Clan War Map Strategy: Abbey

Abbey is a simple yet complex map when it comes to competitive play.  The map largely consists of three funnels which are the 1/2 line, central abbey area, and then the 7/8 line.  However, if you understand how Abbey plays out you will realize that the map plays “from west to east.” By that I mean that western part of the map supports the center, and the center supports the eastern part of the map.  It is very important to realize this since focusing on the Abbey without the 1/2 line usually is pointless, and the same goes to focusing on the 7/8 line without owning the Abbey in the center.  This doesn’t mean that the 1/2 is crucial to owning and to attack down but simply that you should account for being attacked on your flanks if you do not own the area next to your lane you are attacking down.

As far as clan war strategies goes I do not believe in “turtle-ing” if you are defending and playing for a draw. This is due to the fact that most clans playing in clan wars can easily pick apart a static defense. Although I do have more defensive strategies here, it isn’t recommended to use them frequently unless you know they will counter a swift and one dimension attack by your opponent.  The listed tanks on each strategy are merely outlines for what type of tank should be used for each role/position.  Such as if a E-100 is labeled for a location it is viable to bring other high alpha/sturdy tanks in it’s place.

All map strategies are made using MapTactic which is a great tool for World of Tanks and other games.

Side 1 Strategies

1/2 line hard push with a delayed 6 line push


This strategy focuses on gaining control of the 1 and 2 line quickly thus rendering any enemies in the Abbey rather useless since the 2 line can pin them in.  For base defense the  G5 group should be high alpha/armored tanks such as E-100, T110E4, T57, and so on.  Accompanying them in J7 are two tank destroyers(Such as T110E3’s) or any tanks that aren’t to large but have a huge amount of firepower.  The lone arty piece in K1 is mainly there to support the base from attackers in the 6 line or 8 line but can also support the attacking group after they clear the 1/2 lines.

Phase 1

Starting off the main group in the 1 line should push hard to try and grab E1 and pin the enemy in C1 and D2/D3.  T110E5’s work but any kind of mobile heavy tank or TD will do.  The 2 line group should consist or at least 1 heavy tank but the other two tanks(labeled as the AMX 50B/Bat Chat) should be very mobile.  These three tanks should focus on pestering the enemy in the center/abbey and then supporting the heavy group in the 1 line if they need help. In the mean time the base defense should hunker down and hold position.

Phase 2

At this point two things will have happened.  The first being that your main force in the 1 line was able to clear up to B3. In which case if the base is safe then the G5 group should push through the 6 line, the two mobile tanks that were in the 2 line should swing back through the middle, and the main group should advance once all the pieces are in place. The lone heavy in the 2 line group should stay in E2/F2 and support from there(leaving the option of returning to base in place) and the tanks in J7 remain defending.

The second likely scenario is that the enemy pushed the 6/8 lines hard.  In which case the main 1 line force should continue to push hard into their base like usual.  However, the 2 line force should return to base and help back up the J7 group which is where the 2 mobile tanks come into play. The heavy tank in the 2 line group can move to H3 to help support the 6 line.

Delayed 1/2 line push(more defensive)


This strategy is a slightly modified version of the previous one but is less aggressive to begin with.  It is better if your enemy is known to do fast and “all in” attacks since it allows you to react to them while being able to counter elsewhere.

Phase 1

Starting out you will want to have squad A/B in place.  Squad A should have mobile heavy tanks/tank destroyers that have a blend of flexibility and burst/high alpha.  Have squad A enter through the J3 ramp and not the 1 line.  Squad B can be slightly more mobile tanks since they will not bear the brunt of a 1/2 attack.  Squad C, D, and E should be heavy tanks or tank destroyers. C and E are best to be tanks with turrets while D is a great spot for a tank destroyer with good armor(like a T110E3).  Squad D is crucial since there are two spots to tuck up into allowing them to spot the 8 line in advance and to be safe from artillery.  The lone arty piece in K1 will have to make sure not to be spotted from the 1 line and will support the base defense.

Phase 2

If the enemy makes a hard 1/2 line push then you will be in place to stop that with squad A and B in place.  It is extremely difficult for enemies to push the 1/2 line with defenders in H2/H3.  This will allow you to either stay in place and destroy their push while having the other 5 tanks near the base prevent any flanking.  Squad D is important to spot any enemy artillery from making it below G8 or else your defense in H2/H3 will be vulnerable.

On the flip side if the enemy pushed the center, 6, or 8 lines hard then you will be in place to go on the offensive.  Squad A will push the 1/2 line hard while squad B will set up in the 2 line to fire into the center of the map(or head back to base if they need help).  If you are feeling more “safe” then pull squad B back to the base immediately and then have squad A support from the 2 line or H3 instead.

Side 2 Strategies

1/2 hard push with crossfire defense


The idea for this strategy is to focus on breaking any defense the enemy has in H2/H3 as quickly as possible before they are able to set up.  In the mean time you have ample defense to cover the 6 and 8 lines.

Phase 1

Squad A and B’s role is to advance down the 1/2 line quickly and to engage the enemy before they set up.  You will want 4 heavier tanks(but not to slow) going down the 1 line and 4 mobile tanks(mainly mediums) down the 2 line.  Squad C, D, and E will set up in safe positions to cover the 6 and 8 lines. The artillery in A2 will want to try to get a shot in G1 if the enemy pushes into it and then help the other side of the map.

Phase 2

If the enemy is located in the 1/2 lines you will want to take them out if they are not in position in H2/H3. If they are in defensive positions there you will want to abandon the large push and instead pull back in F2 into safety with squad A. Squad B will then try to clear the Abbey and then wrap back into base and attack through the 6 or 8 line.  You might think that you can break through H2/H3 but unless you have 2:1 odds it is very difficult.

If the enemy attacks via the center(Abbey and 6 line) then squad B and your base defense is set up in great spots to pick them apart.  If the 8 line is the spot for their main attack then it will make it easy to fire on them(with the tanks and arty) aiming at A8 while squad A and B attack as planned.

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