has a strong turret front especially when hull down and a very tough lower glacis.  Unfortunately the upper glacis and sides/rear are easily damaged by most tier 7+ tanks the Emil normally faces.  Mobility is also an issue since its engine is very weak even when upgraded and it is only fast if heading downhill.

Despite this the 12 degrees of gun depression combined with a 4 round auto-loader makes an excellent tank at tier 8.  The stock 10.5 cm lacks a bit of penetration but the top gun fixes those issues.  If you are just hopping into the Emil I its advised to try to get the top gun as soon as possible.  The top gun you have a clip capable of dishing out 1,280 damage over 12 seconds.The reload between shots and also between each clip is a large downside. To cover this up stay at medium range and/or near hilly terrain for cover.  The Emil I with its gun depression, turret armor, burst damage, and low mobility places it as a mid range hull down fighter.  In this role it excels but if caught off guard it can prove to be difficult to play especially when compared to the AMX 50 100.

Emil II (Tier 9)

The Emil II sees needed improvements over the Emil I but doesn’t change enough to make it feel drastically different.  Turret armor sees a dramatic buff to make it nearly immune to all shells thrown at it and with the same 12 degrees of gun depression it retains its same role.  Mobility sees a modest improvement with the top engine but the stock engine is visibly worse coming from an upgraded Emil I.  Although you start with the top gun from the Emil I the increased rate of fire allows you to hold your own even without the top gun.  Once the top 12 cm is unlocked however you move from 320 damage a shot to 400 with an extremely minor loss in DPM.

You also gain penetration but unfortunately the reload between shells in the clip increases.  For the role the Emil II is suited for the longer reload between shots doesn’t hurt it much but does expose you to enemy fire for a longer period of time.  If you are targeted by SPGs or shot from the sides this can prove to be a problem going forward since the Kranvagn has the same reload between shots in a clip.  On the plus side a nearly impenetrable turret front, 12 degrees of gun depression, and a 1,600 damage clip can be brutal to enemy tanks.

Kranvagn (Tier 10)

Lastly is the tier 10 heavy tank Kranvagn which continues the trend of slightly improving upon the tank before it.  The Kranvagn has an even stronger turret than the Emill II and with its gun depression is a killer combo.  The hull is very poorly armored like the Emil I and II.  Mobility sees another modest improvement coming from the Emil II with the Kranvagn only being sluggish up very steep hills.  The Kranvagn refines the Emil II’s top gun by reducing the reload between clips and between shells.  Otherwise very minor buffs to overall accuracy and on the move accuracy are seen on the Kranvagn.

Like the two previous tanks the Kranvagn is a force to be reckoned with if you are hull down.  Its armor, burst damage, and gun depression makes it hard to deal on hilly terrain.  However, other tier 10 heavy auto-loaders like the T57 outshine it outside of the Kranvagn’s specialized role.

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