Clan Wars: Heavy Tank Roles & Which One is Right for You

For any World of Tanks player interested in the main end game content in World of Tanks usually referred to as clan wars, you will want to pick the right tanks to be chosen and used on a regular basis.  Different maps require different team set ups in clan wars and your knowledge of your opponent can also influence your team’s choice in what tanks to bring depending on the strategy you are using.  Typically tier 10 tanks are the only tanks used in clan wars aside from a tier 9 like the M53/55 which is used as a SPG over some tier 10 ones.  During campaigns there might be tier restrictions that will cap teams at tier 3, 6, 8 etc. and that dramatically effects your team set up.

This article will outline the role each clan war viable heavy tank excels at and also the usage of each heavy tank on a regular basis.  While some tanks excel at one given role/area they can be to niche to actually be used in clan wars on a regular basis and thus are usually not a good choice for your first or second tier 10.  This guide should help you decide which World of Tanks heavy tank is best for you in clan wars.

Heavy Tanks


When released the T110E5 changed clan wars greatly and become a staple for teams due to it’s flexibility.  The T110E5 brought great frontal armor protection against premium shells, great mobility for a heavy tank, good soft stats, and a great gun that has no huge flaws with it’s 400 damage per shot and decent rate of fire.  It’s most appealing feature is that it has no huge downsides and it’s flexibility allows it to fit into a lot of roles.  The T110E5 still sees clan wars usage albeit not as much as it was initially released when teams would consist of 8+ T110E5’s on a regular basis.  Tier 10 mediums, tier 10 tank destroyers, and tanks with insane alpha guns/auto-loaders have reduced the T110E5’s usage.  Overall the T110E5 is a good tank to have since it is a master of many roles but since it lacks a bit of upfront damage it loses out to a few other tank’s as being the staple it once was.


One of those tanks that have dethroned the T110E5 is the T57 since it brings a much better auto-loading gun without a long reload to the table.  This 4 round gun is capable of unloading 1,600 potential damage quickly and then it only needs a staggering sub 23 second reload to have the next drum ready to fire.  The T57 does lack in the armor department and it’s mobility while alright for a heavy tank is a tad lower than the mobile heavy tanks.  The T57 however is used quite often since it brings a huge burst gun to the table without the huge drawback of a long reload between drums.


Once forgotten and criticized for being a “bad” tier 10 heavy tank the E-100 was slowing (over)buffed to get to where it is at currently.  The E-100 has a staggering 2,700 HP, great all around armor capable of stopping premium rounds, and a massive 750 damage per shot gun.  Although the E-100 is a tad slow and it’s gun relies solely upon HEAT ammunition due to penetration issues it is a go to tank for roles not requiring a faster tank.  The E-100 can take a beating and can dish out the damage just as well as other damage dealing tier 10 tanks.  While it isn’t used as on maps requiring many mobile tanks it is still a staple for many strategies due to it’s reliability and many positive attributes. 


Initially a fearsome tier 10 tank with a huge amount of armor, HP, and a good gun before newer tier 10 tanks were released the Maus has stumbled quite a bit.  The Maus does have 3,200 HP and armor that when angled properly can soak up more damage than almost any other tank.  However, it is very slow for organized battles and that limits it usage a lot.  There are some niche roles for the Maus for certain strategies but at the same time teams often bring other tanks(like the E-100) that can do the Maus’ job almost as well but with more mobility and a better gun.  Since being buffed the Maus is a decent pick for holding certain areas.  It can also use its 3,200 HP, buffed armor, and now better DPM to lead charges better.  It’ll still be passed up in favor of more flexible tanks but it does have a niche role since its buff.

AMX 50 B

The AMX 50 B much like the T57 has a 4 round auto-loader but loses quite a bit of it’s rate of fire in return for better mobility.  It’s armor is not very good and it’s large size(including it’s weak turret) means that it is easily taken care of since it cannot stop many shells that come into contact with it.  Unlike the T57 the AMX 50 B does not have a high enough rate of fire to have a short enough reload between drums to not consider it a downside.  However, due to it’s mobility it is often used along with a more mobile/medium tank group and isn’t exactly grouped with heavy tanks since it will outpace them.  The AMX 50 B in that regard is slightly outclasses by the Bat Chattillion 25t but does bring more durability and less downtime between drums.  While the AMX 50 B is not used very often it isn’t a “bad” play when used since it can complement a mobile group due to it’s uniqueness.  At the same time generally when an AMX 50 B is needed it will either be 1 or not many.


Rear turret you say?  The FV215b with it’s rear turret set up hurts it’s usage based on that feature more so than it’s other downsides since it greatly limits it’s gun depression making it unable to fire on uneven ground.  The FV215b also has very iffy armor since it has a very weak lower glacis and an upper glacis that is weak against premium ammunition.  What it brings to the table is the best tier 10 heavy tank gun as far as accuracy on the move, it’s decent HP pool, and hitting shots at long range.  It’s gun is better than the T110E5’s that is is sometimes compared against.  While the FV215b can be a difficult opponent to face if it is at long range and hiding it’s hull those situations cannot be scripted into clan wars very often.  For flatter maps that are open the FV215b can make a good additional to a group but ideally there will never be more than 1 used since it is very uncomfortable to play due to the rear turret and gun depression.


At tier 10 the IS-4 does not have a great deal of armor capable of stopping premium rounds aside from it’s turret armor.  The IS-4 is also somewhat sluggish and it’s gun is very unreliable due to the accuracy, aim time, and it’s lack of damage potential.  On the plus side the IS-4 does have an “ok” all around armor set up making it sturdy against artillery splash and it’s HP pool is quite good.  The IS-4 in it’s current state is simply outclassed by the E-100 for the damage tanker role with a decent gun.  With tank locking an IS-4 might be used when other tanks that can fill the role are unavailable but otherwise it isn’t used much.


The IS-7 is a classic example of a tank that tries to do a bit to much but ends up failing in the end.  In clan wars the IS-7 does have decent frontal armor at range if shells do not hit the lower glacis since the upper glacis and turret front are strong.  However, the IS-7 doesn’t bring a great gun to the table with it’s low DPM, penetration, and accuracy.  It also is slower than most tier 10 heavy tanks like the T110E5 unless if you are traveling downhill where the IS-7 can use it’s high top speed to it’s advantage.  The IS-7 is used on some specific maps where it’s top speed and frontal armor can be beneficial.  In the grand scheme of things it is sorely needing some love right now.


Being a mobile heavy tank with a good frontal armor set up the 113 can be compared to the T110E5(like many other tanks are).  It’s frontal armor is much thinner than the T110E5 but due to the high angle(near auto-bounce) it can be quite effective if set up properly especially since the frontal turret armor is very good.  But in an overall sense the frontal armor doesn’t protect against premium rounds as good at the T110E5 in most cases and especially at close ranges.  It’s gun does 440 damage compared to the 400 damage of the T110E5 and just barely beats it as far as DPM goes when rate of fire is taken into account.  What the 113 doesn’t have is the gun depression of the T110E5 which greatly limits it’s usage on maps with uneven terrain.  Overall the 113 is a very good tank that unfortunately stumbles with gun depression and it’s long length.  While it does get used for some maps it doesn’t have enough unique positives to set it apart from other tanks to be a tank that is sought after.

Type 5 Heavy

The Type 5 Heavy isn’t used very often in clan wars due to its low speed and inability to respond to enemy movements.  It does get picked on certain defensive strategies due to its HP, armor, and its ability to work well with a Maus.  However, for most maps and strategies it is simply just to slow, and clunky to use.

This guide for World of Tanks clan wars heavy tanks will be updated with additional information as tanks are changed.

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