Clan Wars: Medium Tank Roles & Which One is Right for You

For any World of Tanks player interested in the main end game content in World of Tanks usually referred to as clan wars, you will want to pick the right tanks to be chosen and used on a regular basis.  Different maps require different team set ups in clan wars and your knowledge of your opponent can also influence your team’s choice in what tanks to bring depending on the strategy you are using.  Typically tier 10 medium tanks are used in clan wars.  During campaigns there might be tier restrictions that will cap teams at tier 3, 6, 8 etc. and that dramatically effects your team set up.

This article will outline the role each clan war viable medium tank excels at and also the usage of each medium tank on a regular basis.  While some medium tanks excel at one given role/area they can be to niche to actually be used in clan wars on a regular basis and thus are usually not a good choice for your first or second tier 10.

Medium Tanks


The tier 10 American medium tank M48A1 is a story of a tank being changed after it’s successful initial release and losing it’s usefulness in clan wars/competitive play.  The M48A1 has no major flaws and is a good all around tank capable of slotting into a lot of different situations.  However, it doesn’t have the best firepower, nor mobility, nor camoflauge values, nor any other attribute to bring it over over medium tanks. The M48A1 is a decent tank to grab as a back up tank if you have no other tier 10’s unlocked but it isn’t used over other tier 10 mediums as much as it used to be.

Leopard 1

The Leopard 1 German tier 10 medium tank ditches any kind of armor and durability to focus on mobility and firepower.  The Leopard 1 is frail but has great gun control, gun depression, and accuracy to be a very good flanker and long range support tank.  Due to it’s lack of any armor and low mobility it is limited to maps where it won’t be counted on to fight in close skirmishes that are likely to happen.  Overall the Leopard 1 does it’s job well but due to it’s lack of durability and non-autoloader it can be overlooked when compared to other tier 10 mediums.


The German tier 10 medium E-50M has great armor for a medium tank and is a great tank for ramming  most tanks it encounters.  It’s gun is accurate and handles well but it lacks the damage potential when compared to other tier 10 mediums since it has good armor.  The E-50M is used in niche roles when it can use it’s ramming ability and armor to bully lighter tanks.  However, it is generally not used in large numbers since it’s usefulness when compared to other mediums is dependent on the map and strategy to much.


Currently the Japanese only have one tier 10 and it is the STB-1 medium tank.  The STB-1 has a very small profile, excellent gun depression, slightly sluggish mobility, and awesome damage potential.  The STB-1 does lack some reliability due to it’s iffy gun accuracy and aim time but it does enough things well to be very useful in a team.  The STB-1 does suffer from being slower than other tier 10 mediums which limits some uses on maps where fast mediums are required to secure key areas at the start of the match.  However, due to it’s great damage potential and handling on uneven terrain it is a great medium tank to own for clan wars.

Bat Chattillon 25t

Being the only auto-loading tier 10 medium the Bat Chattilon 25t is a popular tank for clan wars.  It’s mobility makes it a great spotter and scout since it is more mobile than all other tanks usually used for clan wars.  The auto-loading guns allows teams to use multiple Bat Chatillon 25ts to offload a ton of damage upfront to take out multiple tanks in a short amount of time.  The downsides are the it is the least durable of the tier 10 mediums and the long reload between drums can leave your team wide open for a counter attack if your initial thrust is unsuccessful.  Often for medium tanks the Bat Chatillon 25t is used very often and it’s downsides can to mitigated by mixing in non-auto-loading medium tanks to offset the long reload.


When it comes to British medium tanks and clan wars you will rarely see any FV4202’s used unless if there are no other medium tanks available. Even then teams will often change their strategy and bring a different tank type instead.  The FV4202 suffers like the M48A1 being that it doesn’t do anything well enough to fit into a specific role.  It’s main strong point is it’s HESH shell which can do a lot of damage against lightly armored tanks and also it’s good gun depression.  However, in the end the FV4202 is tank that isn’t sought after for clan wars.


The T-62a Russian tier 10 medium doesn’t bring a high damage per shot gun to the table but does a lot of other things well enough to make it a popular tank in clan wars.  Being that the T-62a relies on a high rate of fire and low damage per shot gun it doesn’t do very well in heavy skirmishes since it takes time for it’s damage per minute to outpace tanks with higher alpha.  What it does well is that it is very mobile, has good camouflage values, great DPM, and is a good spotter with the right skills/equipment.  It’s frontal turret armor also is very strong and although the gun depression is lacking it can prove to be valuable in some situations.  The T-62a is used a lot since it meshes well with Bat Chatillions to create a squad of high alpha with the Bat Chatillons and sustained fire with the T-62as.

Object 140

The Object 140 is very similar to the T-62a except that it trades a pinch of armor, health points, and mobility in return for more gun depression.  This gun depression allows the Object 140 to be used in some uneven areas that the T-62a would not be used in.  Overall the two tanks are very similar and are used about the same since it depends on what kind of terrain the map has to decide whether a bit more gun depression or a bit more durability is to be used.

Object 430

While the Object 430 looks very similar to the T-62a/Object 140 it separates itself by giving up some firepower for above average armor and a low profile.  The Object 430 can be useful to have depending on the map and strategy since it’s armor can be very effective as long as it isn’t up close and/or below an enemy firing at it due to it’s reliance on angled armor.  Overall since it loses a bit on it’s reload time when compared to the T-62a/Object 140 it is used less than those two tanks but isn’t a bad choice when it comes to owning one for clan wars.


The Chinese tier 10 medium 121 brings a big gun to the table but lacks in flexibility.  It has decent mobility, a great gun that has both good damage per shot and damage per minute, and has a decent frontal turret armor.  The downside with the 121 is that it has absolutely no gun depression which makes it very difficult to use on uneven terrain which limits it’s usage.  The 121 despite the gun depression woes is useful due to the heavy tank like gun it has compared to other medium tanks.  They aren’t used in high numbers due to the lack of flexibility but complement other medium tanks well and thus they do have a spot in clan wars.

AMX 30 B

Similar to the Leopard 1 the AMX 30 B has great mobility and a solid gun.  For clan wars this can be useful but there are better mediums that will be chosen over the AMX 30 B.  Its inability to bounce rounds and cover multiple roles outside of mid/long range support hampers its clan war potential.

TVP 50/51

With the TVP’s mobility and solid auto-loading gun it is an interesting pick for clan wars.  Unlike the Bat Chat the TVP doesn’t have a glacial reload between magazines and it is much more accurate.  It is however very fragile and taller than the Bat Chat making it take damage easier.  The TVP is great when paired up with other burst damage dealers and is a good pick for a lot of maps.

This World of Tanks best medium tank for clan wars page will be updated with additional information as tanks are changed and new ones are implemented.

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