FV215b (183) Armor Changes in 9.5 Patch

In 9.5 the tier 10 British tank destroyer FV215b (183) will be getting several changes to it’s armor scheme focusing on it’s turret armor.  Along with these changes the FV215b (183) will also be nerfed in the mobility department since the turret armor becomes significantly stronger and actually allows the FV215b (183) to soak up some shots.  When 9.5 releases the weak spot guide for the FV215b (183) will be updated and until then the armor changes can be found below.  The updated pictures are a bit stitched together where the changes are, unfortunately I lost my original Photoshop file for various vehicles and the FV215b (183) was one of them.

Frontal Armor 9.4


Frontal Armor 9.5


The frontal armor of the FV215b (183) sees significant changes in 9.5 since its frontal turret armor receives a buff in vital areas.  This allows it to be immune to the majority of shells thrown its way and will primarily only need to worry about premium shells and tier 10 tank destroyers.  This change will allow the FV215b (183) to hull down behind small hills and objects such as destroyed tanks.  Since the hull armor is still below average it will be crucial to hide it whenever possible.  The downside is that even with the buff in armor this tank due to its poor gun depression and rear turret design will not be able to take advantage of it that well since it won’t be able to use most hills to hull down.  Overall it does provide a huge improvement over the previous turret armor and will be a buff in regards to protection.

Side Armor 9.4


Side Armor 9.5


The side armor changes slightly since the frontal turret sections wrap around to the side profile.  Overall it doesn’t do much since there are still plenty of weak areas to aim at aside from the frontal turret sections.

Angled Armor 9.4


Angled Armor 9.5


An angled FV215b (183) doesn’t gain much from the turret buff either since the main weak spots on the hull are still very easy to hit.  The main change is the two frontal turret sections (FT #1/#2) since if the enemy FV215b (183) is still pointing its gun remotely near you they will be tough to penetrate.

Rear Armor 9.4/9.5


No changes worth noting to the rear armor of the FV215b (183)

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  1. Why this OP tank gets more armor??? Has the best alfa dmg gun and now give him good armor?

  2. why buff armor of this tank? He has already OP tank whit OP gun? And now give him good armor and is be too Op for this game. More Op then Kv1s in lust Year

  3. He has already OP!

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