Weak Spot Guide: T29

The tier 7 American heavy tank T29 is a superb tier 7 tank that not only has great armor but also firepower and gun depression.  The T29 is difficult for most tanks around it’s tier to face but when you throw in it’s great armor scheme it becomes even more dangerous.  While it does lack some armor on it’s hull(specifically the lower hull) the T29 excels at hiding it’s hull with it’s turret armor and gun depression.

This guide is currently unfinished but I thought that I would put up the frontal armor view since I have that completed.  I will try to add the other views in the next day or so when my schedule permits it.

Frontal View


Side View

Coming soon!

Rear View

Coming soon!

Angled View

Coming soon!

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  1. Hoping you may post additional images and additional guides soon. The VI and especially VII are wrecking my new V.

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