7.4 Preview: ARL V 39(tier 6 TD)

The ARL V 39 is the new tier 6 French tank destroyer that is being released with the 7.4 patch.  The video below is me playing the TD on the test server elited with coated optics, GLD, rammer, and a 100% crew.

Once fully equipped the ARL packs a mean punch for a tier 6 and has quite good gun penetration.  However to offset it’s great top gun the ARL has piss-poor armor(60/40/60), slow hull traverse, bad gun “arc”(left/right), bad gun depression/elevation, and is very vulnerable to crew damage.  Most games I find my commander, gunner, and driver dying if I survive that long.

Top 90mm Gun
Top Speed/Acceleration

Hull Traverse
Gun Depression/Elevation
Gun “Arc” Left/Right
Non-Existent Armor
Vulnerable to crew damage

Overall despite it’s flaws the ARL V 39 if played cautiously can be a very deadly tank.  But keep in mind any tank can damage you and SPG’s will wreck hell on you. 3/5

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