World of Tanks Articles and Guides

This page holds all articles and guides found here on WoT Guru that are not weak spot or specific tank guides.  These World of Tanks articles and guides touch on game mechanics, new player guides, tips, tactics, and all sorts of useful information.  Specific guides relating to a specific tank’s game play or armor can be found in the “Weak Spot Guide” and “Tank Guide/Review” sections.

World of Tanks Review

Clan Wars Checklist

If you or your clan are looking to improve in clan wars you can find very useful information here.  This guide provides a decent outline to get set up and started in clan wars and is based off of personal experience organizing players, calling battles, creating tactics, and handling it all.

Do’s and Don’ts

This page is a host to dozens of small little snippets of what to do and what not to do in World of Tanks.  The snippets pertain to many aspects of the game and can help both new and veteran players.

How Armor Works

Ever wonder how armor values are decided upon in World of Tanks or in the many weak spot guides found on here?  This page will update when changes are made to how armor and shells function and provides equations to figure out armor values.

How Video Games Helped Me Overcome Severe Anxiety

My story on how video games helped me overcome my severe anxiety disorder that I had for almost a decade.

New Player Guide

If you are just starting out in World of Tanks or if you are still confused at the basics then this guide will help start you on the right path.  After reading this page you should watch some videos of World of Tanks gameplay and some tank guides to learn some basic tactics to improve your game.

World of Tanks Tips

Small tips and useful information not large enough to fit into a full article can be found under the “tips” category found here.

Using Gold Wisely

Gold in World of Tanks is the currency in which you have spent actual money on.  Due to this you will want to use it smartly and “the best” you can.  Don’t go off wasting it on something you will come to regret spending it on later.  This guide goes over everything you can spend gold on and which things to spend it on and which things to avoid.

Useful World of Tanks Links

While WoT Guru does it’s best to provide as much useful information concerning World of Tanks as possible there are many other websites that provide valuable information as well.  From YouTube channels to websites that specialize in World of Tanks news you can find some of the best here.

When DPM is Important and When it is Not

This guide focuses on when damage per minute which is a great attribute of tanks becomes a negative against tanks with a higher damage per shot.

Which Tank Line is Right for You?

This very lengthy guide(due to the vast amount of tanks in World of Tanks) covers every single tank currently in the game.  Artillery/SPGs will be added in due time, but for the time being every tank and tank line is gone over in this detailed article.  This page will save you frustration and time in deciding which tanks you will want to aim for and which to avoid.

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