Which Russian Tank Line is Right for You?

Russian tanks have been in World of Tanks since the beginning.  Along with Germany most of the Russian tech tree was introduced in the beta phase of World of Tanks.  Above average armor, high alpha guns, and decent mobility emphasis most Russian tanks.  Mediums buck the trend and have high DPM guns with above average turret armor and mobility.  This World of Tanks which Russian tank line if right for you guide will assist you in choosing the best Russian tank tailored to you.

The guide will be updated when new Russian tanks are added in World of Tanks.  For a complete guide on which tank line is right for you see the link below.


World of Tanks Which Russian Tank Line is Right For You?

World of Tanks which Russian tank line


Lights and mediums share two inter-connected lines at lower tiers.  Starting with the BT-2 and T-80 you can reach tier 10 in 5 different lines.  These range from the T-100 light, IS-7 heavy, and all tier 10 medium tanks.  For this guide I’ll be following the lines in the order that they lead directly to their respective tier 10s.  This will keep things easier to understand.  If you plan to branch to several lines researching the tier 5 T-34 is a must.

Light Tank Line (BT-2 & BT-7 -> T-100 LT)

BT-2 & BT-7 (Tier 2-3)

The BT-2 and BT-7 are extremely mobile and zippy tanks that have below average guns on them.  Their main role is to spot, scout, intercept enemy scouts, and pester the enemy team.  Luckily they are at tier 2/3 which means a short grind time through them.

A-20 (Tier 4)

The A-20 follows up and is much of the same since it is mobile but lacks any kind of viable gun for the matches it is placed in.  You will need to assume the role of a dedicated spotter/scout and focus less on personal damage with the A-20.

T-50 (Tier 5)

The T-50 has top notch mobility for its tier but is handicapped by low view range.  Its gun also is very accurate with decent DPM.  The downside being that it only does 70 damage per shot and 90mm standard penetration.  Using its speed to dart in and out can be very rewarding.  Fighting against tanks while needing to take them out along is a challenge.

MT-25 (Tier 6)

At tier 6 is the MT-25 which is a traditional scout that relies upon speed and less on firepower to help win matches.  Like the T-50 your view range is low for a light tank at tier 6.  Your gun does see an improvement with 115 damage rounds and 125mm penetration.  Unlike the T-50 your accuracy is fickle and hitting targets reliably can be a challenge.  It plays very similarly to the T-50 in that you use your mobility to your advantage.  The small buffs to firepower make it much easier to cause more damage on your own too.

LTG (Tier 7)

The LTG plays almost identically to the MT-25 but at a tier higher.  The main changes are improvements to the gun and a much more compact size.  With your gun lower to the ground you are harder to hit by enemy tanks.  It also affects how well you can hit enemies on hilly terrain since you are very close to the ground.

LTTB (Tier 8)

The LTTB’s mobility is excellent since it has a very good power to weight ratio and top speed.  It also has great gun selections compared to other light tanks.  The downside to the great gun selection is with the top gun you only have -5 degrees of gun depression. Also with 15 degrees of gun elevation this makes using your firepower difficult in most cases.  Overall the LTTB is a great tank with only the gun depression/elevation issue as it’s huge downside. If you can overcome that it is a very rewarding tank to play.

T-54 Lightweight (Tier 9)

The T-54 ltwt. has very good mobility, excellent turret armor for a light tank, and decent gun stats.  Your turret armor is more like a medium tank than a light in its armor protection.  You’ll be able to bounce most rounds from tier 7-8 tanks and some tier 9-10.  Mobility takes a small hit from the LTTB but it is still above average for a light.  Penetration and damage per shot skyrocket in teh T-55 ltwt with the top gun.  Coming from previous lights you will stay in the same role but now with a gun that can hold its own.

T-100 LT (Tier 10)

The T-100 LT sees you retain similar armor protection but with a pancake like tank shape.  This small size makes you extremely hard to hit.  When you factor in the almost insane like mobility you are a contender for hardest tank to hit in World of Tanks.  This does come at a cost of view range and overall damage potential.  The gun can be hard to use due to low gun depression and your lack of distance to the ground.  On the plus side you have the best camouflage values by a fair margin of any tier 10 light tank.

 Main Medium Tank Line (T-80 -> T-62a/Object 140/Object 430)

Currently there are 4 Russian tier 10 medium tanks. In this section I’ll be focusing on the route to 3 of the tier 10 Russian mediums.  Starting at the T-80 and going through the T-34-85 you can reach the T-62a, Object 140, and Object 430U.  To reach the other tier 10 Rusian medium following the Object 430 II you need to take the A-44 path.

Russian Low Tier Medium Tank Line (T-60 -> T-34)

T-60, T-70, & T-80 (Tier 2-4)

The T-60, T-70, and T-80 line is a new addition to World of Tanks and many players might not have given them much thought.  The entire line is based around decently mobile light tanks with above average guns on them.  The guns they equip have decent damage/DPM for light tanks and also have very good penetration on some of the guns.  Since they are low tier the grind is very easy to get to the top guns/configuration and they are fun tanks to play if you enjoy light tanks.

T-34 (Tier 5)

At tier 5 with the T-34 you finally reach a medium tank but the frustration does not end there.  The stock T-34 grind is terrible until you are able to get either the top 57mm or 76mm.  The 57mm does less damage per hit but has great DPM/accuracy while the 76mm hits harder but is worse if you plan to play more like a medium.  The T-34 isn’t a bad tank per say but the non-elite grind is brutal. Now you can either head down the Object 140/T-62a/Object 430 branch or the Object 430 II branch.  Alternatively is unlocking the MT-25 to obtain light tanks.

T-62a & Object 140 Medium Tank Lines (A-43 -> T-62a/Object 140)

T-34-85 (Tier 6)

The tier 6 T-34-85 which improves upon the T-34 especially in the firepower department.  This tank like previous tanks starts off very slow as far as performance goes but it does get very good with the 85mm D-5T-85m. It is recommended to unlock everything on this tank that carries over to the next tank.

T-43 (Tier 7)

The T-43 loses some mobility but gains needed firepower coming from the A-43.  Your DPM with the top gun does decrease but you gain 65 damage per shot, better penetration, and faster shell velocity.  Your accuracy also sees a nice boost as well at .35 compared to .39 on the A-43.  Armor wise you are still frail compared to your peers but your solid gun holds your head above water….barely.

T-44 (Tier 8)

Like previous Russian mediums the T-44 suffers greatly from stock tank syndrome.  Skip unlocking the only tier 8 gun(122mm) since it is pointless on the T-44 and go for the top 100mm.  I would unlock the turret/engine/tracks first and then push towards the top 100mm.  The T-44 does not have a lot of armor and relies on it’s great mobility/overall speed more so than it’s firepower.  Although the top engine isn’t required to get the T-54 it makes the T-44 into an awesome tank that is as mobile as light tanks but with the durability of a medium.

After you elite the T-44 you have the option of going to the T-54(T-62a/Object 140) and/or Object 430(Object 430U).

T-54 -> T-62a/Object 140

T-54 (Tier 9)

Finally a tank that is not truly bad in its stock form.  The T-54 has a nice blend of armor that is capable of shrugging off hits from most tanks. The T-54 has very few flaws and many positives going for it. It is one of the best tier 9 tanks for a reason.  Choose between the higher DPM gun or the more accurate gun depending on your needs.  The T-54’s only main flaw is lacking gun depression so either top gun works with it.

T-54 Tank Guide: https://wotguru.com/tank-guide-t-54/

T-62a & Object 140 (Tier 10)

Choosing between the T-62a and Object 140 is a matter of which one you want first.  Both are very good tier 10 mediums and are must haves if you made it this far.  The Object 140 sacrifices a little armor in favor of a little more gun depression, mobility.  The T-62a on the other hand has a difficult turret to penetrate frontally and a more accurate gun.  Both are similar in other areas across each tank.  Most tend to lean towards the Object 140 due to the gun depression, but the T-62a has its own strengths as well.

T-62a Tank Guide: https://wotguru.com/tank-guide-t-62a/

Object 430 -> Object 430U

Object 430 (Tier 9)

Also branching off of the T-44 is the Object 430.  This used to be a tier 10 tank before being moved down to tier 9.  The Object 430 has excellent armor for a medium tank and a hard hitting 122mm gun.  Having 440 damage per shot and being able to overmatch 40mm armor pieces is a nice advantage for the Object 430.  The downside is that you lack mobility compared to most high tier mediums.  Gun depression, DPM, and accuracy also take hits compared to the T-54.  The Object 430 plays like more like a heavy tank at times than a medium.  Sometimes this comes in handy against most tanks.  However, you will lose head on fights against true heavy tanks and be out DPM’ed by most mediums.

Object 430U (Tier 10)

Whereas the Object 140 and T-62a share a lot of common characteristics.  The Object 430U clearly identifies itself as a standalone tier 10 tank.  It packs a ton of armor onto a small chassis.  The armor is capable of deflecting shells if you hide the lower glacis or side-scrape.  Low gun depression does hurt the Object 430U since it isn’t high enough to fight on hills.  Aside from the armor the 122mm makes this tank stand out compared to other high tier Russian mediums.  The Object 430u focuses less on accuracy and DPM.  Rather it brings a gun that hits harder than almost all high tier medium tanks.

Given the slightly poor mobility, gun depression, DPM, and accuracy.  The Object 430U rewards players that can make most of its armor and higher alpha.  Keeping a sharp eye out is key since you don’t move as fast as other mediums.  The Object 430U can be a menace to deal with if you can’t hit its weak spots or overwhelm it.  At the same time it will under perform if you are out of position.

Object 430 II Medium Tank Line (A-43 ->Object 430 II)

A-43 (Tier 6)

The A-43 is very mobile for a medium tank.  You also have good damage per minute once fully upgraded. Luckily there isn’t much to upgrade here so grab the tracks+engine first and then head for the 76mm+turret.  This tank doesn’t rely on armor whatsoever.  Play it like a light tank.  You have low damage per shot and “meh” penetration with the top 76mm gun. This leaves you in a light tank bully/flanker role.  Overall this tank isn’t that spectacular and requires you to be constantly moving to open up shots for your lacking guns.

A-44 (Tier 7)

Next in line is the tier 7 A-44 which shifts the turret to the back of the tank. It also adds a decent amount of armor the front of the tank.  This armor/turret combo allows you to side scrape and bounce shots regularly from tier 8 and under tanks.  Starting off grab the tracks and then the top 107mm gun.  This tank has no gun depression due to it’s rear mounted turret and should avoid hilly terrain.  Due to your accuracy as well you will want to avoid engagements that are at medium to long range. You do have good alpha at 300 damage per shot and good armor for a medium tank going for you.  Unfortunately the lack of gun depression and rear turret make the T-44 extremely difficult to play.

Object 416 (Tier 8)

The Object 416 has a very easy grind which starts with you grabbing the tracks, then top gun, and finally the turret.  This tank is built for zipping around the map and using the excellent top 100mm gun to cause a lot of damage. The top gun has good damage per minute and penetration for a tier 8 medium.  Overall this tank’s main problems come from the rear mounted turret and lack of gun depression which makes aiming a real challenge.  If you aren’t experienced playing tanks with bad gun depression this will be a difficult tank to play.

Object 430 II (Tier 9)

The Object 430 II has a rear mounted design and cannot fully rotate it’s turret.  This leads to you having issues while brawling since you cant circle enemies as easily. Also due to the low gun depression you’ll find some areas are impossible to fight on.  It does have very good frontal armor for a medium tank. The stock grind is painless since the stock gun is actually better than the upgraded gun.  The Object 430 II plays like a better protected T-54 that sacrifices gun depression/turret rotation for more durability.

Unannounced Tier 10 Medium (Tier 10)

Currently there is no tier 10 after the Object 430 II due to changes in the tech tree.  It is rumored that the tier 10 medium will not have a full 360 degree turret.  Aside from that there hasn’t been much news about the new tier 10 medium.  Expect a rear turret and a focus on heavy armor.

IS-7 Heavy Tank Line (KV-1S -> IS-7) (And T-10/Object 705A Side-branches)

KV-1S (Tier 5)

The KV-1S after being moved to tier 5 still retains it’s more “medium-like” style of play when compared to other tier 5 heavy tanks.  The armor of the KV-1S won’t protect it from most shots aside from poorly placed tier 5 shots or lower tier tanks.  It’s mobility is great for a heavy tank especially with the top engine equipped.  The gun option is interesting since you have a 122m howitzer which gives you poor accuracy, poor pentration, but high damage potential.  On the flip side is the 85mm S-31 which is more reliable but does less damage per shot.

The S-31 is the better gun against tougher opponents and also if you plan on using the KV-1S’ mobility to your advantage since the howitzer’s accuracy prevents you from pulling off quick shots.  Since it’s move down to tier 5 the KV-1S is no longer overpowered but it still retains its massive firepower in a mobile heavy tank chassis.  Keep in mind that you do pay for this combination in flexibility, poor armor, and other areas like view range.

KV-85 (Tier 6)

At tier 6 is the KV-85 which resembles the former tier 6 KV-1S since it can still equip the deadly 122mm gun with 390 alpha which at tier 6 can kill most enemies in two shots.  Like the KV-1S the 100mm S-34 option provides an alternate gun depending on whether you like the massive alpha stick of the 122mm or the more well-rounded 100mm.  Both guns are viable and is simply a choice between having massive alpha/poor accuracy with the 122mm or excellent DPM/better accuracy with the 100mm.

However, keep in mind that with the 122mm gun you will also take a larger hit to your already terrible gun depression and it will make fighting on any kind of slope almost impossible.  Like the KV-1S the KV-85 also has great mobility for a heavy tank and also unfortunately has terrible view range, armor,and other non-firepower related stats.  The KV-85 is a one trick pony being that it has a huge amount of firepower on a mobile chassis but it pays for it immensely in other areas.

IS (Tier 7)

After finishing with the KV-85 you move into the IS-1/2(just named IS in game) which keeps some of the traits of the KV series but improves upon it.  The stock grind is not as bad as the KV-1S/KV-85 however you do need to push for the upgraded turret ASAP to fit the 122mm that carries over from the KV-85.  Overall the IS is decently armored against tier 7 and under tanks especially if you angle horizontally at incoming shells.

The IS is mobile and its close range oriented guns will shift you into playing aggressive when you are near the top of the list and more of a “dive in and flank” tank if you are at the bottom. Some people dislike the IS but as long as you realize its armor is a tad iffy against tier 8+ tanks and even some tier 7’s and adjust you’ll do well.

Following the IS you have the choice of the IS-M that leads to the Object 705A side branch.  Or you can unlock the IS-7 that leads to the IS-7 which is the main heavy tank line.

IS-3 (Tier 8)


The IS-3 has a “pike nose” armor layout which is strongest when pointing directly at opponents since it relies on vertical/horizontal angles.  However, since your frontal armor is below average buck the trend and angle away!  Your side armor is covered with some spaced armor and is stronger than you think.  People don’t call the IS-3’s side armor a black hole based on nothing.  Slightly angle and wiggle around to keep people holding their shots.  If you can get them to hit an angled lower glacis or the side you are increasing you chances to block damage.  Prevent shots to your angled upper hull.

Firepower & Mobility

The IS-3 start off decently if you have unlocked the previous top guns from the tanks leading to them.  Once fully upgraded with the BL-9 the IS-3 is a force to be reckoned with.  The BL-9 is arguably the best tier 8 gun on a heavy tank.  Your mobility is also great for a tier 8 heavy tank.  Really the only thing holding the IS-3 in check is the slightly poor front hull armor and gun depression.

Once you finish with the IS-3 you have the option of unlocking both the T-10 and Object 257.  The Object 257 leads to the IS-7 while the T-10 leads to a new unannounced tier 10 heavy.

IS-3 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spots-guide-is-3/

Object 257 (Tier 9)

The Object 257 replaced the T-10 in the 9.22 update.  Featuring a unique armor scheme with a V-shaped bottom hull the Object 257 is a unique heavy tank.  Coming from the IS-3 you will see a massive boost to the frontal hull armor.  Only the lower glacis can be considered a weak area.  The cupolas while weak are difficult to hit due to their small size.  The main draw for the Object 257 is the impressive side armor that can deflect 120mm and smaller guns with ease.  Mobility also is above average for a heavy tank.  Combined with a hard hitting gun you have a great tank.

Covering up the poor accuracy, gun depression, and DPM is important.  While you have a good template to work with the Object 257.  It isn’t invincible if you don’t play it carefully to prevent being overwhelmed.

Object 257 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spot-guide-object-257/

IS-7 (Tier 10)

The IS-7’s armor is greatly buffed over the IS-3/T-10, shares the same pike nose layout, and the side armor makes shots vanish.  The IS-7 as of the 9.20 update received several buffs bringing up to the snuff with other tier 10 heavy tanks.  It received a mobility boost, HP increase, and gun handling buff.  The IS-7 sports a 130mm gun that lacks some damage dealing potential compared to other heavy tanks.  It does have decent alpha and on the move accuracy however.  Penetration and raw DPM are on the low side for a tier 10 heavy tanks.  Mobility is superb considering the IS-7’s overall armor on the turret, hull front, and sides.  Since 9.20 the top speed isn’t a complete fairy tale to get near and the IS-7 is just behind mediums when it comes to mobility now.

Overall the IS-7 since being changed in 9.20 is a competitive tank now.  Armor is above average, HP at 2,400 is excellent, and mobility is now much better.  The main drawbacks are a weak lower glacis, poor gun depression, and low DPM.

IS-7 Tank Guide: https://wotguru.com/tank-guide-is-7/

IS-7 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spots-guide-is-7/

T-10 Side Branch (T-10 -> Unannounced Tier 10 Heavy)

T-10 (Tier 9)

The T-10 plays similar to the IS-3 but with added protection.  Your gun options still pack a mean punch for your tier and mobility is above average.  Your armor sees a modest increase to help shrug off some shots.  Compared to the Object 257 the T-10 has an easier to use gun.  Accuracy and DPM are better on the T-10 than the Object 257.  The armor on the T-10 while better than the IS-3 does not stack up compared to the Object 257.  Mobility is also a wash between the T-10 and Object 257.

Unannounced Tier 10 heavy (Tier 10)

Currently there is no tier 10 heavy tank following the T-10.  It is rumored that the Object 777 version II could be the new tier 10.  However, there isn’t any official news on the new tier 10 heavy.

Object 705A Heavy Tank Line (IS-M -> Object 705A)

IS-M (Tier 8)

The IS-M is the start of the rear turreted Russian heavy tank line.  The stock grind is brutal on the IS-M until you equip both the top gun and turret.  Without any stand out characteristics stock the IS-M doesn’t have a leg to stand on.  Hull armor is barely high enough to protect you against tier 8 tanks.  Side-scraping is the best tactic to use to utilize the rear turret.  Once elite you will have an easier time against tier 6-8 tanks.  However due to the quirky rear turret and armor that doesn’t protect you against tier 9/10 tanks.  The IS-M will be a hard tank to push through unless you are top tier.

Object 705 (Tier 9)

Unlike the IS-M the Object 705 is a stellar tier 9 tank.  Its weaknesses are poor gun depression, below average mobility, and poor accuracy.  The armor is top notch even before you side-scrape in the Object 705.  You also have access to two top guns.  The 122mm is a little more accurate and has better DPM than the 130mm.  The 130mm hits much harder but sacrifices accuracy and DPM.  Albeit a newcomer to World of Tanks.  The Object 705 will be one of the best heavy tanks at tier 9 for city fights and brawling.

Object 705A (Tier 10)

As the name suggests.  The Object 705A is simply an improved version of the Object 705.  Armor sees a significant buff coming from the already impressive armor at tier 9.  The lower glacis is the only true weak spot frontally on the Object 705A.  Taking the most of the rear turret and side-scraping will cover this area up well.  Combine this with the larger 152mm 650 damage gun on the Object 705A and you have a hard to destroyer heavy.  Accuracy, DPM, gun depression, and mobility are still slightly below average.  The Object 705A is meant for brawling and city fights where it excels.

IS-4 Heavy Tank Line (T-26 -> IS-4)

T-26 & T-46 (Tier 2-3)

Starting off with the T-26 and T-46 you are faced with light tanks that aren’t incredibly fast but equip above average guns on them.  Both grinds are quick, painless, and set you up for the next tank which can prove to be frustrating for some.  

T-28 (Tier 4)

The tier 4 T-28 is hard for newer players to adjust to since you retain the non-existent armor of the previous tanks but your size vastly increases.  The T-28 is still mobile and the top engine/57mm gun should be unlocked before moving onto the KV-1.  The trick to this tank is to simply learn maps and to stick around a few friendly tanks allowing them to engage first while you support them without being shot at.  If you go rushing ahead your large size allows enemies to easily pick you apart and this tank will be a very annoying grind to get through.

KV-1 (Tier 5)

At tier 5 you get the first taste of a heavy tank with the KV-1 which is a stellar tank at tier 5.  Even after the tank was split into two separate tanks(KV-1 at tier 5 and KV-2 at tier 6) it remains a daunting foe for players at tier 5 with its combination of armor and firepower.  The initial grind is a tad painful with the stock gun/engine since you have a crappy gun and no mobility.  For the KV-1 I would unlock the 122m first, then the tracks/first engine, followed with the turret->85mm->top engine.  If the 122m suits you then you can skip the 85mm although the 85mm makes your damage potential more reliable since it doesn’t rely on HE shells.

Overall the KV-1 is a great starter heavy tank that has a great combination of armor/firepower and its main downsides are it’s lack of mobility and flexibility. From here the KV-1 branches out to three different tanks but for the IS-7 line the KV-1S is next in line.

KV-1 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spots-guide-kv-1/

T-150 (Tier 6)

The T-150 is unlike it’s partners at tier 6(KV-1S and KV-2) it focuses a bit more on durability than firepower. The initial grind is a tad harsh like other tanks  in the mid tiers for the Russians but after you reach the 107mm the T-150 becomes a very formidable tank. It’s armor isn’t overwhelming at 90mm but it does have decent angles on it and also just since fronts/sides are the same thickness you can angle it more than other tanks to increase the armor values.  The T-150 plays similar to the KV-1 where you aren’t very mobile but you have good armor and just enough firepower to pack a mean punch.

KV-3 (Tier 7)

Following the T-150 is the KV-3 which used to shine at tier 6 but at tier 7 is a truly horrifying tank. The armor does not hold up well at tier 7 and combined with it’s very sluggish mobility the KV-3 is rarely seen played these days.  The stock grind is not very friendly either since without the upgraded engines you feel like you are driving through molasses and without the upgraded guns you don’t pose a real threat to enemy tanks of your tier.  The upside of this tank is the very strong upgraded turret and the 122m D-25T which is very good at “peek a boom” but aside from that it is a very difficult tank to play.

KV-4 (Tier 8)

Tier 8 sees you trusted into a land battleship with the KV-4 heavy tank. Like the KV-3 the stock grind sees you without any mobility before you upgrade the tracks/engine and the turret is a tad squishy without the upgraded one. Gun wise the 122mm D-25T is “okay” at tier 8 on the KV-4 and the insanely priced 107mm at 44k experience is hard to justify since it does not carry over to the ST-1.  The 122m does lack the accuracy/penetration at tier 8 which the 107mm fixes but the grind to get is long and painful.

Upgraded however(assuming you splurge on the 107mm) the KV-4 has excellent all around armor, meh mobility, and decent firepower.  Unlike it’s brother the KV-5 it has a low top speed which means ramming downhill is a tad less exciting but due to your size you can still pull it off if the enemy is immobilized. The KV-4 is a good tank but certainly not until it is elite.

ST-I (Tier 9)

Oh look another bad stock grind! If you have not completed the IS-7 line the ST-1 is possibly the worse tier 9 grind of any tank currently in World of Tanks which is why I suggest doing the IS-7 line first.  The ST-1 starts off with the 122m D-25T which was just passable at tier 8 and then upgrades to the  BL-9 which the IS-3 receives at tier 8. Combined with the initial gun problems you also are heavily gimped mobility wise(does this ring a bell?) without the upgraded engine and tracks.

The stock turret is also somewhat under armored but the upgraded turret is almost impenetrable against anything that is thrown at it.  The top gun is shared with the IS-8 and IS-4 which if you have not completed the IS-7 line you will also need to grind.  The ST-1 is awesome in it’s upgraded form since it has great overall armor and the firepower to dish out damage.  Due to the odd set up of sharing guns from the IS3/T-10 line you are faced with a horrifying grind.

ST-I Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spot-guide-st-i/

IS-4 (Tier 10)

Finishing off this line is the IS-4 heavy tank at tier 10.  The IS-4 is similar to a fully upgraded ST-1 but sacrifices some of it’s armor(for a tier 10) for a tad more mobility and firepower.  The armor scheme at tier 10 is a bit lacking since most tier 10 guns can punch through even if you angle due to the upper glacis/shoulders/sides all being able to be penetrated if they aren’t angled moderately.  Overall however the armor is just enough if you can position yourself well and the 2,500 HP pool is very nice to go along with it.

The gun on the IS-4 does not have any real drawbacks aside from the gun depression which forces you to crest hills to shoot at most targets if you make that mistake.  The IS-4 excels at nothing in particular but doesn’t lack in any one area to much to be considered a negative.  In the end the IS-4 is a good all around tank capable of assuming various roles but when matched against specialized tanks it can start to feel inadequate at tier 10.

IS-4 Tank Guide: https://wotguru.com/tank-guide-4/

IS-4 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spots-guide-is-4/

Oddball Russian Tanks

KV-2 (Tier 6)

Both the KV-2 and KV-13 are crossover tanks not on a main tank line.  The KV-2 at tier 6 does not focus on armor or mobility but rather damage dealing.  The 107mm and 152mm guns on it are fearsome and are capable of pulling off tier 7/8 damage amounts per game at the cost of durability.  The 107mm is a more traditional weapon while the 152mm gun more closely resembles a SPG weapon than a standard tank gun. The 152mm’s trait is to pop out from cover, one shot or cripple a tank, and then slink back into cover while you reload.  The KV-2 is not easy to play since you are slow, large, and fragile. Overall the KV-2 does what it does best which is to dish out damage.

KV-2 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spot-guide-kv-2/

KV-13 (Tier 7)

The KV-13 is very mobile with very limited armor and in it’s top formation is actually a pretty damn good tank.  The KV-13 plays like a heavy light tank due to it’s lack of durability but great mobility. The top 85mm is a necessity and without it you are merely just a “free kill” to anything in your tier and up. Once elited the KV-13 is able to weave around a map and get to where it needs to be while bringing a decent amount of firepower to the party. 

S-51 (Tier 7)

Only obtainable coming from the KV-2 the S-51 has a gigantic gun for an SPG of its tier.  Low accuracy, poor DPM make it a one hit wonder.  It is fun to play when you land direct hits or new misses.  Otherwise it can be hard to play with the lack of accuracy.

Object 268 Tank Destroyer Line (AT-1 -> Object 268)

AT-1, SU-76, & SU 86B (Tier 2-4)

Tier 1-3 is largely the same as far as how the AT-1,SU-76, and SU86 B play.  All three have very low armor and decent mobility(besides a stock AT-1) which makes them play as a second line tank more-so than on the front lines.  All three have very good top guns for their tier which allow them to take out tanks around their tier very quickly and sometimes even before they are able to react.  This part of the line is very quick to grind through and largely painless.

SU-85 (Tier 5)

At tier 5 the SU-85 starts off slow since the stock configuration does not have much going for it. The SU-85 suffers from bad view range and armor but makes up for it in decent mobility and great firepower.  The 122m provides a fun HE hurler to play with until you reach the top 85mm which is more suited for the mid to long range fighting the SU-85 will be doing.  With the 122mm you are best to stick with a group and support them and with the top 85mm allow other tanks to spot ahead and set up shots for you.   This tank along with most other tanks in this line the main “goal” is to prevent yourself from being shot at and to dish out damage either at range or in a spot you can defend easily.

SU-100 (Tier 6)

Next up is the SU-100 which if you unlocked the top 85mm gun already allows you to skip to the SU-100M1 that leads down to the Object 263.  For the Object 268 line however(and to elite this tank destroyer) you need to grind out two guns.  Initially the SU-100 is essentially the tank you just got out of until you unlock the 100mm/122mm which shifts you away from mid/long range fighting to closer ranges.  The top 122mm packs 390 damage per shot at tier 6 but at the cost of accuracy.  This forces you to play slightly closer to the main fight since with .43 accuracy it can be tough to hit shots at 250m+ at times.  Its crucial to learn spots on each map that allow you to help out your other teammates while preventing you from being flanked or shot at to much.

SU-152 (Tier 7)

At tier 7 you are shifted into an entirely different type of tank destroyer with the SU-152.  You still are limited with the lack of armor and now just average mobility like the previous tanks. Unlike the previous tanks however you start off with the 152mm HE gun for your stock gun which then upgrades into equally deadly 122mm guns.  Some players stick with the stock 152mm gun since it has massive alpha and hits hard.

It can be unreliable since it is a HE thrower and the accuracy forces you to play closer, in groups, and also helps cover up the abysmal view range you have if you were to play at long range.  The 122m upgrades gives you a bit more flexibility and accuracy at the cost of the upfront damage.  Regardless of what route you take gun wise it is wise to unlock both 122mm before you more onto the next tank destroyer.

ISU-152 (Tier 8)

The ISU-152 which in most regards is the same tank you just got out of but with slight improvements to some stats and HP.  What it receives though is a very smooth stock grind you unlocked the 122m’s previously which allows you to grab the engine/tracks quickly and have a decent gun to begin your grind.  Skip the BL-9 and go for the BL-10 since that is what makes the ISU-152 feared at tier 8 since with 750 alpha you pose a threat to any tank you come up against. Like previous tanks you don’t have good armor, view range, nor top notch accuracy but you have the ability to take tanks out in 1-2 shots.

Object 704 (Tier 9)

The 704 sees buffs to its 152mm and much needed improvements to the tank destroyer itself over the ISU-152.  The 704 does sport some armor which can protect it against some tanks. Your view range gets a buff so that it isn’t a hindrance.  The camouflage values are also very good along with the mobility. Overall the 704 is the first “complete package” of this line where the tank truly shines. Previously you were very good at dishing out damage but were limited in other areas.  Now with the Object 704 the negative aspects of the tank are less severe than before.

Object 268 (Tier 10)

The Object 268 tier for tier is considered a downgrade coming from the Object 704.  This is because you don’t gain very much moving up another tier.  Armor roughly stays the same and isn’t expected to deflect much outside of some tier 8 and stock tier 9 shots.  Firepower does see improvement but compared to other tier 10 TDs it doesn’t stand out.  The main improvements come from having .38 accuracy on the Object 704 to the .32 on the Object 268.  Shell velocity also rises from 880 m/s to 950 m/s.

The Object 268 isn’t the best tier 10 tank destroyer out there.  However, it does still do a lot right and doesn’t have a ton of glaring weaknesses.  The main fault is that it doesn’t have a specific area that it excels in.  Therefore, it often feels weak compared to other tanks since it has difficultly leaning on an edge it may otherwise have had.

Object 263 Tank Destroyer Line (SU-100M1 -> Object 268 Version 4)

SU-100M1 & SU-101 (Tier 7-8)

The SU-100M1 kicks off the Object 268 Version 4 tank destroyer line followed by the tier 8 SU-101.  The SU-100M1 and SU-101 are very similar in that both are hard to master.  Stock wise the SU-100M1 gives you limited options to upgrade. The top gun also does not carry over to the SU-101.  The SU-100M1 is the opposite in that you have several guns at your disposal.  Both tanks are similar in that they have excellent frontal armor for their tiers.  Mobility is also high considering the frontal armor.  The downsides are the poor gun traverse arcs(left/right movement) and also gun depression.

Both the SU-100M1 and SU-101 are great if you prevent yourself from being flanked and caught off guard on hilly terrain.

Object 263 (Tier 9)

The Object 263 sports fantastic armor on the front with only a few small weak spots. It pays for that great frontal armor with an open topped design and paper thin sides/rear.  Slightly making up for this the Object 263 is very mobile. Its 130mm gun has a abysmal .41 accuracy value and its DPM is slightly low for a tier 9 TD.  The main drawbacks are the vulnerability to artillery/HE and the lack of gun depression. If you can cover up those flaws it is a very good tank.

Object 263 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spot-guide-object-263/

Object 268 Version 4 (Tier 10)

The Object 268 Version 4 replaced the Object 263 at tier 10 in the 9.22 update.  The main strength of this tank is absurd frontal armor and even above average side armor.  The weakest frontal weak spot sits around 255mm effective.  Its mobility is also near the top of tier 10 tanks and resembles the speed of a medium tank.  It does lack a turret which can make utilizing that excellent mobility somewhat of double-edged sword.

Much like the Object 263 before it the accuracy is poor for a tier 10 TD.  Base accuracy is .40 and DPM is also poor for a tier 10 tank destroyer.  Fortunately 650 damage and 293mm penetration mean that you still pump out good damage.  Just not as much as other tank destroyers.  The main strength is to bully others with the killer frontal armor.  Help lead pushes since you can soak up shells better than most heavy tanks at tier 10.  Just avoid hilly areas, being caught alone, and over extending.

Artillery Line (SU-18 -> OBJ 261)

SU-18 & SU-26 (Tier 2-3)

Russian artillery starts off with the SU-18 and SU-26 with low damage but very accurate guns.  Both are quick and easy SPGs to grind through to reach higher tiers.

SU-5 & SU-122A (Tier 4-5)

Moving into both the SU-5 and SU-122A your damage per shot increases with each tier.  With that you accuracy takes a big hit coming from the SU-18 and SU-26.  For spgs they do their job at providing good damage from a distance.  Both lack damage per minute but well placed shots can make up for that.

SU-8 (Tier 6)

The SU-8 retains a top 152mm gun coming from the SU-5 and SU-122A.  Due to moving up a tier the DPM and accuracy see significant increases over the SU-122A’s.  Your size also balloons which can be problematic if enemies start closing in.  The SU-8 doesn’t hit very hard for a tier 6 artillery. It it does however provide sustained damage with its great DPM.

SU-14-1 & SU-14-2 (Tier 7-8)

Moving up to 203mm top guns your accuracy decreases slightly from the SU-8.  However your damage per shot jumps from 600 to 1,050.  Both SPGs also lose a significant amount of DPM because of the large jump in damage per shot.  Overall both do a good job at landing high damage shots for SPGs in their tier.  On the downside your accuracy and DPM suffer because of it.

212A (Tier 9)

The 212A doesn’t see an increase in shell caliber and keeps the 203mm from the previous tiers.  Much like the SU-8 that was in the same situation the 212A benefits greatly from this.  DPM, accuracy, and other stats see modest improvements coming from the SU-14-2.  While the 212A doesn’t hit the hardest for a tier 9 SPG it is very well rounded.  It can cause respectable amounts of damage and also sustain it with a decent reload time.

Object 261 (Tier 10)

The Object 261 does something other tank lines wouldn’t dream of.  It actually decreases the shell caliber down to 180mm from 203mm on the 212A.  This sees your damage per shot dropping from 1,050 to 900.  In return your accuracy is a stellar .57 and your DPM is an excellent 1,759.  Shell velocity also is very good for an SPG albeit the shell trajectory is a tad bit “flat”.  This makes it hard to hit targets behind cover.  Combined with great mobility the Object 261 is a killer tier 10 SPG.  It may not hit the hardest per shot but if played well it can be deadly.  Direct hits are key and also moving to keep enemies guessing where the next shot will come from.

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