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Tip: Encounter Mode

Encounter mode throws a wrench into many players predetermined spots that they use for standard matches.    Most think that they neutral flag is the most important area on the map and needs to be swarmed by the majority of the team(which usually ends up with your team loosing). Most encounter maps are this way […]

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Replay/Tip: “Baiting”

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you are in a tank or scenario that you cannot be expected to do much damage to the opposing team. Whether it is because you are in a low tier tank or if you are against a dug in team that will kill you rather quickly if […]

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3 Tips on Improving Your Game

Ever feel like the players you are facing know something you do not? Well these handful of simple tips may just teach you some of the small tidbits of information that make you that much better than the person shooting at you.1. Ping- I see countless amounts of people fail to grasp the concept of […]

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Tip: Playing as the Little Guy

Everyone has faced the problem of being thrown into a match where they are either at the bottom of the team list or are close to it.  Whether you are a tier 4 scout in a tier 8 match or a tier 6 medium in a tier 9 match it can be a bit discouraging, […]

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Tip: “The Wiggle”

If you have watched videos of other players playing World of Tanks you’ll see that some of them do little movements that seem to be pointless. Whether it is forward/backwards or left/right some players move around and don’t completely stop until they need to shoot or aim at a weak spot.  I refer to this […]

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5 Tips on Improving Your Game

As a gamer you constantly strive to do better and be better than the person shooting at you.  It can be difficult at times in World of Tanks to do this since a lot of the game is “random” damage, penetration, matchmaking, etc.  But there are some simply things you can do to do better […]

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