Clan Wars: SPG Roles & Which One is Right for You

For any World of Tanks player interested in the main end game content in World of Tanks usually referred to as clan wars, you will want to pick the right tanks to be chosen and used on a regular basis.  Different maps require different team set ups in clan wars and your knowledge of your opponent can also influence your team’s choice in what tanks to bring depending on the strategy you are using.  Typically tier 10 tanks are the only tanks used in clan wars aside from a tier 9 like the M53/55 which is used as a SPG over some tier 10 ones.  During campaigns there might be tier restrictions that will cap teams at tier 3, 6, 8 etc. and that dramatically effects your team set up.

This article will outline the role each clan war viable SPGexcels at and also the usage of each SPG on a regular basis.  While some SPGs excel at one given role/area they can be to niche to actually be used in clan wars on a regular basis and thus are usually not a good choice for your first or second tier 10.

Self Propelled Guns (Artillery)


The T92 was once a very popular SPG for clan wars since it has a very large splash radius and also a huge amount of damage per shot.  However, after changes to all SPGs and individual changes to the T92 it has lost some of it’s appeal since it’s gun is now very unreliable(as opposed to being slightly unreliable) and can go entire matches without actually hitting a target.  It’s mobility that it once had(it used to be quite mobile for it’s size) is now gone and it now cannot move around the map to negate some of it’s accuracy issues.  This leaves the T92 as being a SPG that is used sometimes but usually there are more useful SPGs than it for most situations.


Yes the tier 9 American M53/55 is on this list since it is a very popular SPG for clan wars.  It’s top gun does 1850 damage per shot which is lower than most tier 10 SPGs but still gets the job done due to the higher rate of fire.  The accuracy is very good when compared to tier 10 SPGs like the T92 and it has a viable AP shell due to the good accuracy that does 1,450 damage per shot and can actually be counted to hit targets most of the time.  It’s mobility is very good for it’s size(like the pre-nerf T92) and it has a semi-functional turret that allows it to stay still but yet cover the majority of the map.  The main downside of the M53/55 is that it’s gun doesn’t have as much alpha as some tier 10 SPGs so it doesn’t have that “one hit cripples any tier 10” capability but in the end it’s positives make it a very good SPG for clan wars.

G.W. E 100

The G.W E 100 at tier 10 is in between the T92/Conqueror GC and the Object 261 as far as alpha and rate of fire goes.  It has less damage per shot than the T92/Conqueror GC but more than the Object 261 and has a higher rate of fire than the T92/Conqueror GC but less than the Object 261.  It makes it an interesting SPG since it is well rounded and it’s only main downfall is with it’s massive size and poor mobility.  This leads it to be stuck near the base for a good portion of the match since it cannot move very far between shots.  Overall since it is in the middle ground at tier 10 in a lot of areas it has no huge flaw damage/accuracy/RoF wise but instead of gimped due to it’s chassis.  It is used due to it’s well rounded attributes but can be lost in the fold against other SPGs like the M53/55 that have more mobility.

Bat Chatillon 155 58

The Bat Chatillon 155 58 is the most mobile of the SPGs and also has a fully functional turret allowing it to cover the map easily without having to move.  However, it’s gun is an auto-loader which means it is capable of shooting off 1,250 damage per shot shells(lower than other SPGs) and then it has to sit for a very long time while it’s drum reloads.  Since SPGs are known for missing shots it makes the Bat Chatillon 155 58 very iffy at times since if it misses one or two shots in a drum and then has to wait to reload it is dead weight to the team.  On the positive side since it does have multiple shots it can finish off multiple low HP targets and also due to the mobility can set up in areas where other SPGs cannot reach.  Due to it’s weak gun however it is often passed up in favor of other SPGs since the main point of a SPG is to bring a massive support gun to the fight.

Conqueror Gun Carrier

The Conqueror Gun Carrier is much like the T92 in that it has a massive amount of damage per shot but very poor mobility and accuracy.  Unlike the T92 the Conqueror Gun Carrier has a lower range at which it’s shells can travel but in return gains a very high shell arc.  This means that shells travel down at a more vertical angle allowing the Conqueror Gun Carrier to hit being cover that other SPGs cannot.  This can change many maps and the way that they are played since a group of tanks hiding behind cover can be forced to vacate the area with a Conqueror Gun Carrier is lobbing 2,200 damage shells at them.  Overall the Conqueror Gun Carrier does have it’s flaws like the T92 but due to the capability of hitting behind cover(which is crucial in clan wars since you aren’t sending actual tanks to their death) makes it a very useful SPG to have since it is needed on many maps.


Another tier 9 SPG makes the list in the form of the Russian 212A which has a very similar gun to the M53/55.  The 212A does not have the semi-turret nor the mobility of the M53/55 but it does have the more reliable 1,850 damage gun that the M53/55 enjoys compared to most tier 10 SPGs.  It’s rate of fire is slightly better than the M53/55 and it’s AP shell also gains a noticeable amount more of penetration.  While this SPG isn’t used as much as the M53/55 it is still viable if your team doesn’t need a SPG to move far from base but doesn’t have a M53/55 available.

Object 261

The last SPG on this list is the Object 261 which brings only 1,700 damage per shot to the table which at tier 10 is only higher than the Bat Chatillon 155 58.  In return the Object 261 does have a very high rate of fire for a tier 10 SPG and good accuracy compared to other SPGs.  The mobility is also above average allowing it to move around the map to get better angles to fire on enemies.  While it’s AP shell *only* does 1,100 damage per shot it has a whopping 360mm of penetration!  With it’s accuracy and that penetration it can pump out quite a lot of damage with a skilled SPG driver.  The main downside to the Object 261 beside the low damage per shot is it’s shell arc which is very “flat” which doesn’t allow it to fire over as much cover as other SPGs.  In the end the Object 261 can be a very useful SPG in the right hands but a very poor SPG in another.  It’s usage depends primarily on it’s driver and whether they can switch between HE/AP and make the most out of this SPG’s capabilities.

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