Map Strategy: Cliff

Cliff is an old time favorite of many World of Tanks players since it has been around for quite some time.  The addition of physics did alter the game play of the map a tad due to tanks being able to climb the lighthouse hill and also being able to drop off the central ledges.  This map has most of the action funneled into 3 specific areas with the deciding factor of the match depending on which team can break through one flank without losing the others.  This map strategy was created using MapTactic which is an excellent tool for World of Tanks to create strategies.  MapTactic also supports other games such as World of Warplanes.


Valley / Rocks / Ledge




The 1/2 lines of Cliff is the lowest funnel on the map and is referred to as the valley.  Both teams have a very difficult time moving through here since you can be fired upon by artillery, defending tanks in the 1/2 line, and also by tanks in the 3 line on the ledge.

G2 and D2 are the best defensive positions for either team since they provide good cover and have bushes to break line of sight before you fire.  Generally it is best to try and prevent the enemy from darting into the nook in E2/F2 and tear them to shreds.  Never push through the valley unless you have control or are contesting the ledge in the 3 line or else you will be in for a world of hurt.

Northern Town/Southern Rocks

Team 2(red) has a small town and team 1(green) has scattered rocks to provide cover overlooking the valley.  These positions are somewhat useful if there are already 2+ tanks in the D2/G2 locations and there is also not a large artillery presence.


The ledge is a critical role for deciding the fate of the valley, central field area, and also SPG cover.  You can drive up the E2/F2 ledge from the valley up into the 3 line provided you are in a proper light/medium tank.  The best route to enter this area is from up top by heading through the 5 line and then darting over to E3/F3 as fast as possible.  The red team(team 2) has less cover in E3 and can be easily picked apart by SPG fire if spotted while the green team(team 1) has a tad more cover to hide behind.

The ledge has several options as far as what to do if either team has taken control of it.  Tanks can either proceed to support the valley or the field on either side depending on where enemy tanks are.  There is also the option of heading to D3 or G3 to light up the entire enemy base/SPGs to swing the battle in your team’s favor.  The risk of this is if the enemy still has tanks in the field area that can fire and hit you on the side.

Field / Lighthouse / Lighthouse Cliff / Southern Town




The central part of Cliff is a wide open field with a small rocky hill that juts out from the lighthouse hill.  Crossing the field should only be done later in the match as a flanking option but it is crucial to have at least 2 tanks in the center at the start of the match.  E5/E6 and F5/F6 are great locations for both teams to utilize for tanks with good gun depression to take pot shots at tanks heading to the ledge and also to provide the threat of cutting the enemy in half.


The lighthouse hill is a very risky option for small/light tanks to race up at the start of the match and is a tad easier for side 2(red) to pull off.  Overall it is usually less important since climbing it results in death the majority of the time.  However, at the top you are able to spot from the 3 line to the 9 line and can be a thorn in the enemy team’s side the enter match. Just keep moving!

Lighthouse Cliff

The final funnel on Cliff is the lighthouse cliff located in the 8/9 lines.  Teams can chose to defend this route in F7 or D7/D8 to protect themselves from artillery while opening the enemy tanks up to artillery fire.  If your team has a strong presence and decides to push then it is best for the main push in front to hug to wall in the 8 line and for weaker tanks to be slightly behind further out to get a different angle on the enemy.

This section of the map is usually cut off from outside interference from the bottom of the D line to the top of the G line but once outside of that area SPGs and snipers can influence the tide of the skirmish.

Southern Town

The southern town places a lesser role than the northern town, but still holds a tactical role in most fights.  In G7 there are two buildings useful for defending the 8/9 lines but they are open to enemy SPG fire.  The most important feature is that for team 1(green) you should use the town as cover and cross through it by avoiding H5/H6 to prevent heavier tanks from being easy targets.  If you drive up the main road you will be spotted and will be torn apart if you are not a fast tank.


Most artillery players on Cliff stick around the base at the edge of the map which provides many good angles.  The downside is that these locations are easily compromised if your team loses the ledge/center of the map.  Locations like B4/A5 and K5 provide a bit more safety….but you lose out on some valley shots.  B7 provides a different angle to hit F4 and also the lighthouse cliff but is easily spotted if your team doesnt push far ahead.  For team 1 the J8 location is very well protected and great for SPGs with a high firing arc.

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