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WoT Guru Twitter/Facebook

WoT Guru is now on Facebook and Twitter!  You can find the links to the pages in the upper right hand corner on any page or by using the links on this post below.  From now on any updates as far as guides and when there are live streams happening will not only be on […]

Updates to Old Guides

I am hoping that over the next few days I can update the outdated tank guides as well as a few weak spot guides(like the Foch, Super Pershing, etc).  Also in the pipeline is a Tortoise and STB-1 tank guide which are on there way.  If you’d like to see specific guides leave a comment […]

New WoT Guru Layout

Today the layout on here has changed slightly to make it a little easier to navigate and to remove some of the useless white space on each page.  The top menu also has been updated slightly to make navigating to specific weak spot guides easier since they are broken down into nations->tank type->specific tanks now […]


Just a quick heads up to why there haven’t been any updates recently…  I was away for most of February and where I was internet access was very limited(barely any cell reception).  On top of that I have been plagued by the and ping/packet loss issues since mid-December like many others.  It has gotten […]

Preview: Map Strategy

Testing out another way to do map strategies on here.  Mocked up a few images of basic spots/routes. What do you think? [lightbox link=”” thumb=”×168.jpg” width=”300″ align=”center” title=”Murovanka_Close1″ frame=”true” icon=”image”] [lightbox link=”” thumb=”×168.jpg” width=”300″ align=”center” title=”Murovanka_Close2″ frame=”true” icon=”image”] [lightbox link=”” thumb=”×168.jpg” width=”300″ align=”center” title=”Murovanka_Close3″ frame=”true” icon=”image”] [lightbox link=”” thumb=”×168.jpg” width=”300″ align=”center” title=”Murovanka_Zoom1″ frame=”true” icon=”image”]


I have finished updating every weak spot guide that needed attention currently on WoT Guru.  The only guide not salvageable was the Super Pershing guide since the armor scheme has been changed drastically.  Every other guide has correct values on it now and changes to tanks such as the E-50/E-50M/Tiger II have been made.  With […]

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Which Tank Line is Right for You?

I have finally updated the Which Tank Line is Right for You? page on here.  This page goes over every tank branch currently in the game aside from SPGs(they will be added in soon) to help you make an informed decision on which tanks to work towards.  Each tank is briefly summarized as to how […]

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