A Few Things to Keep in Mind for 8.0

The 8.0 update for World of Tanks is now live for all servers and brings some massive changes.  Physics, new rendering, new tanks, normalization, map changes, and nerfs/buffs.  Here are several things to keep in mind to make the transition to 8.0 as smooth as possible.

1. Have you tried pressing “T” yet? If you have you will realize it no longer automatically shows your team who you are shooting and instead is assigned to “F2“.  A simple change of the settings under controls back to “T” will fix this since otherwise you will be stuck pressing F2 or bringing the new radial menu(Z) up everytime.

2. Normalization was reduced in 8.0 and is now only 4-5 degrees for AP/APCR shells. This means that armor at any angle is much more effective and all tanks receive buffs to their armor.  Before 8.0 you might have been able to pen that T29 from the front easy but now many tanks it faces will bounce much more often.  It is very important to remember now that shooting any armor that is angled significantly is much stronger than it was before. Normalization “takes off” the angle of the armor when a shell hits as the shell tries to stay on it’s initial path from the gun barrel.Pre-8.0 normalization was roughly 7 and armor angled at 60 degrees when hit would be “reduced” to 53 degrees. Now instead of 53 degrees it will be 55/56 degrees.

120mm/50 degree angle=186mm of effective armor. When you factor in normalization you get…


120mm/43 degree angle(with normalization)=164mm of armor

Post 8.0

120mm/46 degree angle=173mm of armor

120mm/45 degree angle= 170mm of armor


While that may not seam like a “huge” change it is a big enough change to mess with many tier 5-7 tanks that lack the high penetration of higher tiered tanks.  Plus the steeper the angle gets the more armor is applied so every additional degree of angle is that much important once you start creeping past the 55 degree mark. Learn those weak spots!


3. Graphic settings become much more vital now especially for those with older computers.  8.0 brought many graphical updates and changes and many will find that the FPS hit is crippling.  To limit the damage on your FPS the settings that hog up the most resources can be turned down to keep the FPS up. Post processing, extra effects in sniper mode, display grass in sniper mode, flora quality(useless shrubs), lighting quality(greatest hit to FPS here), and decals are the main culprits. Set these to off or low and you will find that the game still looks good from a graphical standpoint while reducing the load on your system while Wargaming optimizes this new rendering system.


4,Physics! A lot of people will be diving off of cliffs, ramming, etc. due to the new physics(and I will be too).  Keep in mind that driving down cliffs on a lot of maps is a viable strategy without taking damage if you drive down slow, pick a good patch, and head down on an angle instead of straight down. However if you go 40 km/h guns a blazing off a cliff and nose dive you will die. Driving becomes slightly more difficult and paying attention to small bumps and objects is crucial since they will slow you down a lot more than before.  And finally driving in water especially in small tanks brings the possibility of dying after 10 seconds due to your crew/tank drowning.  Map awareness is more important then ever in 8.0.


5. Map changes galore! I recommend doing some training rooms with friends if possible since every map has been changed(some drastically) to fit in with the new physics.  Good spots before are now exposed and death traps while those bad spots before are now great. New flanking paths, mountain tops, river beds, and entire patches of some maps are now open ready to be explored!


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  1. I will admit My friend and I had some fun last night when he dropped his T34 on a Type 59 in a glorious ode to Battletech/Mechwarrior in a death from above scenario. He took massive damage but on the map (El Halluf) down south it was the quickest, easiest, and sadly the safest way to get to him and take him out. Meanwhile I was rolling down the cliff as well and only ended up with 100 points of damage total in my T32.

    Moral of the story, Don’t hug those cliffs unless you know whats above you. Can’t wait to try it myself!

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