Feedback for new Layout/Website.

Currently still in the process of setting everything up over here so some images, videos, etc. might not be linked correctly.  If you have any input or feedback on what you would like to see or changed post it in the comments below!  The old will continue to be up for some time but once I have this completely set up I will stop updating it.


Currently planned:

Weak Spots Guides, Tank Guides, Replays, Previews, Tips sections under the header(next to Home and About WoT Guru)

Some minor tweaks to colors and left/right menus

9 Comments on "Feedback for new Layout/Website."

  1. Needs a little bit more colour!.
    Keep up the good work, like to read the blog

    • Working on it! Currently fiddling around with the them options as I am not 100% familar with it yet. So improvements will be made as time goes on.

  2. Loving the background.

  3. try to loose those ads. It’s very annoying to me 🙁

    Is making me, not willing to come that often to this site

    • I was fiddling with the ads. I had them set up incorrectly which had quite a lot of spam showing up. Fixed that problem.

      Some ads are always going to be here since websites aren’t free you know.

  4. Looking good.

    I really liked the left sidebar on the old site, where new articles were white and already read articles were grey, but I can live with this too 🙂

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