Weak Spot Guides

Weak Spot Guide: M4A3E2

The M4A3E2(more commonly known as the Jumbo Sherman) is a heavily armored medium compared to it’s tier 6 counterparts.  This guide will be based off of the E2’s stronger turret which is not it’s upgraded turret since a lot of E2’s run with the 105mm HE gun and also the heavily armored 152/152/152 turret(stock turret) […]

Weak Spot Guide: M4 Sherman

The M4 Sherman is a staple mid-tier tank for both new and more experienced players.  But how does the armor stand up? The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor (EA) refers to the overall effectiveness […]

Weak Spot Guide: KV-2

The KV-2 formally the tier 5 king for killing most tanks in one shot is a little less fierce armor wise at tier 6.  The armor is sub-par for a tier 6 heavy tank but still can bounce quite a few shots if you are not careful. The index at the bottom of each picture describes a […]

Weak Spot Guide : IS-4

The IS-4’s armor at first glance seems like it is listed incorrectly in-game since the frontal armor is actually thinner than the side armor.  While this might be the case the frontal armor is still very difficult to deal with and a good IS-4 driver will know how to properly angle their tank to make […]

Weak Spot Guide: FV215b

The tier 10 British heavy tank the FV215b went from being a very flimsy tier 10 heavy tank prior to the 8.2 update to now having a decent amount of protection on its upper frontal glacis and turret. But do the glaring weak spots ruin this increased armor? The index at the bottom of each […]

Weak Spot Guide: E-75

The E-75 is arguably one of the most well armored tanks currently in the game and in most cases tougher to deal with the tank following it the E-100.  The E-75’s frontal armor not only is good for it’s frontal glacis and frontal turret but also for the “main” weak spots for most German tanks […]

Weak Spot Guide: E-100

The E-100 is a double edge sword for it’s drivers when it comes to the armor.  The top half of the tank is very well armored(aside from the turret sides/rear if they aren’t angled) while the lower half is not as well protected.  This guide will go over the effective armor of the E-100 from […]

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Weak Spot Guide: E-50 / E-50 Ausf. M

The tier 9 medium E-50 and the tier 10 medium E-50 Ausf. M are largely the same tank aside from some buffs the Ausf. M model receives since it is a tier higher. Armor wise both are virtually identical aside from the shorter and more elongated hull of the Ausf. M and engine/transmission being moves […]

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