FV215b & Conqueror Initial Impressions

After playing the FV215b and Conqueror(t9 and t10 British heavy tanks) for the past two nights I have a general sense of the viability of each tank.  This isn’t a complete tank guide/review but rather my initial impressions since they are still brand new tanks.


The Conqueror reminds me of the M103(a tank I do not enjoy playing) but in a good way. The gun is top notch for it’s tier(like the M103), has great mobility, and it’s turret is strong against t8 and under tanks.  The major difference between the two is that the Conqueror has less gun depression and frontal armor but gains on-the-move accuracy and a RoF boost.  Overall this tank while a heavy needs to be played like a fat medium with a higher hit pool.

The main enemy you should be concerned about is SPGs and flankers. Due to your insane DPM for a tier 9 you can chew up anything that engages you head on. But if you are flanked you are easily damaged and the crew/modules fall very quickly with side shots. SPGs also inflict massive damage(more so than on other tanks) due to the low overall armor spread across a large tank.

Overall the Conqueror is an excellent tank and is the first tier 9 tank I actually have found that I enjoy playing. Ammo storage is also somewhat low and the 400m base view range is a nice plus.


Most are probably wondering whether this tank will measure up to the other tier 10 heavies. Currently this tank obliterates anything stupid enough to be spotted within view range of it.  With a 100% crew/vent/rammer(no BiA yet) the reload is a mere 6.33s and the accuracy feels like a pre-nerf M48A1 and you can easily move at full speed nailing tanks 200m+ away with ease. It plays much like the Conqueror but it’s strengths are drastically increased since it is a tier 10 heavy tank.

HP is 2,600, great reload, awesome DPM(3,000+), great accuracy still or moving, and mobility is great on level and hilly terrain….so what is bad about the FV215b?  Much like the Conqueror SPGs will easily dispatch you due to your large size and low armor and also side shots inflict numerous module/crew damage. Frontal shots do fuel tank, ammo rack(small area on UFG), and driver damage.  The turret which was good on a tier 9 tank lacks protection against tier 9-10 tanks and cannot be relied upon and the gun depression/elevation still remains below average.

I haven’t 100% confirmed this either but damage can be sustained through the mudflaps for some odd reason. Have not tested it but in matches shells were doing HP damage through the mudflaps without any chance of the hull being hit behind it.. Time will tell though but if true then it ruins the side scrapping tactic of the rear mounted turret. Side skirts are also only 8mm thick which does little against HE splash.  I was somewhat worried about the rear mounted turret but it really isn’t that much of a drawback. Frontal hull armor is roughly 200mm-220mm effective armor.

Although it does have flaws and limitations the FV215b when positioned properly is an excellent deterrent due to it’s 2,600 HP and 3,000+ DPM. If ignored the damage it outputs can be staggering and it’s ability to react to enemy tanks passing by at a distance is outclassed by no tank. I have had many situations where an enemy medium tank would be spotted 200m+ away to my side and I would simply snap the gun over and fire within seconds. The 410m base view range helps a lot with this and using the FV215b as a forward entrenched spotter.

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