Cyber Monday WoT Guru KV-220 Giveaway!


The event is over and the winner has been chosen and the KV-220/10,000 gold bundle has been sent!

The lucky winner is…..


The KV-220 finally arrives to the NA server!  I’ll be giving away one bundle taking place on Cyber Monday to one lucky winner.

Like past giveaways all you have to do is leave your in-game World of Tanks in the comment section of this post before the selection period starts.  NA server only(sorry EU/RU but I cannot gift easily to other servers due to WG) and only one submission per username.  You have until Monday December 2nd, 8pm EST to submit your name before the drawing takes place.  After that period no new submissions will count and the winner will be announced shortly afterwards and the prize will be sent.  The winner will be randomly drawn by a number assigned to them and a random number generated.

The prize being rewarded is the KV-220 + 10,000 gold bundle that will be available.


1. One submission per username

2. Must submit before December 2nd, 8pm EST.

3. NA server only(again sorry EU/RU!)

4. Must not be a complete troll/hated player of the community(I’ll use my judgement to decide this)

5. The minimum requirement to be entered is simply leave a valid NA server username. You can add more if you’d like but its not necessary.

Also, if you could refrain from posting additional comments(that do not include your username) it would help me select the winners much faster.  I have to go through and screen/exclude any comments that aren’t submissions so that the selection process is accurate.

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    Oh to be original.

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  42. TanK_Creeper | November 27, 2013 at 2:44 pm |

    Hello magical guru. I wish to enter for the KV-220. I wish to be able to win this because I collect tanks. (I try to), I would buy it myself but im a little “poor” right now. I am only 15 with no job sooo its all my allowance. Thx for entering me! Good luck everyone whos in the thing too!

  43. I am SpectreHD and this would be an interesting vehicle to have.

  44. Buffalo444

  45. Brunhild

  46. B055H0GG

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