Facebook + Twitter Giveaways

As many as you know from time to time I do giveaway of gift shop packages here on WoT Guru.  The giveaways on this website will still occur around the usual dates since I tend to start them around major holidays/times of the year.  However, now that there is a WoT Guru Facebook and Twitter I am expanding the giveaways to both platforms for those that are following on there.  I know that not everyone uses Facebook and Twitter which is why there will be giveaways on both the website and social media. For every 250 likes/followers on Facebook and/or Twitter it will “trigger” a giveaway or contest within a few days for those following.  This isn’t a one time giveaway but rather when the count reaches 250,500,750, etc. it will occur.

WoT Guru Facebook


WoT Guru Twitter


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