Weak Spot Guide: Löwe

The lowe might not be known as a well armored tank for a lot of players and many wonder why there is a need for a  Lowe weak spot guide . But for newer players just facing the Lowe (I will admit the first few times I faced one I failed horrendously) it can be a challenge since it’s frontal glacis and turret armor are decently armored for a tier 8 tank.  For those who already know the standard “shoot the lower hull” and the top commander’s hatch stick around and you might learn a few less known areas to shoot if you are in a pinch.  For most new players coming out of the tier 5 battles the Lowe can be frustrating and “pay to win” thoughts go through some’s mind due to the Lowe being the figurehead of the premium tank model for World of Tanks since it is a free to play MMO. But in reality once these players learn these weak spots they will much rather face one than the much tougher IS-3, T32, and Tiger II.

Green= Best chance of penetration

Yellow= Next best chance of penetration

Red= Worse chance of penetration

Frontal View:

Frontally the Lowe is very strong on it’s upper frontal glacis and also for it’s frontal turret armor. For most new players shooting here is highly likely at first until they learn that it has some very easy weak spot to hit.  Guns with over 220mm+ average penetration can cut through the Lowe’s armor aside from the mantlet rather reliably from this view.

Area One:

The lower hull of the Lowe is very weak, rather large, and also not angled.  This is the main weak spot and when facing like this frontally any tank facing a Lowe under normal matchmaking can penetrate this location aside from some scouts.

Area Two:

The commander’s hatch on top of the Lowe’s turret is easy to hit for taller tanks but difficult for the likes of medium/light tanks or if you are close to the Lowe due to it’s height advantage.  The hatch is large enough that it is easily hit at 150m+ and can be penetrated by tier 6 and higher tanks. Bounces do occur the closer you get to the Lowe for lower penetrating guns as the angle becomes unfavorable.

Area Three:

The frontal armor of the turret is 120mm thick which if presented without an angle is very easy to go through for tanks facing the Lowe normally.  This area underneath the mantlet area is not angled and easy to penetrate for smaller tanks stuck at close range against a Lowe.

Area Four:

As a last resort shooting the hole in the mantlet where the Lowe’s gun is does result in a few HP damageable hits(mostly critical hits to the gun though).  Not reliable and only should be used if its the last option.

Area Five:

The frontal glacis of the Lowe is 120mm thick at a 55 degree angle.  This makes it’s effective armor 209mm thick which will bounce most tank’s shells regulary that the Lowe normally faces. Tier 8 heavies and tank destroyers  can go through but if the shell rolls a low penetrating value it will bounce.

Area Six:

This part of the lower hull above the massive weak spot is harder to penetrate due to the armor overlapping somewhat and the general concept of tough weld lines on most German tanks. The lower you shoot on the lower hull the better.

Area Seven:

The frontal 120mm turret armor is angled heavily on the cheeks of the turret and also the massive mantlet of the Lowe is difficult for any tank to penetrate reliably.

Angled View:

An angled Lowe becomes a much tougher foe to dispatch and especially against tier 7 and lower opponents.  With no “go-to” weak spot for lower tiers aside from the commander’s hatch due to lower tiers lack of penetration to go through the increased angle on the lower hull and also angled side 80mm armor it can be difficult if angled correctly to take on a Lowe from this view.  For tanks with 180mm+ penetration going through the lower hull is still easy and if they angle it heavily then simply aim at the thin 80mm sides. Tanks with lower penetration will struggle depending on the angle however.

Area One:

Commander’s hatch is still easy to hit unless if you are in a shorter tank and up close to the Lowe. Aside from that shoot away.

Area Two:

This small section of the rear deck is raised and the more a Lowe angles the more of it becomes visible.  Any tank facing a Lowe can penetrate here and there is a chance to damage to the engine.

Area Three:

The frontal lower hull that was butter before becomes harder to damage due to it being angled now.  If only slightly angled(5-15 degrees) tier 6’s can still penetrate and above that tier 7’s start to see more bounces. Tier 8 tanks can still go through rather easily to the point where when it becomes extremely angled the side 80mm armor that is exposed is easy to penetrate by then.

Area Four:

The Lowe’s side armor is only 80mm thick so depending on the specific angle it can either be very tough to damage or very easy. Generally I wouldn’t shoot here unless it is at less then a 55 degree angle which is140mm effective armor and you won’t encounter the auto-bounces that happen at extreme angles.

Area Five:

Depending on whether or not the Lowe’s gun is facing you the frontal turret weak spot below the mantlet can be used. Just aim at the flattest part facing you.  If the turret is facing away then the 80mm side turret armor becomes a weak spot.

Area Six:

The frontal glacis that was already 120mm at 55 degrees(209mm effective) becomes even more angled and will bounce shells left and right.

Area Seven:

The frontal turret’s 120mm armor and additional mantlet armor is still hard to penetrate and the side 80mm armor is angled from this view.  If the turret is facing away from you the sides of the turret become easy to go through.

Side View:

When facing a Lowe from the side things become much easier for any tank engaging one. It’s side armor is only 80mm thick on both the hull and the turret.  For area one and area two on the hull both are easily damaged and only area five on the hull can prove to be problematic since track damage can occur.  For the side of the turret area three is the least sloped and thus the easiest place to damage while area six can be more difficult for lower tiers. The commander’s hatch at area four is still visible and easy to penetrate.

Rear View:

The Lowe’s rear armor is actually stronger than the side armor believe it or not.  This is due to the rear 80mm armor being angled but it still will only effective guns if they have under 110mm of penetration which after the matchmaker changes isn’t an issue anymore for tanks facing the Lowe.  Area one has a higher chance of causing engine damage then area two on the rear hull armor.  The rear of the turret has 80mm of armor and area three is the easiest to penetrate while area five is slightly angles making it bit tougher to go through.  The trusty commander’s hatch at area four is still easy to hit unless you are in a short tank at close range.

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  1. Hookachooga | June 3, 2013 at 4:16 pm |

    Just thought I would look this up to work out how the hell I got a hit on one in my Jackson, turns out they are a lot less scary than I thought. 😀 Cheers. 🙂

  2. This probably needs updated, because, basically if you can shoot the front hull at a nearly front angle – you WILL pen with 175+ pen every shot for the most part. Yes, they CAN angle their front so that it will take a 200+ pen roll to get through, but at that point their basically un-sloped 80mm sides with no skirt drop WELL below 70 deg at that point.

    To sum it up – in my IS6 I am able to pen the UFG of this tank from the front at up to about 25 degrees at least 65% of the time, and if it angles to 30 or more the sides are easy pickings.

    Unless you are in a t6 or completely un-upgraded (or kinda crappy such as KV-13 and T-43 ) penetration of this tank should pose little to no issue as long as you know to AIM AWAY FROM THAT BIG ‘OL FRONT MANTLET! And aim for sides whenever possible – and I mean ANYWHERE on the side -turret included (but not as recommended as hull) – and you should have little problems damaging this tank.

    Now whether you are able to perform said above operations at an advantage to the Lowe (aka cover, higher DPM, more alpha with cover, or just plain camoed into invisibility to said Lowe) – is up to you and your skill.

    But I WILL say that the Lowe is probably singlehandedly responsible for at least 2 of my 6 “hunter” badges, as I destroy them with ease, zest and glee in both my KV-5 and IS6 (in fact I have a hunter badge in my KV-5 alone! and most of that came from Lowes!)

    Anyway happy tanking, and do not fear this pussy-cat, it is a frail impression of what the Tiger 2 was and is, fear the fronts of tiger 2 much more than this ill conceived bastard-cat.

  3. Shooting at the turret cheeks works, too. It’s not practical in combat, but I like to shoot there just to piss them Löwe drivers off about having a frontal weakspot on their turret…

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