3 Tips on Improving Your Game

Ever feel like the players you are facing know something you do not? Well these handful of simple tips may just teach you some of the small tidbits of information that make you that much better than the person shooting at you.

1. Ping– I see countless amounts of people fail to grasp the concept of lag(ping number at top) while aiming and firing at other tanks. Under 70m/s ping you will not notice any lag and while aiming the round will go 95% of the time where you want it to. Get up to the mid 100’s in ping and then you will want to let the aiming circle “settle” on your target or even lead your target slightly more to compensate. Once you get over 200m/s ping you’ll want to overcompensate much more. By keeping ping/lag in mind you’ll avoid getting frustrated over shots “magically” firing where you don’t want them to.

2. Carry Consumables– Yes they might eat into your credits/silver earnings slightly but isn’t the goal of a game like World of Tanks to win the match and beat your opponent. This is an online competitive multiplayer game after all. So pony up and spend that extra 3,000 silver to fix your track might just win you the match!

3. Dont be Selfish– Kills do not net you any experience or silver but rather doing damage does. So “holding” your shot for a few seconds to grab that kill might make your stat line at the end of the game look better but it decreases your team’s chance of winning. Why? Because the enemy might get another shot off or be able to escape from your greediness. Plus you actually gain less silver/experience from holding your shot since you will be doing less overall damage finishing someone off compared to doing full damage.

Along with holding shots comes the hard task for most to “soak” up damage for others when needed no matter what tank you are driving.  For example if you are driving a Pershing and are with a T34 facing a IS-8 that is at 75%HP and your T34 is down to 150HP. If possible jump in front of that next IS-8’s shot or two, save your T34, allowing both of you to finish that IS-8 instead of the T34 dying and then you following shortly after. Of course in every situation it might not be the best idea to do this, but I find most of the time it is a critical turning point in a match especially if you are in a lower tier tank protecting your higher tiers.

4 Comments on "3 Tips on Improving Your Game"

  1. This is all great stuff.

    I’m pretty new to WoT (playing maybe three weeks now) and the learning curve is Darwinian. I eat these tips up because it gets old being crushed over and over. 🙂

    I’ve just unlocked and purchased the T-50. I’m having fun with that but coming up against tier 8 and 9 heavies is definitely high in the pucker factor.

  2. Glad you are enjoying them. Been a bit slow recently posting new content, hopefully thatll change over the next week.

  3. Really digging the tips, dude. I’m sort of a scrub 50% player…hey, I’m 45 years old, keeping up with you youngsters is hard work…so any sort of pointers on how to improve is a blessing. Keep up the blog! Take care and see you on the battlefield! 🙂

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