Tank Guide: M26 Pershing

The M26 Pershing is the tier 8 medium tank for the American line of tanks.  Stat wise it doesnt look to great and many people disregard the tank.  Overall it does have bad armor(don’t rely on it even against low tier tanks) and it’s speed isn’t that high either.  Where it lacks speed/armor it makes up for it in gun depression, a good gun, mobility, and flexibility.

Gun Depression
Overall Gun

Top Speed

Playing the Pershing requires you to think ahead and to learn specific spots on maps that fit it’s play style.  Hilly terrain is best since as a Pershing you can depress your gun much more than most tanks and can scoot out, fire, and move back behind the hill before they can shoot you.  It’s mobility also allows it to turn/pivot quickly and to excel in circling slower heavy tanks and to exploit weak spots in the enemies lines.

Avoid entering spots where you know you will be outnumbered since your armor will not save you. It is best to stick with a few others and then dart out behind the enemy to draw their attention allowing your team to kill them easier.  Never stop moving as a Pershing, and since your armor is lackluster it doesn’t hurt to wiggle between your shots to confuse bad players facing you. You never know you might get a lucky bounce! It takes some practice, but if you master “wiggling” as I call it(moving your tank side-to-side before they shoot you) you can get it down to a point where you can move your tracks into their shot a second before they shoot and you have a better chance at taking no damage.

Overall the Pershing is a great tank is played correctly. One on One against other tier 8’s it will loose unless you use it’s mobility/flanking advantage and also it’s use of hilly terrain.  Below are some replays of me playing the Pershing. Overall I have a 64% win rate in the tank(almost all public non-platooned battles besides 10-20 in TC’s) and I kill around 1.3 tanks per game in it.

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  1. wizardcalledtim | July 10, 2012 at 3:53 pm |

    Hi Guru !
    Just found your blog, great job ! I like the fact that it’s unpretentious, and it is very helpful.
    I picked up the M26 last weekend, and of all the guides I have read yours is the best. Kudos for the replays. ( all of them, for all tanks )
    The WOT forum is so full of vitriol these days, it’s refreshing to find a player who wants to help, not just criticise.
    Keep up the great work, I will be visiting often !

    Happy Tanking !


  2. Very interesting description. I hate my Pershing. 40% win rate and on average I lose about 2,500 every game. 260 battles and not a patch on the T20 I had before. The T20 statistics look bad but for most of those 1,000 battles that got me a 48% win rate I had a ping rate of 500 – 600. It was only when I had so many problems with the Pershing that I discovered how poor my Ping rate was.

    Having read the article I will go back to the drawing board. Maybe next time I may be able to get the tank to win.

    Thank you

    • The Pershing is a great tank but like you said it can be a bit difficult to learn how to play. Just need to abuse the troll frontal turret armor+gun depression and switch between being a heavy medium/flanker depending on the situation.

  3. hi guru

    thanks for the info. per enjay’s 2/25/13 post i too have had trouble getting a positive credit return on the pershing. my win rate is only 38% after 300 to 400 games. however, i have used a prime account to give myself a better chance at plus credits. my real progress has been in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the tank. i now always look for hills or depressions to hide in. with the better than average gun depression i can hit opponent’s turrets, fall back and not get hit. i am the flanking pest that allows my team’s heavies to blast away at the enemy.

    a tank like this a valuable learning tool. the idea is to deal with what you have. all tanks have pluses and minuses. it’s not a matter of love/hate but of using your skills to maximize the effectiveness of the equipment you have.

  4. Thx guru.

    I quite like the pershing, but its a bit hard to play in a few maps.
    Even more if you were a big fan of the T20 as i am.
    Every time i loose silver on the M26 I Just get the T20 lol

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