Which Czechoslovakian Tank Line is Right For You?

Currently there is only one Czechoslovakian tank line in World of Tanks.  It consists of 3 light tanks beginning with the tier 1 Kolohousenka. Followed by 7 medium tanks ending with the tier 10 TVP T50/51.  The general characteristics of Czechoslovakian tank line are very poor durability and in return they have good firepower.  Most Czechoslovakian lights/mediums lack high penetration once past the lower tiers.  Instead they rely upon dealing damage quickly before being focused.  This World of Tanks which Czechoslovakian tank line guide is for Czechoslovakian tanks.

The guide will be updated and added to when new Czechoslovakian tanks or changes are made in World of Tanks.  For a complete guide on which tank line is right for you see the link below.


World of Tanks Which Czechoslovakian Tank Line is Right for You?

World of Tanks Which Czechoslovakian Tank Line

Medium Tank Line (Kolohousenka -> TVP T50/51)

Kolohousenka (Tier 1)

Starting at tier 1 you have the light tank Kolohousenka which will introduce you to the Czechoslovakian light/medium line.  You will only play this tank for a handful of battles before moving onto the tier 2 LT vz. 35.  The Kolohousenka has poor armor even for a tier 1. It has 14mm/8mm/6mm values on its hull and 14mm across the turret.  It also has very poor speed limits of 25 km/h forward and 8 km/h reverse.  The Kolohousenka is so under-powered with its 50 horsepower engine that even hitting 25 km/h is a difficult.

The Kolohousenka only has one module capable of being researched(the top 47mm gun). This 47mm gun gives it the most damage at tier 1 with AP(50 dmg) and very good penetration.  It is most comparable to the MS-1. It beats the MS-1 in damage per shot(50 vs 40), in accuracy (0.42 vs 0.46) and in aiming time (1.9 vs 2.5).  Overall the Kolohousenka is a difficult tank to do well in due to its lack of armor and low mobility at tier 1.  However, when you make it to the fight you have the hardest hitting gun at tier 1.

LT vz. 35 (Tier 2)

At tier 2 the LT vz. 35 improves upon the Kolohousenka but doesn’t change the characteristics much.  The LT vz. 35 only has available to it two 37mm guns. The top gun simply improves the reload time and accuracy parameters.  Like the previous tank the LT vz. 35 has a weak engine with only 135 horsepower when upgraded. Due to this its mobility is lacking compared to the majority of other tier 2 tanks.

The LT vz. 35 does have 180 health points which puts it towards the top at tier 2. It also has good penetration on both of its non high-explosive shells.  It also is very accurate for a tier 2 tank with a 0.38 value. Also, its aiming time of 1.7 seconds is also near the top of the tier 2 tanks.  Unfortunately the LT vz. 35 has the same fate of the Kolohousenka. iThe lack of armor and mobility is to much to make up for its excellent firepower.  With tier 2 matches largely consisting of very mobile small tanks it makes it difficult to play a slow unarmored tank at this tier.

LT vz. 38 (Tier 3)

The tier 3 LT vz. 38 like the previous two tanks is very frail with 25mm/15mm/15mm values on the hull. The upgraded turret only provides 50mm/30mm/25mm armor values.  Unlike the previous two Czechoslovakian tanks the LT vz. 38 finally gains a bit of mobility. This happens with the top 140 horsepower engine being installed.  Compared to many other tier 3 light tanks the LT vz. 38 is still lacking mobility even with the speed boost.  But it gains enough with the upgraded engine to remove it from being considered a downside.

The LT vz. 38 does lack a good gun until you equip the top 37mm Škoda A23 which has a 3 round magazine.  The top gun gives this tank a decent 120 damage burst over 3 seconds, and has a quick 5 second reload between magazines. It also has great penetration of 82mm(AP)/115mm(APCR), and great accuracy(0.38)/aiming time(1.7 seconds).  Due to the improvements to its mobility over its predecessors the LT vz. 38 can now participate in the fight easier.  With the excellent gun it has no problems dealing damage to most tanks it faces.

ST vz. 39 (Tier 4)

 Yhe tier 4 ST vz. 39 medium tank you leave the light tank part of this branch behind.  Transitioning to a medium tank means you lose the camouflage bonus light tanks receive while moving. The small size of the ST vz. 39 makes up for this change slightly.  Durability is still a major concern since your armor is still very poor on the hull.  The upgraded turret is also only 60mm across the front.  While your mobility improves compared to the LT vz. 38 it still feels somewhat sluggish for tier 4.

The ST vz. 39’s firepower does not hold up against the tier 5 and tier 6 tanks it regularly faces.  The upgraded 47mm Škoda A11 is the only viable gun and with a paltry 60 damage and terrible damage per minute.  The ST vz. 39 does have good accuracy(0.36), and a decent 2 second aiming time.  Penetration like the tanks before it remains above average.  Overall the ST vz. 39 is a very difficult tank to play due to the lack of firepower. Without the light tank camouflage bonus the lack of firepower makes this a difficult tank to grind through.

Škoda T 24 (Tier 5)

The Škoda T 24 contines the trend of improving upon the previous tank without changing much.  The stock grind starts off brutally hard until you reach the top gun.  For firepower the Škoda T 24 only has two 75mm gun options.  The upgraded gun simply improves penetration, rate of fire, accuracy, and aiming time.  The 75mm does 110 damage per shot which is decent at tier 5. Its penetration values of 132mm/185mm/38mm are excellent for a tier 5 medium.  However, the rate of fire being 11.32 gives the Škoda T 24 almost the lowest DPM value of tier 5 mediums.

Fortunately the Škoda T 24 is one of the most mobile tier 5 medium tanks when not turning. It also has a high 58 km/h top speed going forward.  Like previous Czech tanks the hull and turret are well below average on the Škoda T 24.  The above average -10 degrees of gun depression does make up for the lack of armor. Fighting on hilly terrain can make up for the lack of armor across the entire tank.

Škoda T 25 (Tier 6)

 At tier 6 the Škoda T 25 medium tank sees significant improvements over the Škoda T 24.  The stock grind is still painful with a non-autoloading 75mm gun and a 450 horsepower engine.  Once fully upgrade though the Škoda T 25 is much better.  Keeping with the previous Czechoslovakian tanks the hull and turret armor are both very poorly protected. Fortunately the Škoda T 25 retains the excellent -10 degrees of gun depression which makes it capable of hiding most of the tank behind hills.  You also can hit its 60 km/h top speed regularly but is held back by its abysmal 25 degree traverse speed.

The main feature of this tank is the top auto-loading 75mm gun that has a 3 round magazine firing 110 damage shells every 1.33 seconds.  The accuracy is a tad bit low at 0.38, and the aiming time of 2.1 seconds is average.  Penetration values unfortunately do not improve coming from tier 5. 132mm(AP) is difficult to use against many tier 6 and higher tanks and the premium rounds(185mm) can be very expensive to run.  For a tier 6 medium the Škoda T 25 is competitive once upgraded since you have great mobility and firepower.  It is very important however to avoid direct conflicts due to the low durability and poor traverse speeds.

Konštrukta T-34/100 (Tier 7)

Tier 7 shakes the Czechoslovakian light/medium line up drastically with the Konštrukta T-34/100. This is due to its characteristics are opposite of the other tanks in this branch.  The Konštrukta T-34/100 ditches mobility, penetration, accuracy, and a lighter hitting gun. It gains instead a larger top 100mm gun that is tied with the T-34-1 as the hardest hitting tier 7 medium tank.

The Konštrukta T-34/100’s 100mm does 250 damage which at tier 7 only the T-34-1, T20 and VK 30.02 (D) come close.  Its AP round has 175mm penetration which is only beaten by the Panther for mediums. Its 250mm HEAT round is also best out of tier 7 mediums.  Damage per minute is only better than the T20 and T-34-1 with a base value of 1,764 DPM(152 more than the T-34-1.  Unfortunately its accuracy is poor at 0.38 with a 2.4 second aiming time.

The T-34-100 is very mobile while traveling in a straight line.  However, while turning it will lose a lot of speed due to poor traverse values.  Where the Konštrukta T-34/100 differs the most from the T-34-1 is that its armor is terrible on both the hull/turret; whereas the T-34-1 has phenomenal armor for a tier 7 medium.  Although the Konštrukta T-34/100 is the “black sheep” of this line.  It does its job well if you are able to avoid directly conflicts.  Simply keep its hard hitting gun in the game and you’ll rack up damage.

TVP VTU Koncept (Tier 8)

The tier 8 TVP VTU Koncept is a massive tier 8 medium tank in the size department  The TVP VTU Koncept unlike other tanks in this line has several gun options and 3 potential top configurations.  Before diving into the guns lets first lets look at the general characteristics of the TVP VTU Koncept.  The TVP VTU Koncept is very large for a medium tank and its hull/turret armor is well below average.

While the TVP VTU Koncept has an excellent power to weight ratio it still feels sluggish due to its top 50 km/h speed, size, and terrain resistance.  The top engine does make a significant improvement to the mobility. The view range is also decent at 370m for the stock turret and 380m for the upgraded turret.  HP is also near the top for tier 8 mediums at 1,350 with the stock turret and 1,450 with the upgraded turret.

Gun Options (TVP VTU Koncept)

The TVP VTU Koncept’s gun options is where you are faced with a few choices that drastically change how the tank performs.  One option is using the top turret with the 10.5 cm top gun that gives you excellent 320 damage shells. This comes at the cost of a little penetration, a lot of DPM, only -6 gun depression, and a ton of accuracy.  This setup is for those who want to play the TVP VTU Koncept as a heavy tank with no armor.

Option 2 is using the top turret along with the top 8.8 cm gun which is what most players will end up using.  The top turret provides +10m view range, +100 HP, and the 8.8 cm has the second highest DPM for tier 8 mediums.  Penetration is also decent at tier 8 and the overall accuracy of 0.37 is passable.  Unfortunately with the top turret you are still stuck with -6 degrees gun depression like with the 10.5 cm.  Option 3 is to stick with the stock turret and still equip the top 8.8 cm gun.  Doing this you lose about 100 DPM, 10m view range, and 100 HP but gain -2 degress of gun depression bringing it to -8 overall.  This bonus is a trade off but does allow the TVP VTU Koncept to hull-down to cover most of its massive size.

In the end the TVP VTU Koncept is a mediocre tier 8 medium tank.  While it does have decent top gun options its massive size, lack of armor, and somewhat poor mobility hold it back.

Škoda T 50 (Tier 9)

The Škoda T 50’s main claim to fame is the top 100mm AK1 gun that features a 3 round magazine with each round doing 320 damage.  The burst of 960 damage gives it less damage per magazine than the T54E1.  However, it allows you to unload its shells faster with a short reload between shells in a magazine.  It also has a decent reload between magazines making it easy to stay near the front lines.  The Škoda T 50 also has the second best mobility out of tier 9 mediums with only the tier 9 Bat Chat beating it out.

Like other Czechoslovakian tanks the Škoda T 50 has poor armor across the entire tank.  With a gun depression value of -8 degrees the Škoda T 50 can make up for the lack of armor by using a map’s terrain to its advantage.  The 0.35 accuracy and 2.2 second aiming time is excellent for an auto-loader.  But the 248mm penetration is somewhat lacking compared to other tier 9 mediums.  With the combination of burst firepower and mobility the Škoda T 50 is a deadly tier 9 medium capable of doing well in most situations outside of any that forces it to take a lot of rounds its way.

TVP T 50/51 (Tier 10)

 At the end of this Czechoslovakian branch is the tier 10 medium tank TVP T 50/51.  Like the tier 9 the TVP T 50/51 has the 100mm AK1 auto-loading gun but now instead of a 3 round magazine it has 4 rounds per magazine.  With a 1,280 damage burst strike and a very short reload between magazines the TVP T 50/51 has an impressive amount of firepower.  The reload between shells in a magazine is extremely low making it easy to dump damage fast.  It also has a shorter reload between magazines which lets it stay closer to the front lines than other auto-loaders.

Outside of the Bat.-Chatillon 25 t the TVP T 50/51 has the best mobility of tier 10 mediums.  The TVP T 50/51 also has poor armor across the entire tank which is no surprise.  The same -8 degrees of gun depression remains which helps the TVP T 50/51 cover some of its height behind hilly terrain.  Overall the TVP T 50/51 is the definite example of speed/burst damage currently in World of Tanks for mediums.  It is most comparable to if a Leopard 1 and a Bat.-Chatillon 25 t were combined.

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