Tank Guide: M4 Sherman

The M4 Sherman is one of my favorite tanks to play, and the only tier 5(besides premium tanks) I actually kept moving up the tiers.  It fits many different play styles, like to flank and have a high RoF? There is a gun for that. Like to mount the 105mm “derp” gun and cause a ton of damage per shot? There is a gun for that too!
Above average top guns
Decent mobility
Good gun depression
Small size
Good silver earning tank
Thin armor
76mm useless against higher tiers
Playing the M4 Sherman depends largely on where you are tier wise on your team.  If you are the top tier or even in the top 5 tanks then you can play a bit more aggressively and use your firepower to your advantage.  The 105mm gun is my favorite and I prefer it over the 76mm on the M4 since it does not have the speed of a E8 Sherman to flank at all times.  The 105mm allows you to terrorize lower tier tanks as well as tier 5 tanks, if you come face to face with a heavily armored tank take the extra second to aim at a weak spot and you’ll still do a good amount of damage.  If you are stuck in those pesky tier 8 matches the 105mm will still be able to assist your team, where as the 76mm will be largely useless in most situations. The 76mm gun also requires you to be exposed much more than the 105mm and not having a sustainable top speed and low armor it isn’t the best option for the M4 Sherman.
Since the M4 has somewhat thin armor all around play aggressive but not stupid.  Usually playing as a medium/heavy hybrid works wonders.  Dart out to those advanced positions, however stay near cover so you can pop in and out while reloading.  Or roll alongside your team’s heavies and pop out between the enemies reloads to cripple their tank.
The M4 Sherman once fully equipped turns into one of the best non-premium credit earners for players needing one.  The 105mm allows you to be useful in any match and puts out a ton of damage netting you a good amount of silver.
Overall I give the M4 Sherman a 5/5, and as usual below is a replay from one of my matches.

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  1. Anonymous | June 25, 2012 at 4:28 pm |

    (EastGhost1) This section about the M4 Sherman is right on. I played it a lot (500+ battles) early on in my WoT experience with the 105, ducking behind cover and becoming hidden between shots, using it as a medium/heavy hybrid. I would also add you can play it TD style on some maps. It is tough to aim the howitzer at long range, but when the enemy gets close to your base you can often mop up with a top gun from bullying the weakened tanks with your 105 and your mobility. The mobility and firepower make this tank an excellent tank should it become the last tank alive on the team. I played this tank a lot in the past because there was no “Jumbo Sherman” at the time, and there was no tier 8 American premium vehicle to make credits with and grind a crew (I had missed out on the M6 with the long 105).

  2. Love your guides! What equipment do you run with on your Sherman? Thanks for any reply!

  3. What reticle mod are you using in the m4 sherman video? i really like it. and where can i get it?

  4. Has anyone tried the 105mm howitzer on this?

    • I only use the 105mm. Even before HEAT for credits I loved the howizter. You should mainly play as a support tank unless you are top dog with no enemy heavy tanks like a KV-1 on the other team. With the 105mm you can bully other medium/light tanks tier 5 and down….with tier 6 and up just avoid them or stick with friendly tanks and support.

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