Weak Spot Guides

Weak Spot Guide: T110E5

The tier 10 T110E5 heavy tank is tough to handle due to the combination of thick and angled armor.  The tank has undergone several armor changes, with the most recent being the 9.17.1 update.  This guide for World of Tanks T110E5 weak spots will break down the tank’s entire effective armor values as of the 9.17.1 […]

Weak Spot Guide: Type 4 Heavy

The tier 9 Japanese super heavy tank Type 4 Heavy brings a massive armor threat to any fight.  Like many Japanese heavy tanks it has above average armor across the frontal profile.  It shares a very similar design with the Type 5 Heavy that sits after it at tier 10.  The Type 4 has slightly […]

Weak Spot Guide: T14

The T14 is a premium tier 5 American heavy tank.  At first glance it doesn’t come off as an American mid tier heavy tank since it looks nothing like the T1 and M6.  The T14 trades thicker armor for better armor angling across most of the tank.  This guide for World of Tanks T14 weak […]

Weak Spot Guide: Object 252U

The Object 252U’s armor at tier 8 is simply stunning across most of the tank.  Its hull design is similar to the IS-7 with its pike nose design on the hull.  For a tier 8 premium heavy tank the Object 252U’s armor effectiveness is certainly one of its main selling points.  While the cupola weak […]

Weak Spot Guide: Type 5 Heavy

This guide for World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy weak spots will break down the tank into areas based on effective armor values.  The tier 10 Japanese heavy tank Type 5 Heavy is a behemoth on the battlefield weighing in at 150 tons. It has the armor to allow it to withstand a beating from […]

Weak Spot Guide: Maus

The Maus in typical high tier German fashion is massive, has lots of armor, and looks intimidating.  This guide for World of Tanks Maus weak spots breaks down the entire tank’s armor effectiveness.  Learn where to shoot anywhere on the Maus to make sure you are hitting its weakest armor areas. There are a few […]

Weak Spot Guide: Pz.Kpfw VII

Introduced in the 9.17.1 World of Tanks update the Pz.Kpfw. VII sits at the top of a reworked German heavy tank branch.  It is almost identical to the reward Vk 72.01 (K) reward tier 10 heavy tank aside from the 15 cm being replaced with a 12.8 cm.  Unlike the E-100 and Maus the Pz.Kpfw. […]

Weak Spot Guide: VK 72.01 (K)

The VK 72.01 (K) is a reward tier 10 German heavy tank from clan wars.  It is almost identical to the Pz.Kpfw VII tier 10 heavy tank aside from the 12.8 cm being replaced with a 15 cm.  Unlike the E-100 and Maus the VK 72.01 (K)’s armor is situated almost entirely on the front of the tank.  It […]

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