Useful World of Tanks Links

This page will be updated regularly with additional links for World of Tanks.  These are pages that I find useful for both new and experienced players.

World of Tanks YouTubers

YouTube has an endless amount of game play and instructional videos on World of Tanks.  I suggest searching for specific tanks, maps, etc. to learn more.  Below I will link a few channels dedicated primarily to World of Tanks.  You can also find live streams of World of Tanks for some YouTubers, I myself live stream on YouTube.  Other websites such as are also useful when it comes to live streams of World of Tanks.

WoT Guru:

Claus Kellerman:



 World of Tanks Live Streams

WoT Guru:

Rita Gamer:

World of Tanks Personal Stat Trackers





World of Tanks Blogs

Keep up to date with leaks, news, and upcoming changes to World of Tanks. (Archived No Longer Active)


Very useful for planning out how much experience each tank grind will take and various aspects of each tank’s module stats and costs.

Clan Wars Tracker and Statistics

Great tool that keeps track of various clan wars related statistics such as top gold farming clans and alliances for the NA and EU server.

Game Guides and Tutorials

Often overlooked by many but this section of the official forums holds a ton of information for both new and experienced players.



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