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Special Thanks

With the new layout here on WoT Guru I opened up the option for others to design headers for the website(located above the main menu at the top of the page).  I would like to thank Demole from the European server and ApplesauceBandit from the North American server for creating headers that you see above. […]

New Website Design & Design Contest

If you haven’t noticed(pretty sure you will if you’ve visited before since it’s very noticeable) WoT Guru has received a major face lift today.  The old design was tossed out since the structure of it simply did not allow for anymore growth without encountering massive issues such as sections of the website just vanishing when […]

Scheduled Downtime 5/21

Just a heads up that today the overall look and design on WoT Guru will be changing around 3pm EST give or take a few minutes.  While this takes place the navigation and the functionality might be hard to use until I get it set back up and access to the website itself might go […]

Updates to the Tip Section

Tonight I added several tips to the new player, intermediate, and advanced tip sections.  On a lesser note I finally got around the fixing the AMX 50 Foch and AMX 50 Foch (155) weak spot guides.  To see the new tips added you can find links below to each page. I am […]

Issues with 9.0

Just a little heads up on why there haven’t been new videos on my YouTube and as much content since 9.0 landed.  I actually haven’t been able to play much due to crashing to desktop and FPS issues.  My FPS(even in medium settings with a gtx 680) is sitting at 10-25 fps now instead of […]

Many Changes to WoT Guru

Over the past two days several things have changed/been added to WoT Guru.  There are now forums on WoT Guru for discussions about World of Tanks, this website(suggestions and contests), and also an off topic area.  To sign up for the forum you can find a registration form on the left side bar on any […]

WoT Guru Layout/Menu Updates & Guest Articles

Over the past couple days I have been tinkering with the menus and finally have them essentially finalized(unless something else pops up) to make it easier to find content on this website.  The general guide section has been changed to articles & guides and in that section there are many more sub categories to make […]

World of Tanks April Fool’s: New 8-Bit Game Mode and Crayfish Attacking Tanks

As many who play World of Tanks might have seen today for April Fool’s day has introduced a new 8-bit game mode and a new tier 1 German SPG called “Karl”.  In this game mode you play on a retro 8-bit map in 3d that pays homage to the old NES game Battle City. […]

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