9.0 Test: Historical Battles and Ammo Rack Explosion

With 9.0 will come a new game mode called “Historical Battles” which will feature battles consisting of specific tanks, tank modules, and ammunition.  You can still equip any kind of equipment(spall liners, etc), consumables, and crew skills but other settings are locked depending on the specific battle you have chosen.  Below I have two battles currently uploaded that show myself playing as a PZIII and as an IS in two separate battles each with their own map/set up.  In the PZIII fight the teams are largely balanced number wise but I am faced with a huge task of actually doing damage with my puny gun.  While in the IS game out team easily outnumbers the German team with only two Jagdtigers and one Panther but they have the sheer strength compared to our tanks individually.

Enjoy the replays and more will be coming for 9.0 and for the normal server as far as guides and live streams go.

Ammo Rack Explosion

Historical Battles

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