Tank Guide: Matilda Black Prince

The first British tank the Matilda Black Prince was released recently with 8.0 and has received mixed reviews. Some love it(like me) while I also see a lot of people saying it is a horrible tank. I’ve heard its a tier 4 tank, tier 5 Matilda with a useless gun, and also that it no way is comparable to the normal Matilda or the Churchill.  Let me start off this guide with saying that a premium tank is no way supposed to be better or on equal footing to a standard tier 5 tank with it’s top load out on the tank……so how does the Matilda Black Prince stand up to it’s tier 5 counterparts?

Matilda Black Prince                                                        Matilda

Avg. Damage- 75                                                          Avg. Damage- 110

Rate of Fire- 26.09                                                         Rate of Fire- 16.05

 DPM- 1957                                                         DPM- 1777

Avg. Penetration- 110mm                                                         Avg. Penetration- 86mm


Avg. Damage- 75

Rate of Fire-26.25

DPM- 1969

Avg. Penetration- 110mm

Comparing the Matilda BP to the lend-lease Matilda you will find that aside from having a lower average damage(75 instead of 110) it outclasses it in RoF, DPM, and Penetration.  Not only will you output more damage overtime but you will also be able to use it more effectively since you dont have an abysmal 86mm of penetration.  The Churchill and Matilda BP share the same gun and are roughly the same besides the very slight RoF increase on the Churchill giving it 2 more DPM. The Ram II shares the same gun as the Matilda BP/Churchill as well and it’s RoF is nestled between the two.

Going further comparing non-premium tier 5 tanks you will see that the Matilda BP stands up quite well. M4 Sherman with the top 76mm has 1643 DPM, PZ4 1535 DPM, and the T-34 with 1500 DPM.  The Matilda BP has a large advantage of DPM over all non-premium tier 5 medium tanks besides the M7  since they share the same weapon.  While DPM isn’t the tell all stat when dealing with how good a tank is it is nice to see the Matilda BP doesn’t lack firepower.

The Matilda Black Prince costs a reasonable 1,750 gold and makes a decent amount of credits. For a decent match with premium/victory you will net(after shells and repair) about 22-28k on average.  30k+ net is a common occurrence since you can dish out a lot of damage in this tank.  Matchmaker is very kind and the Matilda will only see tier 6 tank at the highest meaning that any tank you face you can penetrate reliably from the front if you know the weak spots.  The armor on the Matilda BP is 75/55/55 for the hull and 76/51/44 for the turret and is similar to the lend-lease Matilda.  The differences are thinner side armor for the hull and the turret is thinner on the sides/rear and also has no mantlet (which can lead to issues).  Without the gun mantlet it can lead to tanks with low penetration being able to fire right into your gun and thus having an easy spot to hit you at from under 150m.

Speed wise if you hate slow tanks then stay clear of this tank. It’s top speed is 22 km/h and averages 17 km/h which is very sluggish at times since most of the tanks you are facing are much more agile. Having a heavies/faster friend push you is a viable tactic though! The turret traverse is above average and the hull traverse is high enough that being circled is not an issue.  One downside is due to the low 350m view range combined with your low speed you run the risk of being caught in the open while being spotted and not being able to shoot back.

Module damage so far I have found to be rather low much like the lend-lease Matilda.  The only module I have had damaged on a frequently basis are the sights. The engine can be damaged easily if you are caught from the rear but by then you are most likely screwed anyway. Crew damage is somewhat higher with the driver and commander being knocked out in about 1/3 battles if you are under moderate to heavy fire.


High RoF gun (1957 DPM without equipment)

Good penetration

Friendly matchmaking

Above average armor for a tier 5 medium

Can train British crews

Low module


Low Top Speed

No gun mantlet

High Commander/Driver damage

While playing the Matilda Black Prince it is vital to pick where you want to go at the start of the match since your speed is very low.  Typically I will pick the route that I believe most of the enemy team will go that also has a decent amount of cover against artillery.  With the decent amount of armor and high RoF fire gun the Matilda Black Prince can be an effective stop against pushes and is a good tank to help “mop up” tanks in a brawl.  Against tier 4 and lower tanks it absolutely tears them apart before they know what is happening and is truly a bully tank in that sense.  Against tier 5 heavys/tier 6 tanks you will want to hold back slightly if they are focused on your since with your low HP total you won’t be able to output enough damage in time to do any significant amount of damage.

With the above average armor for a medium (75mm front 55mm side) angling your tank 20-30 degrees makes your frontal armor very tough for tier 4 tanks to penetrate at times and wiggling can increase bounces for tier 5 tanks due to the odd angles on the frontal hull armor.  Generally when facing tier 3-4 tanks rush out and destroy them, tier 5 tanks play smart and pick the right time to exit cover and attack, and tier 6 tanks stay in a defensive position and wait for back up.  Equipment wise I recommend a gun laying drive, vents, and a gun rammer. This will enhance your reload time/aim time even further since that is your main strong suit and other equipment doesn’t improve the other areas of the tank enough to warrant it.

Overall I give the Matilda Black Prince a 4/5.  Aside from the low speed it is surprisingly good for a tier 5 premium tank and in many ways is a mini-Churchill.

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  1. I like mine ,, glad I read this learn a few things .. keep it up

    • aquaknightus | October 1, 2012 at 4:13 pm |

      Your guide was spot on! Keep them coming! I have the same equipment you recommended and have been having great results. I have only played 8 battles but won 7. It seems to be as fun as the t-14 and churchill.
      Battle: Steppes Sunday, September 30, 2012 7:24:23 PM
      Vehicle: Matilda Black Prince
      Experience received: 3,560 (x2 for the first victory each day)
      Credits received: 43,258
      Battle Achievements: Steel Wall, Defender, Sniper, Master Gunner, Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge: “Ace Tanker”

      • Glad you agree. At first I bought it for the British crew(since I plan on getting the tier 10 medium) but was pleasantly surprised by how fun it is to play and how useful it is.

  2. enclavecommander001 | October 2, 2012 at 10:44 pm |

    i am in those vidoes lolz thats awsome!!!!

  3. Thanks for the review/guide, very informative. I have one question: how’s the gun depression on Black Prince? I own a Churchill and its gun depression is practically nonexistent, which in times is a major disadvantage.

    • The gun depression is roughly -6 which is pretty good. I haven’t had any issues with it while playing.

  4. “Going further comparing non-premium tier 5 tanks you will see that the Matilda BP stands up quite well. M4 Sherman with the top 76mm has 1643 DPM, PZ4 1535 DPM, and the T-34 with 1500 DPM. ”

    You’re using the wrong gun or the wrong turret on the T-34. Top turret and 57mm Zis-4 does 2200dpm on the T-34, less if you are sniping with its excellent accuracy and take some time aiming, but still way more than the paltry 1500dpm.

  5. The 76mm S-54 (the top one with 109mm pen) does 1200 dpm. The lesser one with 86mm pen does 1280. There’s really nowhere else else to get 1500 dpm except by using the good gun (57mm) in the bad turret. 10.5rpm on a 76mm gun is just terrible.

    • Hm, you seem to be correct. No clue where I got that number from them since I double checked. Will fix that. Thanks.

  6. I love this tank but it has one problem not mentioned here.

    Its gun elevation is awful and needs to be considered on hilly terrain

  7. One of the things I believe you forgot to mention is the outstanding gun depression. at -12.5 degrees it is 0.5 degrees better than a comet.

    Which means if you can take the high ground, this tank excels at keeping the enemy at bay.

  8. Steve Bennett | December 30, 2013 at 2:47 pm |

    Just found your wesite. Excellent work. I have all 3 Matildas, put my 100%+ team from the std tank into the BP and got a 1.98 reload time. I reckon the 2 pounder top gun is best for the standard tank and a 1.77 reload I had annoys the enemy even if it doesn’t kill them very fast! The lend-lease seems quite good but only just got that.

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