Weak Spot Guides

Weak Spot Guide: Karl

The new tier 1 German SPG Karl is has a whopping 600mm cannon on it and impressive armor to go with it.  The numbers listed at 10mm/10mm/10mm are very deceiving and actually the Karl has much more armor than it would appear. Unlike other weak spot guides I am using a new format in which […]

Weak Spot Guide: ST-I

At tier 9 the Russian heavy tank ST-I has a boat load of armor on both the hull and the turret making it very difficult to face even for tier 10 tanks.  While the hull armor does not provide overwhelming thickness values most places are either angled very well or can be deceiving.  The turret […]

Weak Spot Guide: Waffenträger Auf E100

The Waffenträger Auf E 100 is a formidable foe when it comes to firepower at tier 10 since it’s auto-loading gun is very deadly.  It’s armor on the other hand suffers from serious weak spots since it’s turret is very impracticable and covered in very thin armor.  The hull armor on the other hand is decent […]

Weak Spot Guide: KV-220

The KV-220 is a rare premium tank that at tier 5 has a very tough armor set up to crack since it’s hull armor is very thick.  Unlike most other tanks the KV-220 has a very weak turret and if you know where to shoot it on the turret you can completely avoid it’s tough […]

Weak Spot Guide: VK 3001 (P)

The VK 3001 (P) is a tier 6 German medium tank which unlike other tanks has it’s weakest frontal armor located just under the turret and not on the lower frontal plate.  It can prove to be a difficult tank to take down when facing one in a lower tier tank without prior knowledge of […]

Weak Spot Guide: TOG II*

The tier 6 monstrosity that is the TOG II*  is now released on all World of Tanks servers.  While it’s armor might not be thickest for a heavy tank in tier 6 it does surprisingly provide a decent amount of protection in unlikely places. The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also […]

Weak Spot Guide: T110E3

The T110E3 like the T95 which comes before it is an absolute monster in the frontal armor department.  Many struggle to find it’s weak spots since even the lower glacis can be difficult to penetrate(especially at close range).  This guide will help with dealing with a T110E3 from the front, sides, and rear. I did […]

Weak Spot Guide: T32

The T32 heavy tank is well known to any seasoned player as a tank with insane turret/mantlet armor since the T32 excels at hiding most of the tank and simply exposing it’s impenetrable gun/mantlet.  Most overlook that the T32’s hull is actually quite good and can be relied upon in most situations. It is recommended to avoid aiming […]

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