Tank Guide: M46 Patton

M46 Patton

The M46 Patton is the tier 9 American medium tank and is a favorite of many players, but also hated by many who have driven it as well. On paper the Patton does not have the best speed, armor, or gun of the tier 9 mediums and only has the best stat in terms of view range.  But tank are not simply based on listed stats as the Patton has neutral steering, good accuracy on the move, and great mobility.
Best view range in game
Very good DPM
Great accuracy on the move
Neutral steering
Gun depression
Squishy armor
Low top speed
The Patton must be played very through and be able to react to situations before you are in a bad situation taking damage.  The Patton’s armor is essentially non-existent so do not expect to bounce any rounds from any tanks in any matches besides lucky bounces.  One good saying is, “A stationary Patton is a dead Patton.”  Generally as a Patton driver I do not stay still for very long as you do not want to be hit by arty or zeroed in on. Use the Patton’s great mobility(combo of steering and decent speed) to hit weak flanks or zip out between a heavy tank’s reload to dart behind them so your team can finish them off easier.
The strongest trait of the Patton is it’s DPM/view range combo.  Slap on coasted optics, vertical stabilizer, and a gun laying drive….You then have a tank that can out DPM anything and also see any tank first(and many times see them without being spotted at all).  Play aggressive but always keep an escape route or a spot to fall back to avoid damage.  The Patton can be very deadly if played right and is one of the best “support” tanks by damaging several tanks and knocking them down before they can react. On the flip side it can be useless if played like an E-50 or T-54.
Overall the M46 Patton gets a 5/5 from me and it is my favorite tank to play in public matches.
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