5 Tips on Improving Your Game

As a gamer you constantly strive to do better and be better than the person shooting at you.  It can be difficult at times in World of Tanks to do this since a lot of the game is “random” damage, penetration, matchmaking, etc.  But there are some simply things you can do to do better in matches.

1. Glance at the teams at the start screen of each match.  I wonder sometimes why teams do somethings when their team isn’t suited for the task.  
Have a ton of mediums? Better not camp.
Are you the top tier and the only heavy? Expect to hold back their push
A lot of SPG’s? Stay near cover and always keep moving
Every match is different and should be played that way, not only should you adjust where or how you play based on your team but also where you stand. If you are a top 3 tank expect to lead a push or do a lot of the work. If you are low on the list don’t consider yourself useless, expect to support other tanks or to fill a hole in your flank.
2. Auto-aim! Never….ever….use auto-aim on a regular basis.  It usually aims at the strongest point of a tank(glacis/turret).  Manual aim at all times aside from the few occasions where you are focusing driving and simply engage auto-aim to keep your turret pointed at whoever is shooting at you.
3. Do your homework as learning weak spots and specifics about tanks is honestly half of this game.  You can plonk away at that IS-4 or T95 all day long and say it’s impossible to hurt them. But if you spent 5 minutes on Youtube or the World of Tanks forums(or even my blog!) you will see where to shoot and when.  Even the most “overpowered” tank can be absolutely useless if you don’t know where to shoot.
4. Avoid stock tanks as you will struggle no matter what.  If you use gold simply use it to free-exp past the stock configuration and you’ll find yourself being less frustrated.  If you don’t use gold save all of your “free free-exp” until you reach tier 6 tanks. As this is when matchmaking gets very brutal at times, and by then you’ll have a good 10k+ free exp you can use to at least great 1-2 upgrades off the bat.
5. Keep your elite tanks as they are a nice break from grinding.  Just because you want to hit tier 8-10 as fast as possible doesn’t mean keeping a few tanks along the way is a bad idea.  You may not enjoy higher tier matches and then be stuck with nothing.  My advice is to keep at least 2 tanks from tier 4-6 to fall back on. Not only are these the prime tiers to earn silver but they also provide a nice break from those high tier games.
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