The tier 4 German tank destroyer Hetzer in World of Tanks is a very heavily armored tank for tier 4 and packs a mean punch. Due to the thick armor on the frontal armor which is also heavily angled it can be difficult to deal with frontally unless you know where to shoot.  This guide will be more simplistic than the higher tiered guides to keep it easy to understand for newer players.  Green are the easiest locations to damage, followed by yellow/orange, and then red is the hardest locations to damage. Purple means there is no hit box(shells pass through) or for other areas there is no chance of doing HP damage by shooting there.





  1. Ikarases says:

    I´m not sure how but shooting Hetzer from the side with some autocanon is better than shooting it to the angled back. I think it´s near the auto-bounce angle. My T2 LT can´t reliably penetrate this so called 8mm armor. But I guess other guns don´t have any problems thanks to the overmatch.

    • WoT Guru says:

      It’s not autobounce, but due to the slope if your tank is somewhat short and you shoot “up” at it you will bounce off. Also, due to the high slope the armor is actually capable of bouncing low pen rolls of many tier 2/3 tanks.

  2. John says:

    I own a hetzer and I had no idea about the weak spot on the front. I’ll be more careful to stay hull-down now. Well, as hull-down as you can get in a hetzer lol.

  3. Dude says:

    If you do play Hetzer, use the derp and you encounter another Hetzer also using the derp, remember to keep you front, and only your front, exposed to the other guy. Experienced players can kill other Hetzers due to a small amount of side armour being exposed, a tiny fraction is all that is needed for a rival Hetzer to score a derp kill. I know this because I have exploited this myself many times. You can check using the vehicle icon thing on the bottom left hand of the screen to make sure you are always facing the guy straight.

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